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Dr Andrew Kaufman says that viruses are not contagious and you can’t catch a virus. Is there any evidence that viruses are contagious and Covid19 is a virus and not an exosome?

The doctor Andrew Kaufman says you can’ t catch a virus , the viruses we’re told about in school don’t really exist , viruses are produced inside of cells to combat toxins and the PCR tests in so-called coronavirus patients are just testing for exosomes produced by cells under stress from toxins .

Is there any evidence that a virus is contagious ?

So far , I have yet to see that evidence .


The Body Psychic

Our Biology Responds To Events Before They Even Happen

by:    CE Staff Writer
In Brief

  • The Facts:Multiple experiments have shown strong evidence for precognition in several different ways. One of them comes in the form of activity within the heart and the brain responding to events before they even happen.
  • Reflect On:Do we have extra human capacities we are unaware of? Perhaps we can learn them, develop them, and use them for good. Perhaps when the human race is ready, we will start learning more.

Is precognition real? There are many examples suggesting that yes, it is. The remote viewing program conducted by the CIA in conjunction with Stanford University was a good example of that.  After its declassification in 1995, or at least partial declassification, the Department of Defense and those involved revealed an exceptionally high success rate:

To summarize, over the years, the back-and-forth criticism of protocols, refinement of methods, and successful replication of this type of remote viewing in independent laboratories has yielded considerable scientific evidence for the reality of the (remote viewing) phenomenon. Adding to the strength of these results was the discovery that a growing number of individuals could be found to demonstrate high-quality remote viewing, often to their own surprise… The development of this capability at SRI has evolved to the point where visiting CIA personnel with no previous exposure to such concepts have performed well under controlled laboratory conditions. (source)

The kicker? Part of remote viewing involves peering into future events as well as events that happened in the past.

It’s not only within the Department of Defense that we find this stuff, but a lot of science is emerging on this subject as well.

For example, a study (meta analysis) published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience titled “Predicting the unpredictable: critical analysis and practical implications of predictive anticipatory activity” examined a number of experiments regarding this phenomenon that were conducted by several different laboratories. These experiments indicate that the human body can actually detect randomly delivered stimuli that occur 1-10 seconds in advance. In other words, the human body seems to know of an event and reacts to the event before it has occurred. What occurs in the human body before these events are physiological changes that are measured regarding the cardiopulmonary, the skin, and the nervous system.

A few years ago, the chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Dean Radin, visited the scientists over at HearthMath Institute and shared the results of one of his studies. Radin is also one of multiple scientists who authored the paper above. These studies, as mentioned above, tracked the autonomic nervous system, physiological changes, etc.

Scientists at HeartMath Institute (HMI) added more protocols, which included measuring participants’ brain waves (EEG), their hearts’ electrical activity (ECG), and their heart rate variability (HRV).

As HMI explains:

Twenty-six adults experienced in using HeartMath techniques and who could sustain a heart-coherent state completed two rounds of study protocols approximately two weeks apart. Half of the participants completed the protocols after they intentionally achieved a heart-coherent state for 10 minutes. The other half completed the same procedures without first achieving heart coherence. Then they reversed the process for the second round of monitoring, with the first group not becoming heart-coherent before completing the protocols and the second group becoming heart-coherent before. The point was to test whether heart coherence affected the results of the experiment.

Participants were told the study’s purpose was to test stress reactions and were unaware of its actual purpose. (This practice meets institutional-review-board standards.) Each participant sat at a computer and was instructed to click a mouse when ready to begin.

The screen stayed blank for six seconds. The participant’s physiological data was recorded by a special software program, and then, one by one, a series of 45 pictures was displayed on the screen. Each picture, displayed for 3 seconds, evoked either a strong emotional reaction or a calm state. After each picture, the screen went blank for 10 seconds. Participants repeated this process for all 45 pictures, 30 of which were known to evoke a calm response and 15 a strong emotional response.

The Results

The results of the experiment were fascinating to say the least. The participants’ brains and hearts responded to information about the emotional quality of the pictures before the computer flashed them (random selection). This means that the heart and brain were both responding to future events. The results indicated that the responses happened, on average, 4.8 seconds before the computer selected the pictures.

How mind-altering is that?

Even more profound, perhaps, was data showing the heart received information before the brain. “It is first registered from the heart,” Rollin McCraty Ph.D. explained, “then up to the brain (emotional and pre-frontal cortex), where we can logically relate what we are intuiting, then finally down to the gut (or where something stirs).”

Another significant study (meta-analysis) that was published in Journal of Parapsychology by Charles Honorton and Diane C. Ferrari in 1989 examined a number of studies that were published between 1935 and 1987. The studies involved individuals’ attempts to predict “the identity of target stimuli selected randomly over intervals ranging from several hundred million seconds to one year following the individuals responses.” These authors investigated over 300 studies conducted by over 60 authors, using approximately 2 million individual trials by more than 50,000 people. (source)

It concluded that their analysis of precognition experiments “confirms the existence of a small but highly significant precognition effect. The effect appears to be repeatable; significant outcomes are reported by 40 investigators using a variety of methodological paradigms and subject populations. The precognition effect is not merely an unexplained departure from a theoretical chance baseline, but rather is an effect that covaries with factors known to influence more familiar aspects of human performance.” (source)

The Takeaway

“There seems to be a deep concern that the whole field will be tarnished by studying a phenomenon that is tainted by its association with superstition, spiritualism and magic. Protecting against this possibility sometimes seems more important than encouraging scientific exploration or protecting academic freedom. But this may be changing.”
 Cassandra Vieten, PhD and President/CEO at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (source)

We are living in a day and age where new information and evidence are constantly emerging, challenging what we once thought was real or what we think we know about ourselves as human beings.  It’s best to keep an open mind. Perhaps there are aspects of ourselves and our consciousness that have yet to be discovered. Perhaps if we learn and grow from these studies, they can help us better ourselves and others.


Am I Hungry or Just Depressed

Negative emotions cause stronger appetite responses in emotional eaters

Image of woman eating chocolate cake on a couch. Findings on emotional eating may help in the early detection and treatment of eating disorders: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
Findings on emotional eating – a risk factor for binge eating and bulimia – may help in the early detection and treatment of eating disorders. Image: Shutterstock.

