January 31 – February 6

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 60 Green

Enjoy this week, for it is the best that you will have for a long time.  So do the things you want to do.  Take the chances that you would not have otherwise, and tell them what you have always wanted to say.  They are open and the energies of the week can make magic happen.  There is much promise in the air, promise of spring, so take some time to p[lant ideas, strategies, desires, and wishes that you have in this energy.  Things started now have the [potential for reaching manifestation more rapidly than otherwise.  There will be ups and downs and obstacles, but none will be so overwhelming that you cannot handle them.  That is because your power is growing and if you choose to stay rooted in the knowing that you can do anything, then you will find that you get much accomplished this week, and that you do not fall into the dilemmas and illusions that others may be trying to send your way. Continue reading

January 24-30

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 30 Lavender

This is a week for doing some internal kind of work.  Clear up some issues you have been dealing with.  Get rid of old memories and habits that you no longer need.  Find the joy inside.  There will be the sense in parts of the week that even though you are in a crowd or among people, nonetheless you are still alone.  Take advantage of this to see thins from your own vantage point.  See what and who are around you and find out what and who of all of that makes you feel truly whole and happy.  this is a week for setting your sights on fulfillment and to make that your goal for the rest of the year.  There will be bump and bruises along the way, but if you take time this week to understand what is is all about for you, you will come out of it all with a strong sense of purpose and an appreciation for WHO you are. Continue reading

Thoughts and Definitions

ABILITY is being what you truly are.

ANGER, when RIGHTEOUS, is standing up for what you love.

BEING is a dip in the waters of time.

CHANCE is the big picture becoming focused.

CHOICE means that things can be different.

COMMUNITY is oneness shared with others.

DIFFICULTY is what you choose it to be.

DIRECTION, when true, is focus plus desire.

DONATION is gratitude made manifest.

FAILURE is the turning away from what you desire.

FEAR is focus in the wrong direction.

FOCUS is being directed by Universal Consciousness and the heart.

GRATITUDE is a heartfelt link between one’s inner joy and the object.

HAPPINESS is a perspective that makes sense.

INTENTION is thought directed towards desire.

JOY is what you make when coming truly from the heart.

LOVE is if you let it be.

MIRACLES are true desires made real.

NOW is the essence of all time.

OUTCOME is the pause between acts of doing.

POWER is a direction of energies into a focused whole in order to achieve certain ends.

RESPONSIBILITY is accepting WHO you are and what you do.

STILLNESS is the womb of creativity.

SUCCESS is the feeling of being whole.

TIME is being in motion.

VISION is seeing the true potential of time.

YOU are what you make yourself to be.

January 17-23

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Lavender

This is a week when you will be wanting to stay in your comfort zone as much as possible.  You are feeling like hibernating, just not joining a lot of things.  Unfortunately, there is something n the energies of this week that are going to be stirring things up and working to get everyone reacting to what is going on both personally and i the news.  Physically, you will be feeling somewhat uncomfortable and perhaps not completely happy with how you look.  This is not a week for judgment, however.   Accept yourself for the wonderful and beautiful and creative person you are.

On a wider scale, Gaia is still rolling around and there are more earthquakes to come.  Look to the north, perhaps around the Bering Strait for movement, which can then reverberate farther down the Ring of Fire.  Also there are some odd weather events that will be coming up, particularly in Asia and even the northern most areas of Russia.  There will be some tension in world events and once again, there is the possibility of a political leader coming out with an unexpected pronouncement.  There will be attempts to keep the fear levels high, however many people are tired of that and they will be looking locally for news.  Community is in the air, and plans are being made in many areas for new communities to spring up.   There are some odd events on a cosmic level that will be coming out in the news.  They will be reported merely as anomalies, however there will be far reaching implications as people read into these events portents of 2012.  The new energies are bringing in change and a new kind of optimism, but an optimism of the group.  The first few weeks of 2010 have brought a lot of issues to the surface, the rest of this month is a time in which these issues will be recognized for what they are and dealt with.  People are learning what power is all about and that they themselves are powerful when they are focused and together. Continue reading

Sun Salutations

Every cell in your body contains a bio-photon, that is a little bit of organic light.  It is a good idea everyday to recharge the bio-photons in your body.  By doing this, you will bring light into your cells and clarity into your actions.  That light aids in healing and restoring your energy.  It will also give you the strength to make it through any challenges the day brings.  This is because the re-charged bio-photons connect you to the light of the cosmos, the Universal Central Sun.  Out Sun is both receptor and generator of that light.  Life is one with all that is.  And consciousness is the essence of life.  To get in touch with consciousness through recharging your light on a daily basis will aid in helping you to become clearer in terms of what it is that is important to you, what it is all about, and WHO you truly are.  It also is a  way to center and become more aware in feeling and perceiving the dimensional shifts as they happen.  It will accustom you to the new energy flows and bring a renewed sense of optimism.  What have you got to lose!

