2010 — The Year of the True Path

Bid farewell to 2009 with gratitude and relief.  It was a year of lessons to be learned.  It was a year in which both the best and the worst could occur, but most often it was a case of the worst with a splash of the best.  2009 was a set-up-for-action year.  Choices that were made, things that were done, stuff that was gotten rid of, all of these are part of honing oneself for true manifestation and for readying one’s energy to deal with the dimensional shifts that will become stronger and stronger as 2010 progresses.

2010 is an action year.  Be ready for action, to do what it is that you truly desire to do.  This is a year of no excuses.  If you do not embark or continue on your path, then the path will no longer be the same.  This is a year for potentials to blossom and become realities, but it all takes commitment on your part.  Too often we fear our own potential and as  a result, we are satisfied with second best, with second place.  But in your own life, you should never take second place.

Look clearly, long, and hard at the things that are out there around you.  Be ready to say to things and people ‘I don;t think so!’ if they are not right for you.  And then, give yourself an huge pat on the back for being so courageous as to stand up for WHO you are.

There has been too much in the past, too much of people. places. things.  It was easy to fall into the illusion.  But illusion will no longer hold power this year.  Illusion is based in fantasy  The changes that are coming are based in the shifting of the dimensions, the movements to more rarefied densities.   Along with everything else, this year of 2010 brings a choice —what do you choose to be your own reality.  If you buy into the media-induced stupor, then get ready for a rocky ride.  If you buy into an energetically motivated free-fall, be ready to own and use your own power.

Another theme of this year is the letting go of logic.  Allow your intuition to make choices for you.  If you are faced with two options and one seems logically more reasonable, however the other just feels right just once go with your heart-centered intuition.  Start small in order that you do not frighten yourself, too large steps taken too early can engender a fear that is hard to overcome.  Once you begin to see that the guidance of heart-centered intuition brings about happy results, then you are setting up a new pattern of going with the flow.  Your true heart is always centered in the flow of the Universe, and getting in touch with that will bring peace, joy, and abundance.

December 27 – January 2, 2010

Overall Color For the Week:    Primary Blue

This is a week for prioritizing, for getting in order those things that are truly meaningful for you.  It is a time when you will have the proper perspective for getting rid of all that stuff that no longer serves you — the things you have outgrown, the crap that you hang on to because of other people or past attachments.  Memories will always live within, and you can choose the memories that you love.  Let the others go.  Look at the things around you, ask yourself what they really mean for you.  Are there things you keep even though you have outgrown them.  What about the stuff you have because you feel an obligation to hold on to it?   Do not be surprised if you find yourself no longer feeling attached to friends that you have had for a long time.  Perspectives are changing and you may be fore the first time seeing them for what they have become.  If it is no longer right for you, then gently honor them and let them go.  And memories — are there some that you keep just so you can feel bad?  Let go of the things that hold you back.,  A new year is dawning, and you want to race into it without being dragged down by the past.  This is a week for establishing your theme for the New year.  Enjoy the beginning of the week.  There is lightness and fun in the air. It is not a time for seriousness.  That will come later.  Take time this week also to hone your powers of perception.  You will want to have clear vision and insight as this year progresses.  The energies of time, Gaia, and the Universe have many surprises that will unfold this year.  You will see that institutions, people, things and issues that you thought had all the power begin to become shaky.  Take back and own your power, then you can truly create your own destiny and manifest your desires.  There is much at stake this week, as themes are being set, lessons learned, relationships closed, and other relationships opened.  Focus this week on WHO you are in each situation. Stay grounded, and look with heart-centered eyes into every occasion.  Look also to your dreams this week for there is meaning for you in them.

On the broader scene things will be shaking up all over.  There will be fear mongers out there who will be trying to instill fear in order that the new year begins with a sense of panic.  But fear no longer works the way it does in the past.  People will be a bit crazy and frazzled.  They will be feeling out of touch with themselves.  So expect reactions in every area to be different from what they have been before.  And then, as if realizing what they have done, people will take a different turn and do something totally out of character.  With the energies of the new year, old paradigms are changing.  Be aware of this and you will be fine.  But the shake-up is happening now and that will be the theme on the wider scale for the week. Continue reading