— by Nora Belblidia, Frontiers Science Writer

Turning to a tub of ice cream after a break-up may be a cliché, but there’s some truth to eating in response to negative emotions. Eating serves many functions – survival, pleasure, comfort, as well as a response to stress. However, emotional overeating – eating past the point of feeling full in response to negative emotions, is a risk factor for binge eating and developing eating disorders such as bulimia.

“Even at a healthy BMI, emotional overeating can be a problem,” says Rebekka Schnepper of the University of Salzburg in Austria, lead author on a recent paper in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

The study investigated the extent to which individual eating styles and emotional states predict appetite response to food images, by comparing emotional eaters – people who use food to regulate negative emotions – and restrictive eaters – people who control their eating through diets and calorie restriction. (While a person can be both an emotional and a restrictive eater, the two traits were not highly correlated in this study’s sample.)

Schnepper and her co-authors found that emotional eaters had a stronger appetite response and found food to be more pleasant when experiencing negative emotions compared to when they felt neutral emotions. Restrictive eaters, on the other hand, appeared more attentive towards food in the negative condition although this did not influence their appetite, and there was no significant change between the negative and neutral emotion conditions.

The findings point towards potential strategies for treating eating disorders. “When trying to improve eating behavior, a focus on emotion regulation strategies that do not rely on eating as a remedy for negative emotions seems promising,” says Schnepper.

The authors were compelled to investigate the subject because of a lack of consensus in the literature. “There are different and conflicting theories on which trait eating style best predicts overeating in response to negative emotions. We aimed to clarify which traits predict emotional overeating on various outcome variables,” says Schnepper.

They conducted the study among 80 female students at the University of Salzburg, all of whom were of average body mass index (BMI). During the lab sessions, experimenters read scripts to the participants in order to induce either a neutral or a negative emotional response. The negative scripts related to recent events from the participant’s personal life during which they experienced challenging emotions, while the neutral scripts related to subjects such as brushing one’s teeth. The participants were then shown images of appetizing food and neutral objects.

Researchers recorded participants’ facial expressions through electromyography, brain reactivity through EEGs (electroencephalography), as well as self-reported data. For example, emotional eaters frowned less when shown images of food after experimenters read the negative script compared to when they read the neutral script, an indication of a stronger appetite response. The study chose to only test female participants since women are more prone to eating disorders but, given the limited subject pool as well as the controlled conditions, Schnepper says that “We cannot draw conclusions for men or for long-term eating behavior in daily life.” Nevertheless, the study furthers our understanding of emotional overeating, and the findings may help in the early detection and treatment of eating disorders.

Original article: Fight, flight, – or grab a bite! Trait emotional and restrained eating style predicts food cue responding under negative emotions


Miracles & Manifestation

(It is always good to remind ourselves that miracles do happen.  IN this case, it is important to focus and let it go to the Universe.  I guess that sounds a lot like trust, but then, a little trust can be helpful.  Enjoy the story:)

This past spring I made a road trip to Sedona Arizona and stayed in Sedona for a week.  I did the trip on a low budget and I stayed in a campground outside of town for the entire week.  I also kept my eating budget low by stocking a cooler with food purchased from a grocery store and not dining out at resturants at all.

As I was going back and forth through town on my way to the hikes that I was doing and the events that I was going to I noticed there was a lot of really nice restaurants.  One of them caught my attention.  It was called Paleo Grill and it specialized grilled meat and vegetables.  Which made my mouth water and sounded really really good to me.

So I thought myself, maybe I could go to dinner one night while I’m here.  Anyway, it’s near the end of the trip and I hadn’t gone out to dinner yet.  On that day I was out on a very big all-day hike of a mountain outside of town and I’m up near the top of the mountain and I’m heading my way down and I thought, ‘You know maybe I should go to dinner tonight because there are not that many nights left and this is the best night for me to go to the dinner.’

But there was a little problem, I had been invited to a pool party at the campground that evening (ya, the campground had a pool) and I really wanted to go to it.  But I didn’t think I had enough time.  I was going to get back to the trailhead pretty late.  And I didn’t think I was going to have time to have a sit-down dinner in town and still make it to the pool party.

But I decided that tonight was the night for the dinner and I started talking out loud to the universe.  I said… I really want to go out and have a dinner of grilled meat and vegetables.  I’ve been trying to be frugal but I can afford to go out to dinner one night and I certainly deserve to have the dinner.  I felt a little guilty because I was trying to go vegetarian.  And this wasn’t going to be vegetarian so I said to the Universe…  Yeah, I’m trying to go vegetarian and this is going to be meat.  But there’s really no right or wrong or good or bad, the world is not going to come to an end if I enjoy one meal of grilled steak or something.  So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to have a beautiful grilled meal tonight.  But I’ve got a problem.  If I stop in town for a sit-down meal I’m probably not going to make it to the pool party and I really want to go to the pool party.  So how can I have my dinner and get to the pool party also?  Is there a way?

And that was it.  I just told the Universe I was going to allow myself to have a nice grilled meal and that I was going to leave it up to the universe to make it happen.

So I continue on my merry way down the mountain and eventually I make back to the trailhead.  It’s about 6:00pm and as I take my last steps to the trailhead and look around there’s only one other vehicle other than my own in the parking lot.  It’s a big motorhome and as I walk past the motorhome and cross the parking lot I see a guy sitting at a picnic table cooking something on a grill and with a glass of wine in his hand.  So I give him a big hearty hello, wave, and smile and he waves back.  And I begin to unpack my stuff into my car.

Then something caught my attention and I turned around and there was a woman walking over to the picnic table with a wine glass in her hand.  So I gave her a smile and wave and a hello.  And she smiles and says hello back and then she pauses and says Would you like to have a glass of wine with us.  I paused and thought that this might be the moment I’d been wishing for, this might be the solution that Universe is going to deliver to me.  So even though I don’t really like wine that much I decided to go with the flow and said as enthusiastically as I could muster Heck yeah, I’d love to have some wine.  And then I walked over there and we introduced ourselves.

It turns out they were a French family on a road trip of America and we chat for a little while and then they look at me and they say Our dinner of grilled steak and corn and French bread is ready.  Would you like to stay and have dinner with us? So a big shit eating grin came across my face because this was it and I said Heck yeah! I’d be delighted to have dinner with you.

So I had this great dinner there with this French family and their young daughter came out and we just chatted and had a great time — in a beautiful park-like outdoor setting to boot.  The dinner lasted for 30 or 40 minutes and I bid my farewell and I drove back to the campground and I made it back in time to catch the end of the pool party.

