Testing Positive? Try Again…

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Tests Negative For COVID-19 Hours After Testing Positive: Live Updates

by Tyler Durden

Update (1920ET): Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has tested negative for COVID-19, just hours after testing positive before he was set to meet with President Trump in Cleveland.

His wife, Fran DeWine, also tested negative along with several staff members – after they all underwent a more accurate testing method in Columbus, vs. the rapid-result test which showed DeWine to be positive earlier in the day, according to AP.

DeWine, an early advocate among Republicans of wearing masks and other pandemic precautions, said he took a test arranged by the White House in Cleveland as part of standard protocol before he was to meet Trump at an airport. He had planned to join the president on a visit to the Whirlpool Corp. plant in northwest Ohio.

Instead, he received the news he was positive, called his wife, Fran DeWine, and returned to central Ohio where he took the other test that showed him to be negative.

“A big surprise to me and certainly a big surprise to our family,” DeWine said at a late afternoon news conference broadcast from his porch on his farm in Cedarville in southwestern Ohio, where he planned to quarantine for 14 days. –AP

The 73-year-old DeWine said he didn’t know how he could have contracted the virus, as he’s been spending most of his time on his farm.

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If It works – Why Sell Your Stock?

Moderna’s CEO, CMO Both Sell Shares As Final Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Begin – What Do They Know That We Don’t?

The executive leadership over at Moderna is abandoning ship in terms of what the future holds for its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

by Ethan Huff

Both Stéphane Bancel, its CEO, and Tal Zaks, its CMO (chief medical officer) have cashed out their company shares as the company’s plandemic jab is right on the verge of entering late-stage trials.

Moderna’s Ceo, Cmo Both Sell Shares As Final Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Begin – What Do They Know That We Don’t?

According to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, Zaks recently offloaded nearly all of his shares, while Bancel has tossed many of his over the past several months.

Zaks, however, still holds tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of options in the company.

If Moderna’s vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was on a solid track, both of these guys probably would have kept their shares, and possibly purchased even more of them.

The fact that they cashed out, however, bodes ominous, especially for other shareholders still holding the bag.

Zaks also works on the scientific side of the company, it is important to note, suggesting that he knows something that the rest of the world does not.

Is Moderna’s vaccine on the verge of being exposed as a total failure, we wonder?

It was already obvious before this that Moderna’s jab was just a pump-and-dump scheme anyway. And now it would seem that the scam is on the verge of unraveling.

“In general, when stakeholders believe in their product, they increase their shares in order to increase confidence in the market,” reports The Jerusalem Post.

“The move by Moderna officials to do the opposite raised concerns about the company, especially considering that Zaks, who sold almost all of his shares, is on the scientific side of the company, according to Globes.”

Don’t be fooled: Moderna has probably got nothing

While Moderna would never publicly admit to it, chances are that its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is a total dud.

And yet the company has continued to increase share sales ever since the results of “successful” early trials were reported back in early July.

Though these results appear to be questionable at best, Moderna has continued to sell shares to eager investors that are being hoodwinked into believing that the company’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) jab holds promise.

Meanwhile, Bancel, his children’s trust, as well as other companies that Bancel owns all offloaded about $21 million worth of shares between January 1 and June 26.

Reuters reportedly spoke with seven different executive compensation experts about these mysterious share liquidations, which they explained highlight how companies will hype up development milestones for their products, even if said products never actually make it to market.

In other words, Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine may never be released, despite the company receiving gobs of American taxpayer cash to develop one.

At the same time, its executives are getting filthy rich off of the mere idea of a future vaccine being released.

“This may be their one shot at making a boatload of money if the vaccine doesn’t work out,” says Jesse Fried, a Harvard Law School professor who wrote an entire book about executive compensation.

According to Fried, Moderna’s chiefs have a strong incentive to “keep the stock price up.”

Investors, however, may not fully understand this, despite considering themselves “savvy.”

Many are right this moment buying up what appear to be overpriced shares in Moderna, which may never end up releasing this “promising” vaccine at all.

“The trial is one of the first late-stage studies supported by the Trump administration’s effort to speed development of measures against the novel coronavirus, adding to hope that an effective vaccine will help end the pandemic,” the Post further reports about Moderna’s progress.

from:    https://humansarefree.com/2020/08/modernas-ceo-cmo-both-sell-shares-as-final-coronavirus-vaccine-trials-begin-what-do-they-know-that-we-dont.html

High Winds in High Places

Mount Washington hit by strongest August wind gust on record – New Hampshire, U.S.

