Your Color Vibe for Tuesday, 11/10/15

Tuesday, November 10:   Deep Purple

There is something stirring in the depths – the depths of the soul as well as the depths of the current energy. You will see some hints of that today. Listen carefully to what is being said and to how you are responding. There can be some interesting Freudian slips about. Also this is a good day for being observant and open to behavioral clues as things from below manifest themselves in small ways. There is more going on than meets the eye. This is not a good day for making commitments, so hold off on any kind of contractual responsibility.

Your Color VIbe for Thursday, August 13

Thursday, August 13:   Sky Blue

Well, things will be just a bit easier today than you expected, so enjoy it! There is a bit of serendipity in the air. This is a day for listening to your intuition, to that little voice in your head that tells you to take the road less traveled. You can find some surprises along the way. The day’s energy is good for tackling all those awful tasks that you have been putting off. You can find that they were not really all that difficult after all. Sometimes the biggest difficulty is convincing yourself just to do it.

Your Color Vibe for Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday, August 12:   Cinnamon Brown

Things will be up and down today, and some of those sups can be really, really up while some of those downs can go the other way. It is important to ground and center today and work with the intention of staying on an even keel. You can see through some of the fog that surrounds some issues to the real essence of what is being said, what is going on, what you need to know. So while it seems as though the day can be something of a workout, in fact it can be truly enlightening if you just allow yourself to be from your inner core and mediated through the deep knowing of your heart.

Your Color Vibe for Friday, August 7

Friday, August 7:   Peridot

What a difference a day makes. Things are opening up right now, but slowly, almost imperceptibly, as a flower will unfurl. This is a day for taking things slowly, quietly, not hurrying, allowing, appreciating. Take time to sit and look around you. You could be surprised by the things that are there, that always were there, that you never saw before. There is truly wonder in this world. So often we are too busy to take note. So this is a day for taking time in what you do – in cooking, in reading, in enjoying the kids, in conversation, in creation. By allowing yourself just to be and to be part of what is going on, you are in essence living a meditation. This can be a great day if you will let go of some of that characteristic busy-ness.

Your Color Vibe for SUnday, July 12

Sunday, July 12:   Silver

There are some big changes in the air, and you will see some indications of that today. These can come in odd ways – through synchronicity, memory lapses, things seen out of the corner of your eye, etc.. Be aware of where you are when these things happen. The key to it all can be linked to a certain place or even people there. It is time again to appreciate yourself for all the things that you know. You can be surprised today as people find you to be an expert in areas that you thought you were just a novice.   Take some time also to appreciate the beauty, awe, the wonder, and the power of the natural world around you. Send energy and thanks to Gaia for all she is.

Your Color VIbe for Saturday, 7/04

Saturday, July 4:   Sapphire Blue

There are going to be a lot of shiny items out there today, so it is a good idea to have on your glare proof glasses so you can see what is truly valuable and what is merely show. This will be true in all areas – whether in public, at a party, in your meditation, in conversation, etc. The bottom line to all of this is to trust your intuition. It is time to know what is truly being said to you through your connection with the Universe. It is easy to become confused and think that that voice in your head is just your own judgment making a decision as to how things are. However, if you can stay grounded and centered in the true knowing of your core self, you will be able to discriminate what is truly coming from your innermost being and what is merely the result of conditioning. This can be an easy day or a difficult day, but through it all, remember to breathe

Your Color Vibe for Saturday, June 27

Saturday, June 27:   Smoky Grey

There are some revelations in the offing today, so do not be surprised if you find out that things you thought had been taken care of were not. This is a time in which you will need to follow up on everything that is promised to you. Listen to the words that are being said, and if you are unclear, ask, ask, ask until you have a very definite idea of just what is going on and/or a commitment to what is being offered. This is a day on which also people will be doing some hiding behind masks, so again, if something is said and you are not sure just what is being implied, take time to get to the bottom of it all.

Your Color Vibe for Monday, June 22

Monday, June 22:   Olive Green

This is a good day for getting things done. There can be some blips along the way, but if you persevere, you can find that stuff you thought would never be finished has finally reached an end. And with endings always come new beginnings, so be alert for some hints of what is on the horizon. There is a change in your mood today also as you begin to find that, in fact, there are things to look forward to and not everything will always bee the same. There are also messages in the air if you will only take the time to ground, center, go within, and be open. You can find that things are truly moving in the right direction.

Your Color Vibe for Wednesday, June 3

Wednesday, Rose Pink

Listen to the sounds in the air. Be aware of odors as they come and go. Watch the play of shadows on the ground. There are messages in all of these. There are questions right now that really need to be answered, and yes, the answers are there. It is just that you have been blocking yourself from the information. There is certainly a good bit of distraction about right now, and that is why it is important to focus, focus, focus.   If things do not seem quite right, then look again, go within, listen to what your intuition is saying. There is wisdom there. Right now the messages you are getting might seem a bit crazy, but they will make more sense as the week progresses.

Your Color Vibe for Thursday, May 21

Thursday, May 21:   Storm Cloud White

There is much to be learned by watching how a thunderstorm comes in, bellows, and leaves. There is much to be learned by watching how people around you are acting today. Their bellowing is a reflection of what they really are feeling right now, so you can except to encounter a number of Freudian slips. These are clues to what is actually going on, so it would behoove you to take note and do a bit of sleuthing to find out what is really being said. The person behind the mask is very active today as people are finding that their levels of frustration are growing, and they are feeling powerless to do anything about it. You must, therefore, be aware that there will be anger about today and take a moment to ground, center , and protect so that in your encounters you are dealing always with the deepest wisdom of your True Heart’s knowing.