So my complete desires were fulfilled.  And almost instantly.  In the very first moment that the universe could have delivered the solution, it was there.  The Universe brought the dinner to me at the trailhead and it upped the ante and said to itself we’re going to do better than that.  We’re going to do better than you having dinner by yourself in a restaurant in town.  We’re going to bring the dinner to you in the form of a delightful French family in a beautiful outdoor setting.  And then you’ll have enough time to get back to your pool party.

The Take Away

Do you see the magic in this?  And do you see the deliberate creation techniques that I employed to make this manifestation appear?

Number one, I affirmed my desire out loud and I did it fairly passionately.  Number two, I identified and released anything that I could think of that would block me receiving the fulfillment of this desire.  And number three, I didn’t assume it wasn’t possible and I didn’t worry about how it could happen — I just trusted that universe would figure out how to make it happen.

That’s it!  I hope you found this story helpful.


Weekly Astrology 5/31-6/07

Triple Eclipse Gateway: Astrology Forecast May 31st – June 7th, 2020

June 1st, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

With huge spikes in the Schumann Resonance-Earth’s heartbeat-plus the largest solar flare since 2017, the triple June/July eclipse gateway is now wide open and already the seismic ripples are palpable. June 5th delivers a penumbral lunar eclipse on a sensitive point in the June 4 – July 22 Mercury Max cycle with a strong geophysical shock window between June 1 – 8.

Watch for seismic activity, including solar flares, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The increased magnetics can fritz your nervous and etheric systems, so to avoid feeling tired but wired, drink extra water and stay grounded by getting outside into nature. In the 3D world, people will react on a hair trigger- as in the protests and riots in the USA where the eclipses are shining a spotlight on racial injustice

Eclipses have a reach of 4 weeks before and 6 months after the event itself, so watch for unpredictable sideways elevators to start shifting you quickly you from one set of life circumstances into another.

For the first time since December 14 2001 – November 23 2003 – whichever aspect of your life is symbolised by Gemini/Sagittarius is going to experience 7 wild card eclipses during 2020/21. The nature of the collective karmic chickens coming home to roost is shifting dramatically as is your new mission…. away from total obsession with personal security, belonging and sanctuary towards progressive thinking and problem solving.

This is a much needed re-calibration of Mind- of synthesizing data into practical wisdom, a harbinger of the approaching historic zeitgeist shift from Earth to Air. Earth values – materialism, consumerism, money, science – will be gradually replaced with Air values – intellect, information, collaboration, multi-dimensional understanding of the world.

Click image to view full-sized chart.

The Chandra Symbol for Lunar Eclipse 15 Sagittarius:

A Tidal Wave Approaching

“The momentum of collective events runs toward floodtide when there is a major transition from one whole cycle to another. The personal life stream runs in similar patterns. When you’re getting ready to take off in a whole different direction, there is first a transition that is both immensely exciting and fantastically disturbing. You feel just about swept away by the oncoming changes and just before they really get going, the tension, the pressure, and the strain can tear you apart. You want to go with it, yet you yearn for sanctuary. This keen ambivalence gets loaded with desire, anticipation, memory pictures, and utopian visions. The mix is volatile. Learning how to ride this wave is such a great endeavour that it, in itself, becomes what it is all about. The consummate opportunity to open wide, but stay substantively firm and concentrated. Mastery or bust. The infinite future or wipe-out. A spine-tingler all the way.” From Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

This is the first lunar eclipse across the Sagittarius South Node of Fate/Gemini North Node of Fate since May 2002. Think back to that time to decipher the threads in your own life. It is conjunct the karmic Great Attractor whose strapline is: On the Wavelength of the Creator’s Voice. It’s a very intense point that has mystical and metaphysical properties-the seat of the Universal Source and cosmic balance.

If you have planets or points between 11 to 21 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, that part of your life will be shaken awake. Eclipses are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get you to pay attention to areas in your life that need to change. They work very rapidly – often in a blink of an eye switching off an old life, defragging you and rebooting you.

This extremely karmic South Node eclipse will change circumstances outside your control, pushing you to clear old karma, to break the chains of old toxic habits and cause and effect. Relationships could get real very quickly and the truth laid bare.

Coda: Switch your B.S. detector on to a high setting – you’re going to need it on your new Gemini Mission!

For much more on how the 3 June/July eclipses will fast track you into phase 2 embodiment and change your way of living and working ,sign up to my 5D Report:” Another Roll of the Eclipse Dice”.

Aries Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

This is going to a super intense week when as a Fire sign, you are going to feel as if you’re combusting. The seismic window is active between June 1-8th and June 5th’s wild card Full Moon eclipse falls right across your 9th and 3rd Houses- your axis of communication. This is the first time this part of your life has been shaken up by an eclipse since 2002. There will be 7 of these between now and 2021, changing circumstances around you so that you have to change in response. This eclipse will shake up your mental circuitry, your perceptions and your world view. Your current ways of thinking aren’t getting the results you need. Look at where your limiting beliefs are holding you back and update them. The key to collaborating with these changes beyond your control is to consciously expand beyond your comfort zone, meet new people who aren’t strangers to amazement, study, teach, explore.

Finding new purpose and meaning.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

Cast your mind back to summer 2002 and changes you made that altered your trajectory. You’re about to experience the first wild card eclipse in the same part of your chart and life since then. As a Venus ruled Taurean, this Full Moon eclipse activates your 8th/2nd Houses of money and resources. A whole 18 year cycle has ended and a new one is about to begin. Friday’s eclipse is all about stripping right back to essentials, identifying what and who you really value and making these the priorities you live your life around day to day. As circumstances shift around you, you’ll be asking yourself questions such as: what does money mean to me? have I been undervaluing what I have to offer? am I in debt and what am I going to do about it?

The next 18 months will repeat these themes over and over so that you rebuild your personal security from the ground up.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

Life is changing quickly all around you starting this week at the first eclipse across Gemini/Sagittarius since 2002.Think back to that time to follow the thread. Gemini is right in the heart of the planetary action with Venus conjunct the eclipse Sun. With your 1st/7th Houses eclipsed, you’re ready to express a new way of being in the world and experience the evolutionary impact of others in your life. Events will shift around you, raising issues about dependence or independence, going your own way or developing more permanent relationships. How you see yourself versus how others see you is at the heart of it and if there’s a gap, reconcile the differences. Ask yourself: are my relationships mirroring who I am today or who I used to be?

