January 10 – 16

Overall Color for the Week:    Orange

The energies of this week are contradictory.  On the one hand, they are urging you to get going, get moving with things, while on the other they are telling you to get a grip and deal with reality.  You are somewhere in the middle having to determine which path you are wishing to take.  This can involve working with past actions, thoughts, motivations, and memories.  What was most important to you?  Take time this week to prioritize what it is that makes you WHO you are and what it is that truly makes you happy.  What does fulfillment look like to you?  It is time to take hold of the new vibrations that are around and align yourself with them.  These vibrations that come from the true heart of the Universe will guide you to a place of peace and rest.  There will be a sense of energies growing, being seen in how people react quickly and without thinking to stimuli in the beginning to middle of the week.  As the week progresses, things will settle down a bit until Friday, when there is the potential for a lot of confusion about.  Center.  Be aware of what it is that you want.  Be the observer, and take things as they come.  It is time to focus on that and leave the little stuff behind.

On a larger scale, there will be Earth movements that are somewhat unprecedented, like the Earth is rolling over in her sleep.  Look for reverberations in the political and economic fields.  There will come a pronouncement form  a foreign leader of a new tack that their country will be taking because of threats they feel are being posed by other nations and their policies.  Look for someone new on the scene who will come forth with a slogan or pronouncement that will resonate with many.  There is the potential for large weather events in the area of Asia that can result in mudslides, flooding, etc.  Also there will be more news of flu strains and more fear touted concerning the safety of travel.  Do not buy into it.  Look for the root before reacting.  There is some energy in the solar system that will result in weird activities in space and related to the sun.  Do not be surprised either if there is speculation about other civilizations in the Universe.

Sunday, January 10:    Cherry Rose

This is a day for enjoying life.  Do what makes you feel good.  Be with people you like.   Plan a special meal.  Through it all, take time to appreciate the things in your life that make you happy.  Offer a prayer of gratitude to the Earth for her beauty.  Today is a day for enjoyment and observation.  Keep an eye out for things that seem out of place for those things are clues to the larger  energies that are coming in at this time.  Get yourself accustomed to the flow of those energies and you will find that your powers of manifestation will grow as you align yourself with the new vibrations.  Keep an eye out for patterns for they are clues to the unfolding of the energies of this year.

Monday, January 11:    Special Lavender

There is someone who has a surprise for you.  It may be a gift.  It may be a message.  It may be a kind word.  Emotions will be close to the surface today, so stay centered in your own truth.  Do not take things too seriously and do not allow yourself to be overly sensitive.  Things will be happening that may not seem to make sense, but that is okay.  Something is brewing that will bring rewards that you had hoped for but given up expecting.  This is a day for knowing how wonderful and important you are.

Tuesday, January 12:    Light Salmon

You will be feeling today that you are not getting a good grip on things.  Expect there to be misunderstandings and communication snafus.   Do not take things too seriously.  Think before you react.  Step back.  These are the themes of the day, and if you allow yourself to observe what is going on, then you will find that the day is fine.  If, on the other hand, you allow yourself to get up in the craziness of the traffic, the weather, the people, then you will find yourself being stressed out and angry by the end of the day.

Wednesday, January 13:    Clear

Look for things to come out of hiding today.  This is a good time for getting a lot of issues resolved as the truth of matters cannot be hidden in this energy.  Expect some surprises in terms of things that you have been told about people and events.  It is a good day also for taking a good look at yourself and facing those issues that you have been unwilling to look at.  T the same time, be kind to yourself and others in all things today for revelations are always painful.  Let go of judgment.  There is no need for that in this energy for things will be as they will be.  Remember though that through it all, you have choice, and you can choose what it is that you wish to make real for yourself.

Thursday, January 14:    Storaro Yellow

Emotions will be close to the surface today.  People will be holding on tightly to things they believe and what they desire, without being aware of where beliefs and desires clash.  This kind of confusion leads to defensiveness.  It is a good day to keep things to yourself.  If you need to, just write down your reactions for there will be much misunderstanding in the air today.  All of that can lead to some volatile situations.  Look also for some pronouncements being made by people in charge that will cause a lot of questioning of values.

Friday, January 15:   Rose Pink

New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse/Mercury goes Direct:    The energies of today are quieter than they have been in a while.  You will be able to get a lot accomplished if you stay focused on what it is that you are doing and do not listen to others or allow yourself to get distracted by things.  There is a hint of new strains and themes that will become important as this year unfolds, so be alert for that.  Something is happening on all levels, with the annular solar eclipse being an affirmation of that.  It is a good day to determine your priorities and to get rid of things that really you do not need or desire any longer.  Set your opinions straight and get rid of the conditioning of others.  You are getting to a place where your power can come forth if you allow it.  Now that Mercury has gone direct, it is a good time to take a look at contracts and obligations that you have made and evaluate them.

Saturday, January 16:    Green Diffusion

You are going to feel like getting a lot done today,  but you are not sure what it is that you want to do.  Since you are unfocused, you spend a lot of the time just dithering or being distracted.  You have a sense that everything is both right and wrong.  This is not a good day for making decisions.  You might just find that when you attempt to determine something, you are feeling like you are talking a lot of gibberish.  That is because the uncertain energies of the day make you want to cover all your bases, and those of everyone else too.  On a deeper level, however, you will be alert to some of the themes that you had noticed earlier in the week.  Expect a sign or an affirmation of a sense of mission or a goal you have been contemplating.  You are moving into your power.