Mount Washington hit by strongest August wind gust on record - New Hampshire, U.S.

The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire recorded a wind gust of 237 km/h (147 mph) at the summit on Tuesday evening, August 4, 2020, as post-tropical cyclone Isaias swept through the New England region. This is the strongest wind gust ever recorded at the mountain in the month of August, breaking the previous one set in 1954.

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 1 916 m (6 288 feet). On average, the mountain sees gusts of about 39 km/h (24 mph) during the month of August.

Strong winds from Isaias knocked power to more than 140 000 customers in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Many wires and trees were downed, blocking scores of roads. During the height of the storm, the observatory registered 237 km/h (147 mph), which officially became the strongest gust for the month of August.

The previous record for the strongest wind gust for the month of August was during Hurricane “Carol” in 1954 at 228 km/h (142 mph).

The highest all-time wind gust on Mount Washington was 372 km/h (231 mph) set in April 1934. This was the highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth until 1996 when Tropical Cyclone “Olivia” set a new record at 407 km/h (253 mph) in Barrow Island, Australia.

Featured image credit: Google

from:    https://watchers.news/2020/08/06/mount-washington-hit-by-strongest-august-wind-gust-on-record-new-hampshire-u-s/

Radiation, DNA, & Chloroquine

Treatment of radiation disorders

The present invention provides methods and compositions for the treatment of DNA damage related disorders. One embodiment is a method for the inhibition of side effects associated with chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic agents using chloroquine compounds. Another embodiment is a method for treatment and/or prevention of lethal or sub-lethal radiation toxicities associated with terrorist acts or war.

Old Vaccines for New Viruses

Vaccination with bacillus Calmette-Guérin leads to a small pustule that can develop into a scar.


Can a century-old TB vaccine steel the immune system against the new coronavirus?

Researchers in four countries will soon start a clinical trial of an unorthodox approach to the new coronavirus. They will test whether a century-old vaccine against tuberculosis (TB), a bacterial disease, can rev up the human immune system in a broad way, allowing it to better fight the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 and, perhaps, prevent infection with it altogether. The studies will be done in physicians and nurses, who are at higher risk of becoming infected with the respiratory disease than the general population, and in the elderly, who are at higher risk of serious illness if they become infected.

A team in the Netherlands will kick off the first of the trials this week. They will recruit 1000 health care workers in eight Dutch hospitals who will either receive the vaccine, called bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG), or a placebo.

BCG contains a live, weakened strain of Mycobacterium bovis, a cousin of M. tuberculosis, the microbe that causes TB. (The vaccine is named after French microbiologists Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin, who developed it in the early 20th century.) The vaccine is given to children in their first year of life in most countries of the world, and is safe and cheap—but far from perfect: It prevents about 60% of TB cases in children on average, with large differences between countries.

Vaccines generally raise immune responses specific to a targeted pathogen, such as antibodies that bind and neutralize one type of virus but not others. But BCG may also increase the ability of the immune system to fight off pathogens other than the TB bacterium, according to clinical and observational studies published over several decades by Danish researchers Peter Aaby and Christine Stabell Benn, who live and work in Guinea-Bissau. They concluded the vaccine prevents about 30% of infections with any known pathogen, including viruses, in the first year after it’s given. The studies published in this field have been criticized for their methodology, however; a 2014 review ordered by the World Health Organization concluded that BCG appeared to lower overall mortality in children, but rated confidence in the findings as “very low.” A 2016 review was a bit more positive about BCG’s potential benefits but said randomized trials were needed.

Since then, the clinical evidence has strengthened and several groups have made important steps investigating how BCG may generally boost the immune system. Mihai Netea, an infectious disease specialist at Radboud University Medical Center, discovered that the vaccine may defy textbook knowledge of how immunity works.

When a pathogen enters the body, white blood cells of the “innate” arm of the immune system attack it first; they may handle up to 99% of infections. If these cells fail, they call in the “adaptive” immune system, and T cells and antibody-producing B cells start to divide to join the fight. Key to this is that certain T cells or antibodies are specific to the pathogen; their presence is amplified the most. Once the pathogen is eliminated, a small portion of these pathogen-specific cells transform into memory cells that speed up T cell and B cell production the next time the same pathogen attacks. Vaccines are based on this mechanism of immunity.