Negotiating new interpersonal “contracts”.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

On Friday, the first eclipse across your 12th/6th Houses since the summer of 2002 nudges you to grow beyond the familiar four walls of your physical habits and routines and make some self-supporting choices. In other words, put your well being right at the top of your agenda. Circumstances beyond your control will nudge you to conquer self-defeating behaviours. Eclipses can change things in a blink of an eye so if you haven’t had a health check for a while, schedule one in. This is the axis of retreat, so if you’re in overwhelm at work or at home, rest up and put your own highest interests first. It’s definitely a time for fixing what can be fixed, then surrendering what you can’t control. Mindful activities such as journaling, yoga or meditation will balance your body/mind/spirit so you can see the wood for the trees.

It is enough simply to be.

Leo Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

Just like Aries, this is going to a super intense week when as a Fire sign, you are going to feel as if you’re combusting. The first wild card eclipse across Sagittarius/Gemini since summer 2002 is shaking up your axis of authenticity and creativity, ending one 18 year cycle and catalysing another. The 5/11th Houses are all about having the courage of your convictions, of expressing your true self and finding your true voice. No more hiding behind a mask or persona or making nice just to fit in. There will be 7 eclipses in total between now and the end of 2021, shaking up this part of your life by changing circumstances around you so that you have to change alongside them. You might start envisioning a new project or a different form of business or service. Make sure you enrol your supporters and collaborators and get them onside-that way you can develop your very own ideas factory.

Make fun, pleasure and fulfilment your keystones.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

Put June 1-8 in your calendar-when the seismic window from Friday’s eclipse will send ripples of endings and new beginnings across your life. Eclipses are cosmic wild cards, shifting circumstances outside your control so that you have to grow and change alongside them. As a solar Virgo, this is the first shake up of your 10/4th Houses since 2002-3, so think back to those times for possible clues. Starting at this eclipse and through 6 more between now and the end of 2021, you will start aligning your personal mission with who you are in the world. You may be recognised on a whole new professional level. You may start to create a legacy, something you can be really proud of. Your driver will be how to get paid for being yourself.

Losing the separation between yourself and your work in the world.

Libra Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

With your personal planet Venus conjunct the Sun at Friday’s eclipse, change is definitely on the cards. This is the first wild card eclipse across your 3rd/9th House since 2002-3, closing down an entire 18 year cycle. This is your axis of communication and connection so expect changes in events or circumstances beyond your control to affect these areas. People might leave, others arrive. Doors might open when there were none before. What’s at stake here is your ability to move with the times, to expand your world view, your people networks and your communication style. As the pandemic restrictions change the world of work, this is the perfect time to develop more effective ways of reaching out to colleagues, clients, your market and your various tribes. Take a course in new ways of thinking and creating rapport with everyone you come across. This will need to become one of your new superpowers.

Only connect.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

For you as a solar Scorpio, on Friday June 5th, the first wild card eclipse across Sagittarius/Gemini since 2002-3 marks the end of an 18 year financial cycle and the start of a new one. The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your 2nd House of earned income and personal resources, putting your financial security under the planetary spotlight. It is linked to shared resources so a close partner may make a move that surprises you. All eclipses operate under the radar, changing people and events around you so that you have no choice but to grow and evolve. This is a big nudge for you to think about how you attract and earn money; what money means to you; whether you hold on to it or let it slip through your fingers; whether you are optimising your earning ability and income streams.

The pandemic is bringing opportunities to develop more creative ways of working-think out of the box.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

A heads up! For you as a solar Sagittarian, the days between June 1-8 are sure to accelerate the pace of life and bring some unforeseen changes. Friday’s lunar eclipse is the first across your sign and Gemini since 2002-3, so try to remember what changed for you back then. This is the axis of identity and partnership so it will bring up issues of relationship dynamics such as control or cooperation, co-dependence or independence. If you are in a partnership, you’re likely to be the one who wants more freedom, who needs to disrupt the comfort zone and inject some excitement and passion. The unspoken unconscious contract you set up when you first met needs updating. Keep in mind that everyone will be more tired and wired around eclipse time, avoid Sagittarian hoof in mouth syndrome and tread carefully. Leave any big decisions until the eclipse dust has settled.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

As a Capricorn, this intense period between June 1-8th may seem a contradiction in terms. Yes, it’s eclipse season again which means events shifting and circumstances changing beyond your control, often almost overnight. Yet, this lunar eclipse is activating your 12th/6th Houses, the axis of retreat. This a clear message that you need to step back from the fray and look more deeply at how your life is unfolding. It’s so easy to get so caught up in doing that you forget what it’s all for. Slow down and re-group. Is your ladder up against the wrong tree? Is duty, work, service or routine draining your spirit? Are those important goals still a true reflection of who you are or of who you used to be? The last few years have been incredibly challenging for most Capricornians, so put your wellbeing-mind/body/spirt-at the top of your agenda.

Less doing, more being.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

The eclipses are here! And for you as a solar Aquarian, they mark an end to one 18 year cycle and the start of another which promises to be much more appealing. Think back to 2002-3, the last time an eclipse activated your 11th/5Th Houses of creative births and hopes for the future. What did you initiate, launch or change back then? This time round, you have both your rulers Saturn and Uranus in your corner, waking you up to smell both the coffee and the roses. Eclipses take you from one stage of life to another, often in the blink of an eye. So, forget about resisting the changes heading your way and grab the opportunity to make your life and your world a bigger, freer and more interesting place.

Bring on those radical acts of self-love and self-expression.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: May 31-June 7, 2020

On Friday June 5th, the first eclipse since 2002-3 across Sagittarius/Gemini activates key angles of your chart ,marking a turning point in your autobiography. The Full Moon is going to set in motion changes beyond your control in both your career and your home- your work/life axis. And there will be 6 more eclipses in the same place between now and the end of 2021. This time around, you are hosting both Mars and Pisces in your own sign so whatever plays out in the days and weeks to come, you can rely on your instincts and determination to steer you through it. What’s at issue is how you work, where you work, who you live with and how your home base either supports you or sabotages you. With the eclipse Moon right at the pinnacle of your chart, recognition for work completed is highly likely, so use this to your advantage as leverage for the changes you’d really like to make.

Living on purpose.

