January 3-9

Overall Color for the Week:    Half Plus Green

This first full week of the New Year will introduce new themes and items into your lives and into the news.  You will find yourself noticing things and being intrigued by information or people that never appealed to you before.  Some of your tastes and preferences are changing also.  There is something new in the air, and you are responding to it.  This is a week for wonder.  You will find yourself quite active this week, however do not expect to get a lot of things completed.  This is more of a week for trying out and then setting the direction that you wish to take in this new year.  This year promises to bring many ups and downs, and this week is your opportunity to ready yourself for all the year brings.  If you are strong and centered within, you will find that 2010 will be one of your best years ever.  Choice is of the essence at this time.  There is no blame in any choice you make for each choice is an  opportunity for leaning.  Also this week, you are going to be looking at a lot of old unresolved stuff.  These are the sticky items that you have tried to ignore.  Unfortunately, now they are right in your face.  You will find difficulty in dealing with some of these as they involve emotions and long-term relationships.  You will be feeling for much of this week that you working against the flow and not getting anything done, but that is only part of the picture.  On a deeper level you are setting up your directions and directives for the new year.   This week will not be easy, but it is a week for planting the seeds of what it is that you wish to create and manifest this year.  Additionally, you are developing a foundation for the energies of change that are leaking in through the dimensional shifts and warps.

In the news and with the weather and the Earth you can expect there to be lots of things coming to the forefront.  There will be some exposure of a scheme that has been going on for quite some time.  Because this scheme has not worked out the way it was planned and has not adhered to the time schedule set up for it, it will begin to unravel.  Look also for things that were one way to turn in the other direction.  There is much movement in the solar sphere and there will be some reverberations in the earth grid and dealing with electronics.  The Ring of Fire is closing up, and along with that there will be new and unexpected movements in the earth.  (Check the irisseismon site to follow earthquake activity.)  Look for news of some strange event happening in the oceans.  There are many things on the horizon.  This is a good week for back-up plans.

Sunday, January 3:    Light Rose

Okay, indulge yourself in memories and emotions.  You will find that, out of the blue, a thought or image arises which takes you back to old times.  You might see something that reminds you of objects that once were dear to you.  Look at these things and be grateful to them for the memories they have given you and the joy they brought you when they were there.  Take it easy today and be kind to yourself.  You are responding to a shift in the general flow of the vibrations today, and these kinds of shifts always bring up old people, places, and things.  It is a good day to take some time to tell someone you love whom you have not seen or heard from in a while that you love them.  Then appreciate the beauty of this Earth.  It is there all around you and today is a good day for gratitude.

Monday, January 4:    Green Diffusion

If you feel that things are not quite real, the  join the crowd.  This is the theme of the day.  Things will just happen, and you will not know why.  There will be an aura of the illogical about everything.  Cause and effect will no longer match.  Things that once went well together will now seem to clash.  In your encounters with people, be aware that the potential for confusion and misunderstanding is high.  Make sure that any message you give is clear and to the point.  To make sure that you were understood,  you can always ask if they got what you were saying.  This is also a day on which you will not be feeling your best.  It is not a good day for trying on new clothes or hairdos because nothing will seem right.

Tuesday, January 5:    Double Blue

Watch for things to happen in twos today, so take your time and do not give in to hasty actions or decisions.  Also you will find that there is a large amount of fear being engendered in various areas.  Watch to the earth and the skies for odd weather and unexpected tremors.  You may find yourself forgetting things and plagued by a sense that there is something you are missing.  Keep an eye to any synchronicities you encounter as they will be holding a clue to some of the issues you are now dealing with, particularly those with people who are seen as being in control.  If you can understand the hints that are coming your way, you will find that you will begin to learn how better to use your power for manifestation.

Wednesday, January 6:    Barely Orange

Epiphany:    This is a day upon which you may feel yourself driven to do things that come purely from a reactionary standpoint.  Think carefully before you act, because if your modus operandi is only reactionary, then you just might find that what you get back is not what you might like.   In some cases, reaction is good and fruitful, there are times when pure reaction not tempered by good sense results in events getting out of hand.  Pay attention to your creative urges and take some time to journal, think, day dream.  There is something going on within your own pysche that is setting forth a new direction.  Along with that you can expect new people and experiences to be coming in as the month goes forward.  Be cautious tonight in what you are doing and saying, for the Trickster is about.

Thursday, January 7:    Medium Violet

This is not a day for getting things straight.  Be sure that things are explained in detail to you before taking any action.  The energies of the day are confusing.  If you have important issues to be discussed, contracts to be signed or collaborations to be made, be very clear as to what each and every item means.  On the other hand, you can expect an someone you know to tell you something about yourself that you were aware of but did not think that others knew.  This could be dis-settling, but it could also bring you to a new understanding of yourself.   The observations of friends, family, acquaintances etc. when coming from the heart often shed light on traits we have kept hidden.  Once you accept that, you may just find that what you were told is a clue that helps you in discovering your own power.

Friday, January 8:    Orange

Watch what you are saying today for things may just pop out of you that you did not really want to say.  The same things will be affecting others too, so listen carefully to what is being said.  This is a day on which to be aware of your health.  Do not overindulge as you may regret it tomorrow.   All in all, this will be a pretty good and even day.  It is a good day for sitting back and relaxing — with some herbal tea or veggie juice.  It is a good day for catching up with old friends, re-reading a favorite book, watching a favorite movie.  Take some time off today, and you will find yourself refreshed and renewed.  You deserve it.

Saturday, January 9:    Cacolor Mid Blue

Expect things to happen today either in threes or thirds.  That means that stuff will either be a lot more than expected or not quite there.  You will also find yourself standing in the middle of discussions, choices, etc.  You swing the balance in decision making processes.  The problem is that you are not feeling totally sure of yourself.  You feel ambivalent.  In order to counteract this, you need to trust your intuition.  Although people may try to convince you differently, stay with your gut feeling and all will work out.  There  is a lot of disperse energy about today so expect there also to be small blow ups and quick bursts of temper, both from yourself and others.  But that is okay.  Blow off the steam and then you will be better able to work with the challenges of the coming week.