December 20 – 26

Overall Color for the Week:    Tipton Blue

This is a week of light and learning.  Take time this week to be the observer and see how things are happening around you and to you.  There is a great shift going on at this point in time.  This shift is moving things that are of the light closer to the light and allowing things that are choosing not to be of the light to sink more into their own lower frequencies.  The question is of one working with your own vibration to make it compatible with the reality that you wish to create.  You have the power to make real any and all things that you so desire, but that power grows and cycles according to how you choose to be, what you truly wish to create and the compatibility of that creation with the vibrational frequency on which you travel.  That is to say that if you are choosing things that are merely of a material level, then your frequency will be of the material level, being both lower and denser.  If you are choosing things of the spirit, then you will be of a higher frequency, and your vibration will resonate with things spiritual.  On that level, you are able to intuit more of the true nature of things.  You begin to see through the illusion and can observe the shifts of dimension.  As we embark upon this last full week of December, it is a good time to take a strong look at what it is that you are desiring.  Time is speeding up and more and more distraction is being placed along the way.  Know WHO you truly are and stay grounded in that, and you will find that the unfoldment of the next two years will show to you the reality of yourself and that of the world behind the illusion.  It is time to determine what it is that you are desiring to manifest in the nest year.  There is much ahead that will confuse and threaten those who are dealing with things on a purely physical level.  Looking beyond the mere physical will allow you to get into contact with Eternal Consciousness.

So this will be a week of revelations to those who are able to see things as they are.  The Holiday rush and crush will become more and more exaggerated as the week goes on.  This will lead to confusion.  People will not be clear on what it is that they truly want, rather they will just be in a mode of unfocused wanting.  This will lead to rude behavior and crazy traffic.  Do not allow yourself ot be caught up in any of this.  Take time early this week to determine what it is that is truly important to you,.  Write a short mantra expressing this, and then let that be your guide as the week progresses.  You will find that you can establish a little island of peace by doing so.  Oh, and there will be those out there also who will be taking advantage of the general good will of the season to bring some joy.  Honor them.

In the news there will be ups and downs on every level, the temperatures, the amount of precipitation, the stock market, escalation of violence and outbreaks of peace.  You will see people in general disengaging from the world news out there and turning to  light entertainment.  There will be a sense of unreality about things this week, as though they just are not happening, which makes it a good time to play the mummer and spread some cheer. Continue reading

December 13-19

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal Color 90 Magenta

Expect things to happen this week and expect things that you have been waiting on to come to a conclusion.  These endings have the potential for being somewhat tumultuous, or at least, a bit more charged emotionally or otherwise than you would have expected.  But all in all, you will find satisfaction in the outcome of things this week.  It is a good time to send out those Holiday messages because the sentiment will be sincere and the recipients will be open to reading between the lines.  Expect to see more unusual items in the news.  There is the possibility of more sightings like the one last week in Norway.  These things will leave people wondering.  You might have to look on the Internet for the reports, as the American Press is trying to keep a close watch on what is published so that no news comes in that can challenge the reality they are trying to portray.  Look also for more electronic glitches and do not overreact,.  There is the possibility also for some activity from the sun to causer unexpected crossing of signals.  This is a week in which anything can happen as all the strands of potentiality that have been growing throughout this year of 2009 begin to cross and reach completion.  Things are getting a little wild, so be ready, stay centered in yourself and the truth of WHO you are and all will be fine. Continue reading

December 6-12

Overall Color for the Week: Surprise Blue

And this is just what this week will be all about, so expect the unexpected and be ready for anything.  There is a lightness in the air, a sense of anticipation, and a feeling of joy.  Things can get done this week that were impossible before, so get out your list of items that you have always wanted to manifest, concentrate on them, and make them happen.  Serendipity is the theme this week.  While there will be blips in the weather.there are actually opportunities to change your focus and see things in a new light.  Do not be tied to the old and the traditional this week. Look for new solutions to problems.  See people in a new light and take time to laugh.  If you make this your modus operandi for this week, you can accomplish great things and create fulfillment for your sense by the end of the week.

in the news, there will be a lot of “what-the’s” going on.  People will be wondering how events that seemed destined to have one ending all of a sudden took a turn and had a completely different outcome.  The doom and gloom sayers will find themselves hard pressed to be believed for the very things that they are saying will come to pass, just fall apart.  So expect confusion in the world of politics and finance.  Do not try to understand any of it.  Let it be.  This is a time when the trickster is abroad on the larger scene. Look for odd weather events and lots of wrong forecasts.  Stay centered in WHO you are.  This is a week to be both observer and participant.  The trick is knowing when to take which role. Continue reading