Originally published at and reproduced here with permission.

About Lorna Bevan M.A., MAPAI:


DNA, 37, Aliens, & Mathematics

Did aliens encode hidden messages into human DNA?

Could it be that the answer to whether or not we’re alone in the universe resides deep within each of us, encoded into our DNA, just waiting to be revealed?

It’s a heady subject, one that has fascinated mankind for centuries and even led us to build spaceships to explore the skies beyond our vision.

But what if aliens have come and gone already? Imagine if they did indeed visit this planet and left clues of their presence into what makes each of us unique, waiting for the day that we will finally realize the true origin of the human race.

Are we the product of evolution, or were we created by unseen beings? (Via YouTube)

All of this may sound a bit far-fetched and way outside the normal channels of scientific discourse, but as Ancient Origins notes, some very distinguished minds in the world of science think there could well be a connection between human DNA and aliens:

“In 2013, two scientists affiliated with the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute in Kazakhstan published an article in the journal Icarus suggesting that the search for extraterrestrial life should be expanded to include a survey of human DNA.

“Physicist Vladimir Sherbak and astrobiologist Maxim Makukov are convinced we’ve been genetically engineered by beings from another star system. These founders may have done so directly while visiting here hundreds of millions of years ago. Or, they may have sent an information-packed signal into space that reached Earth and somehow triggered alterations in our DNA. Or, they may have seeded our planet from space with alien genetic material that evolved elsewhere (presumably on their planet of origin).”

Codes and symbols are all around us. Could they have a deeper meaning that is tied to our DNA? (Via YouTube)

The idea that we (and our DNA) are products of alien engineering is known as panspermia, and has drawn the enthusiastic support of none other than James Crick, co-founder of the DNA double helix. In the panspermia view of our planet, our creators intentionally chose to place their own DNA inside of humans and then leave us on the Earth as some sort of experiment.

How can such a theory be supported? The two Khazak scientists explain:

“Makukov and Cherbak say human DNA looks as though it has been created with mathematical precision. ‘Simple arrangements of the code reveal an ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of symbolic language. Furthermore, it includes the use of decimal notation and logical transformations that are accurate and systematic.’”

Consider that there’s also a repeating numerical pattern in human DNA:

“Makukov and Cherbak have spotted a specific repeating numerical pattern in the human genetic code. By looking closely at the various mathematical ratios, fractions and constants that show up in calculations and measurements of human DNA, they’ve uncovered multiple instances where the number ‘37’ seems to play a prominent role.”

“In their Icarus research paper, the scientists listed nine instances where the number ‘37’ could be derived by performing calculations somehow related to DNA’s chemical structure, and they calculated the odds of that happening by random at 10 trillion to one against.”

The concept of panspermia suggests that we were created by aliens and encoded with their DNA. (Via YouTube)

The number 37 has relevance when it comes to the human body:

“Expressed in the metric system, the normal body temperature of a human being is 37 degrees Celsius . And according to the latest estimates, there are approximately 37 trillion cells in the human body . So even outside its inclusion in our DNA, the number ‘37’ does help define who we are in some fundamental ways. This is just as we might expect, if that number were included in DNA as a sign.”

Clearly, there are still more questions than answers when it comes to either DNA or aliens, let alone whether a connection can be made between the two. The human genome has already been partially decoded by scientists, and yet we are no closer to proving that intelligent life exists beyond our planet.

Mysteries remain, and in time we may finally discover the answers to them. Until then, all we can do is keep searching.

The “Ancient Aliens” TV show has dealt with the idea of DNA and aliens. Here’s an excerpt from that episode:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot


On The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Past Lives and Spiritual Healing

by Arn Allingham

A lot of the work I do with my clients involves “past lives”. And a good many of my clients hit a snag with past-life work in that they are unsure whether they completely believe in reincarnation. Or whether they believe that the past life stories that they have found are beyond doubt. Very often my clients tell me they want to heal but they don’t want to mislead themselves with false flights of fancy about past lives.

These are real and honest concerns from people trying to do right by their own souls.

I have worked through these issues, one on one, with each of those clients and found a way forward that assisted them. And now I think it might be helpful to share my perspective on the whole “past life” thing with you. Perhaps you will find it useful at some point on your journey Home.

To begin with, I wish you to understand that everything is a story. Everything. Think back on yesterday. What you did, where you went, who you met, etc. As you engage your memory, you are telling yourself a story.

You see?

Yesterday is a story. Memory is an act of creative story telling. You are retelling your story of yesterday.

And if you think back on a traumatic event in your childhood, what you are telling yourself is a story about a story. Because we all do this: we kind of “mythologize” the extreme events of our lives. We build up meaning and get attached to a perspective about each story. “THAT was how I was abused,” we tell ourselves, “and THAT is why I am still hurt like this today.

When we eventually do healing work on those traumatic childhood issues, especially deep work such as with hypnotherapy, what happens is that we come to a new perspective on those events. We develop a new story about the story. Perhaps we are then able to say, “THAT was where I learned compassion for others who have experienced abuse which is why I eventually became a healer myself.” Or something similar.

So our stories are just that: our stories. And each time we retell them, we are likely, in the telling, to change them just a little. Usually because we come to some new perspective upon them. Or because we come to some new perspective upon ourselves in the retelling. But the point is that our stories are not fixed. They change as we do. Even when we believe they are a true reflection of what really happened.

So, for this reason, I think it is not useful to get too attached to our stories. Deep attachment only means that it is painful to allow a story to change as it eventually must. And even more painful to let go of a story when it ceases to serve a purpose. As it eventually will.

And what I’d like to point out to you now is that the person reading these words… the person whose name is listed on your birth certificate… is also a story. This person, with this name, with these attributes, with this body, with those relationships, with those memories, with those skills and talents and abilities… ALL of that is a story.

Just as Arn is a story that I am telling myself… so is your present life a story that you are telling yourself. I am not truly Arn and you are not truly that person that you have told yourself you are. YOU are an eternal, immortal, creator-being. And as a creator, you have created many stories. With each story you have discovered yourself anew. Told yourself something different about yourself. And that is what you are doing now.

And this all being so, I find it quite unproductive and unuseful to ask if this or that story is “true”. What does that even mean? Yes, I AM telling myself this story right now. But that does not mean that the limited perspective I am currently holding on this story will be eternally valid! I will certainly not always think or believe as I currently do. I will eventually come to such a radically different perspective that I will think upon Arn as just a little dream that I once dreamed. Just a little story.