The innate immune system, composed of white blood cells such as macrophages, natural killer cells, and neutrophils, was supposed to have no such memory. But Netea’s team discovered that BCG, which can remain alive in the human skin for up to several months, triggers not only Mycobacterium-specific memory B and T cells, but also stimulates the innate blood cells for a prolonged period. “Trained immunity,” Netea and colleagues call it. In a randomized placebo-controlled study published in 2018, the team showed that BCG vaccination protects against experimental infection with a weakened form of the yellow fever virus, which is used as a vaccine.

Together with Evangelos Giamarellos from the University of Athens, Netea has set up a study in Greece to see whether BCG can increase resistance to infections overall in elderly people. He is planning to start a similar study in the Netherlands soon. The trial was designed before the new coronavirus emerged, but the pandemic may reveal BCG’s broad effects more clearly, Netea says.

For the health care worker study, Neeta teamed up with epidemiologist and microbiologist Marc Bonten of UMC Utrecht. “There is a lot of enthusiasm to participate,” among the workers, Bonten says. The team decided not to use actual infection with coronavirus as the study outcome, but “unplanned absenteeism.” “We don’t have a large budget and it won’t be feasible to visit the sick professionals at home,” Bonten says. Looking at absenteeism has the advantage that any beneficial effects of the BCG vaccine on influenza and other infections may be captured as well, he says.

Although the study is randomized, participants will likely know if they got the vaccine instead of a placebo. BCG often causes a pustule at the injection site that may persist for months, usually resulting in a scar. But the researchers will be blinded to which arm of the study—vaccine or placebo—a person is in.

A research group at the University of Melbourne is setting up a BCG study among health care workers using the exact same protocol. Another research group at the University of Exeter will do a similar study in the elderly. And a team at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology last week announced that—inspired by Netea’s work—it will embark on a similar trial in elderly people and health workers with VPM1002, a genetically modified version of BCG that has not yet been approved for use against TB.

Eleanor Fish, an immunologist at the of the University of Toronto, says the vaccine probably won’t eliminate infections with the new coronavirus completely, but is likely to dampen its impact on individuals. Fish says she’d take the vaccine herself if she could get a hold of it, and even wonders whether it’s ethical to withhold its potential benefits from trial subjects in the placebo arm.

But Netea says the randomized design is critical: “Otherwise we would never know if this is good for people.” The team may have answers within a few months.

from:    https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/03/can-century-old-tb-vaccine-steel-immune-system-against-new-coronavirus

Who’s Handling Your DNA?

Blackstone Reaches $4.7 Billion Deal to Buy Ancestry.com

Updated on
  • Firm will take about 75% ownership stake in Utah-based company
  • Alternative asset manager has a $156 billion cash pile
An Ancestry.com Inc. DNA kit
An Ancestry.com Inc. DNA kit

Blackstone Group Inc. acquired a majority stake in Ancestry.com Inc., the business known for family history research and DNA testing.

The deal is valued at $4.7 billion, Blackstone said in a statement Wednesday. It’s the first acquisition by Blackstone’s largest ever private equity fund. Silver Lake and Singaporean sovereign-wealth fund GIC Pte have been the majority owners since 2016. After the deal closes, Blackstone will own about 75% and GIC will still hold about 25% of Ancestry.com, said people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified because the information is private.

New York-based Blackstone is flush with cash as investors continue to bet big on the firm amid the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Executives have in recent months touted success in navigating the 2008 financial crisis to show that the business, which has $156 billion in dry powder, will be well positioned to benefit from the current upheavals.

Many of the firm’s recent investments have been in growth companies and businesses likely to benefit from shifts in consumer behavior. Last month, the group announced it was investing in Oatly AB — a plant-based drink that’s been rapidly growing in popularity — with partners including Oprah Winfrey. Blackstone also owns a majority stake in MagicLab, the owner of dating app Bumble.

Deal talks regarding Ancestry.com started a few months ago, when much of the world was still at home and looking for things to do, said the people with knowledge of discussions.

Based in Lehi, Utah, Ancestry.com has more than 3 million paying subscribers and more than 18 million people in its DNA network. It sells at-home DNA testing kits to customers, competing with 23andMe Inc.

Ancestry.com first went public in 2009, raising $100 million. It was taken private in 2012 in a $1.6 billion buyout led by private equity firm Permira, and on at least two occasions since has considered going public again, though it never got the valuation it was seeking.