EXERCISE:  After getting up, go to a window through which the sun is shining and feel the light of the sun.  If it is a cloudy day, know that the rays of the sun are penetrating through, just not as visible as usual.  Close your eyes and feel the warmth that the Sun brings.  Take in a deep breath and state your intention to connect with the energy of the Sun.  Then still your mind and breathe deeply a few more times.  Do not be surprised if you find that there is information, hints, and messages that come through, for the Sun is a repository of great knowledge.  Stand in the light of the sun and allow it to bathe the front of your body.  Then, when you are ready, turn slowly and allow the light of the Sun to bathe the back of your body.  Slightly bend your head to allow the energy of the Sun to enter at the base of your neck.  Breathe deeply a few times and relax.  Then, when you are ready, express your gratitude to the Sun.  Breathe deeply again, and start your day.

This is a small exercise that does not take much time, but it works to get you grounded and centered.  By establishing a connection with the Sun, you will find that you are more yourself in everything you do and better able to deal with the challenges of the day.

January 10 – 16

Overall Color for the Week:    Orange

The energies of this week are contradictory.  On the one hand, they are urging you to get going, get moving with things, while on the other they are telling you to get a grip and deal with reality.  You are somewhere in the middle having to determine which path you are wishing to take.  This can involve working with past actions, thoughts, motivations, and memories.  What was most important to you?  Take time this week to prioritize what it is that makes you WHO you are and what it is that truly makes you happy.  What does fulfillment look like to you?  It is time to take hold of the new vibrations that are around and align yourself with them.  These vibrations that come from the true heart of the Universe will guide you to a place of peace and rest.  There will be a sense of energies growing, being seen in how people react quickly and without thinking to stimuli in the beginning to middle of the week.  As the week progresses, things will settle down a bit until Friday, when there is the potential for a lot of confusion about.  Center.  Be aware of what it is that you want.  Be the observer, and take things as they come.  It is time to focus on that and leave the little stuff behind.

On a larger scale, there will be Earth movements that are somewhat unprecedented, like the Earth is rolling over in her sleep.  Look for reverberations in the political and economic fields.  There will come a pronouncement form  a foreign leader of a new tack that their country will be taking because of threats they feel are being posed by other nations and their policies.  Look for someone new on the scene who will come forth with a slogan or pronouncement that will resonate with many.  There is the potential for large weather events in the area of Asia that can result in mudslides, flooding, etc.  Also there will be more news of flu strains and more fear touted concerning the safety of travel.  Do not buy into it.  Look for the root before reacting.  There is some energy in the solar system that will result in weird activities in space and related to the sun.  Do not be surprised either if there is speculation about other civilizations in the Universe. Continue reading

January 3-9

Overall Color for the Week:    Half Plus Green

This first full week of the New Year will introduce new themes and items into your lives and into the news.  You will find yourself noticing things and being intrigued by information or people that never appealed to you before.  Some of your tastes and preferences are changing also.  There is something new in the air, and you are responding to it.  This is a week for wonder.  You will find yourself quite active this week, however do not expect to get a lot of things completed.  This is more of a week for trying out and then setting the direction that you wish to take in this new year.  This year promises to bring many ups and downs, and this week is your opportunity to ready yourself for all the year brings.  If you are strong and centered within, you will find that 2010 will be one of your best years ever.  Choice is of the essence at this time.  There is no blame in any choice you make for each choice is an  opportunity for leaning.  Also this week, you are going to be looking at a lot of old unresolved stuff.  These are the sticky items that you have tried to ignore.  Unfortunately, now they are right in your face.  You will find difficulty in dealing with some of these as they involve emotions and long-term relationships.  You will be feeling for much of this week that you working against the flow and not getting anything done, but that is only part of the picture.  On a deeper level you are setting up your directions and directives for the new year.   This week will not be easy, but it is a week for planting the seeds of what it is that you wish to create and manifest this year.  Additionally, you are developing a foundation for the energies of change that are leaking in through the dimensional shifts and warps.

In the news and with the weather and the Earth you can expect there to be lots of things coming to the forefront.  There will be some exposure of a scheme that has been going on for quite some time.  Because this scheme has not worked out the way it was planned and has not adhered to the time schedule set up for it, it will begin to unravel.  Look also for things that were one way to turn in the other direction.  There is much movement in the solar sphere and there will be some reverberations in the earth grid and dealing with electronics.  The Ring of Fire is closing up, and along with that there will be new and unexpected movements in the earth.  (Check the irisseismon site to follow earthquake activity.)  Look for news of some strange event happening in the oceans.  There are many things on the horizon.  This is a good week for back-up plans. Continue reading