Because Arn is a story.

So, instead of trying to answer the question of “is this story true”, I prefer to ask more useful and productive questions like: What does the story of Arn really mean? Why am I telling myself this story? What am I learning about myself and about Life through this story?

And perhaps I might even find myself ready to own the story enough to ask: How can I heal this story? How can I love this story more? How can I use this story to love myself, others and life itself more? How can I use this story to serve the greater good?

You see the eternal, immortal creator beings that we truly are, would not tell ourselves any old random story! We are carefully crafting stories to take ourselves on vast journeys, story by story, into deep, deep forgetting and then back out again into full magnificent remembrance of Who We Really Are.

When we head into forgetting we use stories to create beliefs that allow us to forget. We use stories to teach us that we are not powerful, god-like and magnificent. We tell ourselves that we cannot create our realities. That we cannot trust ourSelves. That we are not worthy of love. That we are not worthy of respect. That we are disconnected and alone. That we are small, fragile, mortal, powerless and victims. We sing ourselves a sad lullaby of fear and pain. And then, because we believe these stories we are telling ourselves, we find ourselves carrying beliefs in our psyches that block us from your own divine light.

And when we have forgotten that deeply, THEN we are ready to be born into duality. As everyone on this planet has. Everyone born here arrives believing that there is nothing god-like within themselves. They are born in a state of total forgetting of their own Light.

Most spend a good few lifetimes in such a state of darkness of the soul before they are ready to begin to remember again. But something confusing and problematic happens here in duality. Because we have forgotten to look inside of ourselves for the Light of truth, we have learned to look outside of ourselves for it. And because the only thing you can find outside of yourself is story, we teach ourselves that these stories are “true”. We learn to believe that the illusory, transitory things which exist only as perspectives are real. We believe they exist independent of us. Which they don’t.

The problem with this is we then hold too tightly to the stories. Which means we are unable to let them change and grow and morph. We are unable to play with them. To use them to serve our own development.

And so here is the point of this whole blog post: This is all an invitation to you to begin to hold a little more lightly to all the myriad stories that you are holding in your mind. The stories that you see around you. The stories of this world. The news, the politics, the dramas that others are creating. Hold lightly. They are just stories. Don’t get too attached or too involved.

And just the same with the stories that you see inside of you. Your journey, your past, your childhood, the ideas you have about who you are, about your place in the world, about what you do… all of these kinds of stories. They are just stories. Instead of getting attached and believing these stories to be the eternally unchangeable truth. Which they are not. Use them to serve your continued growth. Use them to understand yourself better and to heal and grow. And when they get in the way of your continued spiritual evolution, ask yourself how you can better serve love and the greater good by relaxing your grip on some part of your story and allowing it to change. How can you come to a new perspective on that story that better serves your life?

And when it comes time to do really deep soul-work remember this too. Your “past lives” are also all stories. Every one of them. They are the stories that you told yourself when you were finding your way down, down deeper and deeper into forgetting. They are the stories that encode your beliefs that allowed you to find yourself into duality. And as such they have much to teach you. So if you can hold lightly you can tease out the wisdom that they hold for you. You can extract the lessons of love and compassion that they contain. You can gain a great deal from them.


Are You Listening?

This story starts with me gradually becoming more and more run down and fatigued over the course of a week or so.  Eventually I got pretty darn miserable and frustrated and I decided to ask my spirit guides what was going on and how I could fix it.  So, I shouted out to the universe “what the heck is wrong with me and how do I fix it?” and then I just waited for the answer as usual.  But in the meantime, I had to go to town to do some chores.

The First Sign

The first thing that happened as I pulled out onto the main road heading to town was that the car in front of me had a model name of “aura” as indicated by the emblem on the back of the car.  I scratched my head and thought to myself, “I’ve never heard of a car named ‘aura’ before.  I didn’t even know one existed.

I wasn’t sure if it meant anything, but I had a feeling that it might.  So I just made a note of it in the back of my mind and I continued heading to town.

The Second Sign

The first place I stopped in town was a hardware store.  As I wandered around the store trying to find what I needed I accidentally turned down the paint aisle.  As I looked up at the shelves, I saw a paint can with the word “aura” on it, apparently there was a paint brand called “aura.”  As I wandered down the paint aisle I passed at least 10 cans in a row that said “aura” on them!

I laughed out loud because this seemed like it was probably the first part of my answer.  When a sign or symbol gets repeated three or more times in quick succession, that usually means something.  And again, I just noted it in the back of my mind and continued my shopping in the hardware store.

The Third Sign

Eventually I found what I needed and I purchased it and I headed back out to my car and as I was opening the door, I noticed something on the ground right in front of my feet, right in front of the door of my car.  It looked like a bracelet, one of those bead bracelets.  So I bent down, picked it up, and looked at it.  The beads of the bracelet had letters on them and they spelled out the word “stressed out.” I found that very odd, who would buy and wear a bracelet that said “stressed out” on it? Wouldn’t people want their bracelet to say something uplifting or inspiring?

The oddity of this perked up my attention so again I noted it in the back of my mind and I started heading home.  When I was about halfway home, I began to contemplate everything that had happened so far.  Based on the signs, my hypothesis was that my state of extreme fatigue had something to do with my energy body or my auric field.  Maybe my aura was depleted.  I certainly was given a big hint is this direction by seeing the word “aura” so many times in quick succession.

And maybe stressed-out had something to do with auric field depletion.  I didn’t know if that was true, but it seemed like it might be possible.  And I had been stressing out for a while.

So, when I got home, the first thing I did was do a Google search for “energy body charging.” The search results that came back included many videos and articles.  So I clicked on the first item in the search results list and as I read the first paragraph, it mentioned the auric field multiple times.  And in the second paragraph it mentioned that stress can affect one’s auric field.  Bingo message received!

Communicating Through Signs and Symbols

This is how spirit often communicates.  It communicates through signs and symbols in the external reality.  Spirit can also communicate through your intuition or via telepathy if you like — inspired ideas, downloads, etc.  But oftentimes, signs and symbols are much more obvious than your intuition (which often times is subtle) — especially if you are paying attention for the signs and actively interpreting them.