Silver Lake and GIC acquired their majority stake four years ago in a deal that valued the company at $2.6 billion. Prior owners, including management, Permira and Spectrum Equity, currently have a minority interest in the business.

Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager with $564 billion in assets, is also focused on growing its life sciences group. It has spent more than $1 billion this year investing in drugs that target high cholesterol, kidney disease in children and devices for diabetes patients.

Early in 2020, the firm bought $11 billion of public equities and liquid debt as values sank and markets became more volatile. It also took stakes in companies including 21Vianet, a Chinese data center business, and a portfolio of Hollywood film studios.

Morgan Stanley and Barclays Plc advised Ancestry. Latham & Watkins LLP is serving as legal adviser to Ancestry and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP advised Blackstone. Dechert LLP is legal adviser to GIC.

from:   https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-08-05/blackstone-said-to-reach-4-7-billion-deal-to-buy-ancestry-com

This is Information Everyone Needs —Take Some Time to Listen

This is really important information for EVERYONE to pay attention to. It is time for everyone to wake up because all of our lives are at stake, and it is not because of some virus .  It is because of the manipulators behind the curtain:

Let’s Check the Numbers

“The Virus Is Over, Stupid” in 3 Graphs

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

It seems you can’t fix stupid. Nor puppet governments.

Here, we present 3 graphs and their sources to show, as clearly as anything can, that, yes, viruses are still seasonal – they still die off or lose potency in high humidity. And whatever else might be going on out there (pockets of flare-ups? sudden mass testing that picks up meaningless trace amounts of some coronavirus or other?), the danger has well and truly passed.

Senior Italian doctors based in hospitals had already declared the virus depleted of power during May, leaving even the frail and elderly able to recover fast. See here, here and Coronavirus, Profs. Remuzzi, Bassetti: “New positives are not contagious, stop the fear.


Let us get on with our lives, for pity’s sake.

Graph 1: CDC

Source: UK Column broadcast for July 31st, 2020 with Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson

Graph 2: UK’s NHS

Source: Second Wave? Virus Has All But Disappeared by Toby Young for Lockdown Sceptics, July 30th, 2020

Your daily reminder that the virus has dwindled away to almost nothing. This graph shows daily triage calls for 19-69 year-olds. Note no uptick during the Hyde Park BLM protests or during the “major incident” on Bournemouth Beach. (Hat tip Alistair Haimes.)

Graph 3: Sweden’s Public Health Agency

Source: Sweden: the One and Only Chart That Matters by Mike Whitney, July 25th, 2020


from:    https://www.europereloaded.com/the-virus-is-over-stupid-in-3-graphs/

Apparently Hydroxychloroquine Works.. But Only for the Elites

Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway

ER Editor: Of course, these claims cannot be verified given the anonymous nature of the source. Yet, it all has a ring of truth. Trump’s revealed he’s using hydroxychloroquine prophylactically (kudos – was he dropping us a hint?), so why would doctors, such as those hired for an American president no less, not be giving the same advice to other notables? Anything else makes little sense.

Note how this person calls COVID-19 a ‘bioweapon’ in ‘unrelenting launches of the COVID-19 bioweapon’ and ‘coronavirus cluster explosions will be detonated’. We only hope that herd immunity may short-circuit his/her predictions. The hypothesis that ‘Covid-19’ is in fact a bioweapon is something we’ve published on at length.


Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway


Submitted by an Anonymous D.C. Insider

Big Pharma and the WHO have known all along about the HCQ cure for COVID-19.

Everyone at the CDC, NIH and FDA knows that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is the silver bullet for the coronavirus.

They also know that, when combined with azithromycin and zinc, the 3-in-1 protocol provides the magic formula for almost anyone with coronavirus disease.

However, what Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Robert Redfield are not telling anyone is that practically every VIP in Washington, D.C. is using HCQ prophylactically.

Everyone knows that Trump has been using it as a preventative as he publicly stated so on multiple occasions.  But no one has revealed that virtually everyone inside the Beltway is also using it.  That’s why they were all shown so often in groups with no masks and not adhering to the recommended social distancing guidelines during the regular coronavirus briefings.  And, they did many of those dog and pony shows right in the middle of the Covid spikes during the first wave.

The real scandal here is that leading politicians, government officials, corporate CEOs and UN administrators all know about the efficacy of HCQ, and yet they have collaborated to deprive the American people of its use.  All the while they, themselves, are secretly taking HCQ prophylactically.

