July 25 – 31

Overall Color for the Week:    Bright Yellow

Things are going to be coming up and out all this week.  Be ready for it.  Know what your truth is in every case, and be strong in your convictions.  This is a week for trusting your intuitions.  There is much going on below the surface, and by hearing that inner voice and responding, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.  While you might be feeling not quite yourself this week, even somewhat unwell, know that some of this can be related to the energy shifts and changes.  however, it is always good to take preventive and cautionary measures.  You may find yourself somewhat bewildered by people this week.  Ad where did they all come from?  And why are they asking you all these questions?  This is a week for separating reality from fiction in all areas of your life.  It is also a week for learning about WHO you are.  Take some personal time to go within and know what it is that brings you joy. Continue reading

My Girls

Okay, so if my girls knew that I was putting these up, well, you know how daughters are. But here they are.  Energy loves them, even as it loves me.

My Older Girl:  Full of passion and studying to be a Naturopathic Physician.

And my youngest child (my son has not been here for some time, so I cannot capture his energy).  She is passionate and creative and full of Here-and -Nowness:

July 18-24

Overall Color for the Week:    Cloudy White

There is much stuff that is going n this week on all levels, and this will be affecting  your overall reactions to things.  It will be hard to feel completely clear on anything this week.  Things will appear in shades of grey.  This makes it hard to make judgments or final decisions.  Put off those kinds of things until the moments of clarity that will undoubtedly crop up at certain times this week.  These moments of clarity, when the clouds part, are going to be intense and can be accompanied by emotions and feelings that you have not dealt with for some time, and in some cases can have a sense of loss attached to them.  This is a week in which you will be finding out just who really is your friend.  There are things that will be said and done that will leave you questioning what is going on.  When you are out and about allow extra time for getting places.  Do not get frazzled by traffic or people.  Be ready for any kind of weather.  And Breathe.  All in all, this is a good week to listen to your intuition.  There may be a time lapse between when you get the feeling of something about to happen, someone about to show up, the phone ringing, etc., but your intuition is keen these days. This is one of the unexpected perks of all the crazy energy around. Continue reading

July 11-17

Overall Color for the Week:    Frost White

This is a week of small steps, small things, small shifts, and small changes, but know that lots of little small things can add up to big effects.  This is a week for patience and stepping back to look at the big picture.  Yes, there is a larger plan and everything that is going on is part of it.  but it is hard to see the big stuff when you get too embroiled in all the little stuff.  Be prepared also for ups and downs, blips and burps in electronic equipment and the power grid.  There is the potential for earth shifts and changes that can cause more problems with water issues.

Your emotions are going to be challenged this week, as a sense of things not being quite what they seem pervades the energy fields.  It is a good week to be the observer and take time to consider options before making decisions.  There is also a lot of serendipity in the air, which can favor the resolution of some long term goal and/or a chance encounter which leads to community or companionship.  Do not allow the serendipity, when it comes, to be short circuited by fears and anxieties that do not belong to you.  Know that through all of this, you are in control.  Oh, and do not be overly flustered if things seem crazy.  Expect stuff just to fall down, things to be out of place, calls to be made at the  wrong time, etc.  It is just what is happening this week.  There are a lot of conflicting energies in the air, and that is just part of what is making everything seem so odd.  Be alert to your body, and spend time working on WHO you are.