Another Question and Answer

In any case, this story is not quite over yet, so I’ll continue.  The article I found included instructions on how to charge your auric field.  Which involved a process that lasted about five or 10 minutes and I did this process every day for about a week or so.  But after doing this, I was only feeling slightly better.

So, I decided to ask another question — “what am I doing wrong?” — and I asked it out loud as usual.  My number one hypothesis was that maybe I needed to do the process longer than 5 or 10 minutes.

Not long after asking this question I received a message from a follower of my Facebook channel — someone I’d never spoken to before.  Somewhat oddly, the message contained a link to a video but included absolutely no explanation or introduction.  Nevertheless, I clicked the link and it was a video of a 30 minute auric field clearing and charging meditation.  This was the answer!  I needed to do it longer (as I has suspected).

Out of curiosity, I decided to ask the person who sent me the link, why they sent it to me.  And guess what they said? They said “an angel told me to send it to you”!  I laughed out loud again, because I always find the way spirit communicates via signs and symbols amusing.

That’s it, I hope you found this story interesting and informative.

See you in the next story,


The Mind & Gut

Evidence for the Gut-Brain Connection

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

It has been known for several decades that gut health appears to have an effect on mental health and brain health – the so-called gut-brain axis. For example, autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease have been linked with mood disorders, anxiety and depression. However, the precise mechanism by which the gut-brain axis functions has been largely unknown – but now, new research is starting to shed light on this matter.

According to research published in Nature and carried out by Weill Cornell Medicine, depleted microbiota in the gut can cause altered gene expression in microglia, which are immune cells found in the brain [1]. This effectively interferes with the connections of brain synapses which should occur during a learning process.

The breakthrough was made during a study of mice. Researchers found that mice treated with antibiotics, which depletes the levels of gut microbiota, showed impaired ability in fear extinction, ie they were slower to learn that a threat was no longer present than mice with normal levels of gut microbiota. When researchers sequenced the RNA in the mice microglia, the altered gene expression was discovered.

The same study also examined mice which had been bred to be ‘germ-free’ (ie without gut microbiota). These mice were found to have altered concentrations of metabolites which have been associated with schizophrenia and autism. Researchers were able to mitigate this by restoring gut microbiota in these mice, but only if they did so immediately following birth – an interesting finding, given that the types of psychiatric and mental health disorders associated with autoimmune disease in humans are often those which are also linked to problems with early brain development.

This research is the first time that a potential mechanism for the gut-brain axis has been scientifically described. The gut-brain axis impacts every single human being, every day of their lives,” said Dr David Artis, director of the Jill Roberts Institute for Research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We are beginning to understand more about how the gut influences diseases as diverse as autism, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Our study provides a new piece of understanding of how the mechanisms operate.”

The findings of this study open up potential new avenues for treatment of some autoimmune and psychiatric disorders. With a clearer picture of how diet, infection, and lifestyle influence brain health and subsequent susceptibility to neuropsychiatric disorders, we could potentially gain unique insight into how to treat or prevent debilitating, physically and emotionally painful conditions which are becoming increasingly common. The study authors are hopeful. “”We don’t know yet, but down the road, there is a potential for identifying promising targets that might be used as treatments for humans in the future,” said Dr Conor Liston, an associate professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine. “Brain chemistry essentially determines how we feel and respond to our environment, and evidence is building that chemicals derived from gut microbes play a major role,” adds Dr Frank Schroeder, a professor in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department at Cornell Ithaca [2].

Article sources:


Check Out Your SIgn

Information Overload: Astrology Forecast May 25-31, 2020

May 25th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Friday’s Gemini New Moon has just opened an 8 week eclipse tunnel from May 22 to the Cancer New Moon on July 20th. Starting next week on June 5th, there are not 2 but 3 wild card eclipses one after the other. When you emerge later in the summer, you’ll see how these sideways escalators – time/space shifts – have changed everything yet again, giving you an entirely new perspective on the virus and its outcomes.

There are now 6 planets/points in Air sign Gemini – Sun, Venus, Vesta, Node of Fate, Mercury- literally bringing a welcome breath of fresh air from the heavy Earth energy. It’s time to start extracting the learning from our recent passage through global events in Aries and Taurus. This is going to take until Autumn to process -there’s a huge difference between information -knowing something- and wisdom when information has been synthesized into your evolving inner map.

Gemini’s ruler Mercury is at his Tricksterish best/worst in his own sign this week in contact with unpredictable Uranus, slippery Neptune, Mars, the Galactic Centre, Vesta and the Node of Fate- the  volatile eclipse degree of the approaching June 21st Solar Eclipse. On Thursday 28 May, the Messenger crosses the world axis into Cancer.

Expect more incoming data than ever before- a veritable Tower of Babel of crossed wires, misinformation, fake news along with new information/decisions from governments contradicting themselves.

In your own life, this is not about trying to make sense of anything – how could you when ,with all the retrograde planets and  incoming multiple eclipses ,the ground is going to be pulled out from under your feet? This is about becoming even more skillful and adept at Inside/Out Thinking -understanding that your mind is not a camera but a projector with all the implications that brings.

Click image to view full-sized chart.

The Chandra Symbol for Mercury conjunct Node of Fate Cancer 0:

A Potter at Work.

“You need to be prepared for spirit to do its great work here. And all the steps and stages, all the learning and growth are already part of a guided dance, instrumentally choreographed by those who know. This energy wants a return to what is natural, a restoring of ancient timeless ways. It seeks to manifest a remembrance and a re-dedication. There is this cosmic beholding power, a witnessing intelligence. The guidance is to join forces with the whole of humanity. Then what wants to come through will be popular, obvious, clear, the next place to go.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

There are currently 5 planets and points in Gemini lighting up your angle of communication like downtown Broadway. Remember, if you combine your own Fire sign together with Air, you create combustion. Then June 5th’s eclipse across this part of your chart will kick off a year when life speeds up rapidly and you’re busy wheeling and dealing, negotiating, making contracts. What interests you is going to change quite noticeably as you decide to study or investigate something intriguing outside your comfort zone. Your mind is going to be buzzing with ideas about life switches in the aftermath of the virus, especially where travel is concerned. You may trade expensive holidays for exploring your own region or city.