When so many countries around the globe have used Hydroxychloroquine with great success, why is the U.S. fiercely resisting it?

Because the world’s most zealous vaccine salesman — Bill Gates — is determined to bring a COVID-19 vaccine to market.  Word on the street (K Street) is that Gates is also taking HCQ as a preventive.  In fact, he has taken HCQ as a precautionary measure to avoid malaria for many years during his travels to the Third World nations that were subjected to his endless vaccine pitches and vaccination programs.

If Americans knew that India was successfully using HCQ nationwide, how would they react?  New Delhi has even made the decision to make HCQ available as a prophylactic, so inexpensive is it.

“India is estimated to produce 70% of the world’s hydroxychloroquine, with Ipca Labs and Zydus Cadila the two largest producers of the drug in the country.[1]

Well then, why did India send 85 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to 108 Covid-infected countries if it doesn’t work?!

So, what the scandal?

Key government officials, medical authorities and elected representatives throughout the USA are aware of every single fact stated in this exposé.  Nevertheless, they are pushing untested remedies and dangerous protocols that have actually killed many COVID-19 patients in all 50 states.

This situation is completely unacceptable.  Especially when the leaders of the national coronavirus response are taking HCQ and other effective prophylactics to keep the coronavirus at bay.  The same goes for many in the mainstream media; they will never tell anyone either that they’re taking HCQ.  Nor will the Sultans of Silicon Valley or Wall Street banksters or Corporate America moguls ever let on to this “ultra-secret conspiracy”.  Which is why the Hamptons Concert With Goldman CEO, ‘Chainsmokers’ Faces N.Y. Probe.  Goldman Sachs Chairman of the Board David Solomon obviously felt immune to catching Covid even at a concert where he was the star of the show.

But what’s the real scandal here?

The HCQ-Azithromycin-Zinc protocol is being deliberately withheld from the American people so that a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine can be foisted on the country.

And, the proof of such a criminal conspiratorial plot: there will be never-ending seasonal Covid spikes, with each wave being bigger and more intense than the previous one.  When those start to ebb, coronavirus cluster explosions will be detonated in the major metro areas, particularly the sanctuary cities.

Then, when the blue states have had enough, the Democrat governors will collude with their Democrat legislatures to mandate an annual Covid vaccination (just like California recently passed draconian legislation requiring yearly compliance with childhood vaccination schedules).  The unrelenting launches of the COVID-19 bioweapon in conservative territory will eventually compel the Republican governors to do the same in the red states.

— An Anonymous D.C. Insider

SOTN Editor’s Note: The end result of this phase of OPERATION COVID-19 is the undeclared state of medical martial law.  Next will begin the initial stages of the Orwellian takeover scheme COVID-1984, which has been greatly advanced via the staged race riots and growing buzz about an impending race war.  However, only if the American people allow them to will these treasonous plans gain any meaningful traction.

from:    https://www.europereloaded.com/anonymous-d-c-insider-exposes-ultra-secret-covid-conspiracy-inside-the-beltway/

Rover, Come Home!

Dogs may sense Earth’s magnetic field and use it like a compass

A hunting dog pointing a pheasant.
(Image: © Shutterstock)

Hunting dogs use more than their noses to find their way back to their owners hundreds or even thousands of feet away, researchers have found. Turns out, these four-legged navigators may sense Earth’s magnetic field and use it as a compass, scientists are now reporting.

This ability, called magnetoreception, is common in many animals, including some whale species, dolphins and sea turtles, among others. Now, a new study carried out in the Czech Republic and detailed in the journal eLife, suggests adding at least some hunting dogs to this list.

“This ‘sense’ is beyond our own human perception and it is, therefore, very hard to understand its meaning for animals,” study researcher Kateřina Benediktová, at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, told Live Science. Benediktová is a graduate student in the lab of Hynek Burda, another study author. 

This work builds on previous research by Benediktová and Burda, along with a team of scientists, who found that several breeds of dog preferred to poop with their body aligned along the magnetic north-south axis. The researchers speculated that behavior could help the dogs map their location relative to other spots, such as their starting point, they said in their study published in 2013 in the journal Frontiers in Zoology, as reported by Science magazine.