On the larger scene, there will be so many ups and downs, miscommunications, weird stories in the news, contradictions in the media, potential flare-ups, weather anomalies, financial woes, etc. that if you spend your time paying too much attention to everything out there, you are going to find that you have no energy left for anything.  The solar eclipse that starts the week will give way to solar activity on an unprecedented scale.  It can lead to political declarations that have long term and somewhat scary implications.  The oil in the Gulf is flowing farther and farther away from its source, as it tags on to underwater currents that heretofore had not been recognized,.  There is the possibility of an upsurge of oil in areas seemingly unconnected to the predicted flow pattern.  There will be more and more earthquakes and a few in very odd locations,  There is also the possibility of some kind of earth activity in a part of the globe that is not completely mapped and analyzed, so that when this happens, there will be no direct knowledge of what has just occurred and the event will only be know by its consequences.  The Earth is shaking this week, and it seems that people in central locations will find that a number of earth events, such as tornadoes,hail, and earthquakes all coincide.  On the other hand, there is a movement towards a new consciousness that will be making itself known as more people lend their energies to it, sometimes with out even knowing that they are so doing.  This is reflective of the growth of a new compassion within people’s hearts. Look also for reports of UFO’s and stories about ET’s among us.  And for those of you who work with crystals and minerals, know that they are all being recharged these days as the new energies arrive and the resonance of the Earth shifts.  it is a good time to start working with them again if you have stopped.   You may find that a lot of them have new personalities! Continue reading

Owl Energies

When I went out side last night, drawn out by a strange hooting in the backyard, two owls flew out of the garden.  Looking up, I saw one perched on the plant hanger.  She observed me for a while and then flew off.  I got my camera, intrigued by the energy that had called them there.  Below are some shots of that energy, as it first appeared, then as it faded away:

July Antics

We were watching the fireworks, and I decided to take some picture as I have a fireworks setting on my camera.  The fireworks came out great, but I was surprised to see that some of the light elements decided that they wanted to be a part of the production!

Your Focus Muscle

Things today can get pretty crazy, however if you are grounded and focused, you can actually accomplish quite a lot.  Focus is the key to many things these days.  In Taoism, Buddhism, and Neo-Confucianism, they speak of a single-minded focus.  Single-minded focus, in itself, is somewhat difficult to achieve, but, with practice, you can find yourself able to center in on your desire without falling into all the myriad distractions that are always out there vying for attention.

To gain focus, I have developed an easy and relatively quick exercise for your ‘Focus Muscle’.  Think of a particular intention, item, or goal you are wishing to achieve or create.  Around that item, as you think of it, there will be other things popping up their heads and asking for their own bit of attention.  Rather than trying to negate these or otherwise ignore them — mainly because, you know that never works, rather it has just the opposite result and that is to bring that item to the forefront — what you need to do is to engage your internal spotlight.

Take a moment and just have a sense of what a spotlight is and what it does. Basically a spotlight is a really, really bright light that is used to show up what is most important in a given scene.  So, go within and just imagine a spotlight.  Play with it for a bit, and get an idea of how it works.  Once you are in control of that internal spotlight, it is time to put it to work.  Think of what it is that you are wishing to create in your life.  As you do, you will see those sneaky little distractions beginning to sneak up into the foreground.  This is the time to use your focus muscle and turn that spotlight on.  Send the beam of light to your true intention.  All the other stuff will disappear into the background, as your desire moves to the forefront.   There in the light is the thing that you are wanting to bring into your life.

This does not mean that the distractions are totally gone or that they have ceased, rather it is a way of acknowledging go to yourself that what is truly important is the intention that is having light shone upon it.  This need not be a long practice or particularly laborious.  Start with short intervals, and with time, you will discover that your “focus muscle” is much stronger, and little by little your real intentions take center stage.

July 4-10

Overall Color for the Week:    Sky Blue

This is a week of unknowns.  But you can expect some of those unknowns to become known.  This an cause a lot of distress for some people and relief for others.  It is important in these days, as always, to stay centered in WHO you are and to be grounded and aware in all that you do.  There is new energy coming in and it has the potential to pull the rug out from some time-honored things.  Stay aware and be guarded in your relationships with people.  Take time to see the big picture before making any decisions or judgments, and do not be surprised by some of this week’s happenings.  Know also that some of those people who are working so hard to form your opinion according to their own agendas are only doing so for their own good, and they have no real care for you as a person.  Also it is a good time now to back up your files on a regular basis and make sure that you have in duplication anything that is dependent solely on electronic file.  The galactic oddity that I have mentioned previously is making itself felt more and more.  Do you really think that TV signals caused the supply ship to miss its rendezvous with the space station? Continue reading