Taurus Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

All the Gemini activity is going to make you really think about what and who you value the most. This gathering of planets is lighting up your 2nd House of resources and money and when the first eclipse across this part of your life arrives on June 5th, your personal security will be changed in ways hard to imagine from here. Start now to be at cause, not effect, by looking at your income stream and coming up with some new ways of adding more. Factor in that your personal planet Venus will be retrograde until June 25th, so keep spending on non-essentials in check. Make your priority investing time, love and effort into only what you love most, into what really matters when the chips are down.

Do a resources audit.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

This week a going to give you a foretaste of the first eclipse across Gemini since 2002 arriving soon on June 5th. With 5 planets plus the Node of Fate in your sign, are you feeling the first stirrings of an inner revolution? Maybe just an increased restlessness or boredom with your comfort zone at first followed by wondering how/why you’ve painted yourself in a corner and stayed there. This planetary blast of fresh air is going to blow the cobwebs away and shine some light into the darker corners of negative self-belief. As Venus travels back through Gemini, bring a little more peace and beauty into your life. Ask yourself the Marie Kondo question: what sparks joy?

The end of an 18 year cycle.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

The planets are gathering in the deepest most hidden part of your chart, Cancer- a sign that it’s time to slow down the pace of your life, to restore and renew yourself and to refresh your hopes and dreams. Frame this a personal retreat, a time to journal your dreams, to notice what and who’s leaving your life, what is outworn and outgrown and what is summoning you on. Next week the first eclipse across this part of your chart will prove how important it is to take a step back and re-group. Your wellbeing is paramount and you’ve taken a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual battering in the last 18 months.

Quieten your mind so you can hear the wisdom of your unconscious.

Leo Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

The 11th House of your chart which represents your social life, your priorities and your values is forefront and centre stage now. With 5 planets clustered together here, this week is going to bring a preview of June 5th’s eclipse which activates your axis of expansion and creativity. People are your most valuable currency, whether work colleagues, friends, followers on social media, family or your tribes, they all matter more than ever. By “valuable”, I mean that they add to the sum of your happiness. So, take a look around to see who’s for you and who’s against you. Who do you need to build bridges with and who is it time to walk away from?

Do this now as the eclipse on June 5th will permanently change your people landscape.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

Frame events this week as a preview of what next week’s lunar eclipse across Sagittarius /Gemini might deliver. As a Virgo, this is one of those rare moments when five planets are shining brightly at the very pinnacle of your chart. Think of it as being on stage with the spotlight trained on you, making you ultra -visible. Translated, this means that everything you do will be noticed much more than usual. So, if you are cutting corners, not such good news but if you’ve been quietly doing due diligence, expect rewards or at the very least, recognition. And there could be a sprinkling of romantic fairy dust too as Venus aligns with seductive Neptune 3 times in your angle of long term partnerships.

Seize the day.

Libra Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

With Air as your Libran element, you need constant input to stimulate your thinking. Lucky you-this week there are 5 planets gathered in fellow Air sign Gemini downloading more data than even you know what to do with. It will be a veritable Tower of Babel-incoming new information from the government, later contradicted, fake news, misinformation all mixed in with some important insights. Be ready for a lunar eclipse in this same part of your chart on June 5th by slowing down to listen to the small persistent voice of your own guidance above the cacophony of noise for the outside. It’s time to think for yourself, throw out old limiting beliefs and make a deliberate effort to broaden your horizons.

Expanding your map of the world.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

Both your home and your personal security are high on the planetary agenda. Of course, these are always inextricably tied together but it’s all too easy to go along in the same old way for years keeping things as they are, not noticing what ‘s outworn or outgrown or just not relevant any more. The gathering of 5 planets in your 8th House of money, assets and resources is in Air sign Gemini-you’re being nudged to get more innovative and up to date with how you manage your resources to reduce that nagging sense of insecurity. Are you missing out on savings or living in a place that doesn’t work for you? Are you in debt or undervaluing what you have to offer and under earning? Next week’s June 5th eclipse will change circumstances around you so that you have to think outside the box.

Whose rules are you living by?

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

There is currently a gathering of 5 planets in your opposite sign of Gemini ,meaning that your most important relationships are going to be under the spotlight in some way. Luckily, beautiful Venus is spending until late June here, helping to smooth the path of true love. Gemini is always about new information so expect to hear or learn something now that puts everything into a new light. If you’re dealing with work colleagues virtually or at arm’s length at the moment, expect to have to be extra flexible and responsive, rather than reacting in the moment. Next week’s June 5th’s eclipse is going to fall right across your sign and so a changing of the guard is on the horizon.

This is a time when everything you do or say can make a difference.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

Since March 21st, your ruling planet Task Master Saturn has been in Aquarius, your angle of income and resources. As this aligned in time with the pandemic lockdown, you’ve had to take account of factors beyond your control to try to stay on an even financial keel. The Master Teacher is heading back into Capricorn until December to start a 6 month phase of cleaning up old business and tying up loose ends. You’ve had peek into a new world of more progressive options and now you realise that you need to clear the decks so that you can update your systems and uplevel your service or business. Alongside that-and equally important-the gathering of 5 planets in Gemini is a reminder not to neglect your health and wellbeing .

Eclipses impact your energy field and the one on June 5th is right around the corner.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

Since March 21st when Master Teacher Saturn returned to Aquarius for the first time since 1991,you’ve begun to realise that certain parts of yourself, habits that were seemingly crystallised or cast in stone, could change, deconstruct and liberate you from feeling stuck in a life that didn’t feel like it belonged to you. Just notice if you’ve stopped automatically resisting outside influences, releasing some of the inner stress that you’d come to believe was with you for life. Now that Saturn is retrograde, allow yourself to live along with your world as it reconfigures. Meanwhile, all the activity in compatible Air sign Gemini is nudging you to make everyday life more beautiful, more meaningful, more in sync with what you value the most. Turn wherever you live into a space that reflects who you are now – you need it as a mirror of your emerging self.

Coming home to yourself.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: May 24-31, 2020

In recent years, with so much focus on your career, your role in the world, you’ve felt somewhat exposed, highly visible and extremely accountable. The gift that it gave you was to install a solid sense of all the ways you add value to your community and your workplace, so that you no longer undervalue yourself. The current astrology is shifting the emphasis to your home and what it means to you- from your physical space to your sense of belonging. Questions arise such as: Is where I live where I want to be or just a stop gap measure? How can I make this place more comfortable and more suited to my lifestyle? What and who gives me real sense of belonging and how can I have/create more of it?

Are you putting down roots or transplanting yourself?

Originally published at and reproduced here with permission.