In the new study, Benediktová and her colleagues looked specifically at hunting dogs because this group of dogs has astonishing homing abilities that are not fully understood. They have been bred over generations to seek out game and if they don’t find any, they navigate back to their owners over long distances, often using novel routes back. How these dogs pinpoint their owner’s location in densely forested areas is perplexing.

Between September 2014 and December 2017, Benediktová’s team equipped 27 hunting dogs of 10 different breeds, including fox terriers and miniature dachshunds, with GPS trackers. These dogs were allowed to roam in forested areas away from buildings, roads and powerlines. Dogs ran individually and returned on their own. Trips took between 30 and 90 minutes. Owners hid close to the location where the dog was released. The GPS data, from a total of 622 excursions in 62 different locations in the Czech Republic, were then compiled and analyzed.

Here, two study participants, a fox terrier (left) and a miniature dachshund (right), are equipped with a GPS transmitter, an antenna and a camera.

Here, two study participants, a fox terrier (left) and a miniature dachshund (right), are equipped with a GPS transmitter, an antenna and a camera. (Image credit: eLife 2020;9:e55080, CC BY 4.0)

What researchers found was that the dogs mostly followed their own scent to take the same route back as they did on the outbound trek — a method called “tracking.” In 223 of the excursions, however, the dogs took a novel route back using a method referred to as “scouting.” The researchers looked more closely at the GPS data from these “scouting” treks to investigate how those dogs found their way back. A majority of the scouting dogs began their return with a short run along Earth‘s north-south axis. The researchers noticed that this “compass run” occurred regardless of the dog’s actual return direction. 

“We propose that this [compass] run is instrumental for bringing the mental map into register with the magnetic compass and to establish the heading of the animal,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

Those scouting dogs also returned faster to their owners than the dogs using the tracking method, in which they just came back the same way they went out.

“We were absolutely excited “when we found an unexpected magnetic behavior in the dogs’ scouting return strategy,” Benediktová said. “Hunting dogs roam over large distances. A human would most probably get lost without a compass and a map if roaming over comparable distances in unfamiliar forested areas. In addition, after the north-south compass run, dogs were able to run more directly to the owner.”

Kathleen Cullen, a neuroscience professor at The John Hopkins University who was not involved in the research, said the findings are exciting, “Overall, I think that the authors’ unexpected discovery that hunting dogs will often perform a ‘compass run’ before returning home is exciting — these results will certainly motivate further exploration of how exactly the mammalian brain encodes magnetic cues and then uses this information to achieve accurate navigation.”

Cullen added, “It is also interesting “that these results build on previous findings showing that other animals, such as migratory birds, also sense the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate back to their homes.”

When asked what motivated this study, Benediktová said that “the connection between navigation, homing and magnetoreception could be very close.” In addition, “its role in the orientation of dogs has not been studied as thoroughly as in migratory birds, turtles or subterranean mole rats.”

The researchers also tried to rule out other explanations besides the compass run for how the dogs found their way back to their owners. GPS data from scouting dogs showed no significant performance difference between dogs of different sexes, and dogs navigated back equally well in both familiar and unfamiliar terrain. They also determined that the position of the sun had little influence on the dog’s navigation ability, because most days were overcast. Dogs probably weren’t using distant landmarks to navigate because researchers saw no significant difference in homing abilities of tall and short dogs even though short dogs would be less able to see through the dense foliage. And the team ruled out the possibility of dogs using scent to navigate home because only 10% of the runs had winds blowing in the direction from owner to dog and scouting runs were nearly 100 feet (30 meters) from outbound runs.

In WWI, dogs delivered messages while under fire and they helped locate wounded soldiers and carried first aid kits to be used in the field. The amazing abilities have long been a source of amazement and curiosity. For every generation, there is a heartwarming movie like “Lassie Come Home,” about a dog who can travel long distances. This current Czech study may provide a clue to dogs’ phenomenal abilities.

“The magnetic field,” the researchers wrote in their paper, “may provide dogs with a ‘universal’ reference frame, which is essential for long-distance navigation, and arguably, the most important component that is ‘missing’ from our current understanding of mammalian special behavior and cognition.”

Cullen cautioned that the study needs to be replicated to make a stronger case for the conclusions, but if it is verified, the findings “suggest that a neural strategy in which magnetoreception contributes to the brain’s ‘internal GPS’ is likely to be more common than previously thought.”

Originally published on Live Science.

from:    https://www.livescience.com/dogs-sense-earth-magnetic-field.html