2010 — The Year of the True Path

Bid farewell to 2009 with gratitude and relief.  It was a year of lessons to be learned.  It was a year in which both the best and the worst could occur, but most often it was a case of the worst with a splash of the best.  2009 was a set-up-for-action year.  Choices that were made, things that were done, stuff that was gotten rid of, all of these are part of honing oneself for true manifestation and for readying one’s energy to deal with the dimensional shifts that will become stronger and stronger as 2010 progresses.

2010 is an action year.  Be ready for action, to do what it is that you truly desire to do.  This is a year of no excuses.  If you do not embark or continue on your path, then the path will no longer be the same.  This is a year for potentials to blossom and become realities, but it all takes commitment on your part.  Too often we fear our own potential and as  a result, we are satisfied with second best, with second place.  But in your own life, you should never take second place.

Look clearly, long, and hard at the things that are out there around you.  Be ready to say to things and people ‘I don;t think so!’ if they are not right for you.  And then, give yourself an huge pat on the back for being so courageous as to stand up for WHO you are.

There has been too much in the past, too much of people. places. things.  It was easy to fall into the illusion.  But illusion will no longer hold power this year.  Illusion is based in fantasy  The changes that are coming are based in the shifting of the dimensions, the movements to more rarefied densities.   Along with everything else, this year of 2010 brings a choice —what do you choose to be your own reality.  If you buy into the media-induced stupor, then get ready for a rocky ride.  If you buy into an energetically motivated free-fall, be ready to own and use your own power.

Another theme of this year is the letting go of logic.  Allow your intuition to make choices for you.  If you are faced with two options and one seems logically more reasonable, however the other just feels right just once go with your heart-centered intuition.  Start small in order that you do not frighten yourself, too large steps taken too early can engender a fear that is hard to overcome.  Once you begin to see that the guidance of heart-centered intuition brings about happy results, then you are setting up a new pattern of going with the flow.  Your true heart is always centered in the flow of the Universe, and getting in touch with that will bring peace, joy, and abundance.