Think It Over

The Numbered Men

A prescient poem written 50 years ago by Viv Forbes

Patrick Wood

One day while I was driving down the highway in the sun
I sat behind a milk truck just returning from his run.
His sign said “Licensed Vendor” and it made me feel secure
That only numbered milkmen could come knocking on my door.

Then I saw a licensed builder with his number on the door
And a plumber with a permit which was issued by the law.
Then a hawker and publican each with his licence plate
And a licensed money lender with his number on the gate.

I pulled into a café, which was licensed to sell beer
And struck up conversation with a licensed auctioneer.
He’d just been selling forfeit goods to pay the fines imposed
On a maverick hardware dealer whose late trading he’d exposed.

A warm glow spread inside me as I drank a licensed beer
And I pictured the inspectors who called in every year
To check upon the numbered men and safeguard fools like me
Who’d waste their money buying things from men who paid no fee.

I thought of all the union men whose cards protect their job
And dairy men whose quota scheme defends them from the mob.
The teachers who are registered, the chemists with their guilds
And lawyers with their closed cartel which keeps their coffers filled.

As I sat among the numbered men it suddenly occurred
That I was just a cleanskin in a tamed and numbered herd.
Somehow I’d missed the muster when the planner combed the land
And now I was a maverick, a man without a brand.

The numbered men live sheltered lives, their keeper is the State,
Their job depends less on their skills than on their licence plate.
Their future is determined and their charges are prescribed,
And the standards of their conduct are in rules and acts described.

But thank the Lord for mavericks, who don’t fit in the mould,
They help distract the licence-men from getting far too bold.
Without the help of mavericks, the planners would persist
Till we all need applications for a licence to exist.

Viv Forbes
Washpool, Queensland, Australia

from:     Patrick Wood’s The Quickening Report,

Your Color VIbe for Tuesday, 1/02/14

Thursday, January 2:    Light Grey Green

What is it that is happening behind the scenes?  Today is a time odd hints and whispers.  Pay attention to what you are seeing that perhaps is not there.  Be aware of things that you overhear or come upon. These are all clues to the way in which you are going.  There is serendipity in the air.  There is help that will be found in unexpected places, so if you need some assistance, be open and look around.  This is not a time of discounting the marvelous.  It is there.  Take time today to open your heart to the love of the Universe for you.  You are part of all that is happening around you and by aligning your energies with the energies that are there you will find your affirmation.

My Commentary

This week will see some of the best and some of the worst in all areas and in all situations.  It is important to be strong in WHO you are and look into things before taking any precipitate action.  This is not a week of resolution, but rather a week of stirring up the pot.

If you had not been aware that things were shifting, this week will make it blatantly obvious.  Emotions are close to the surface and many will want to react without consideration.
If you are tuned into what is going on, you will begin to see patterns emerge.  They will come to the surface in personal relationships, job situations, Earth movements, political maneuvers, etc.  Step back from it all.  These things are all related somehow.  Your consciousness is opening as well as your expanded sensibilities.  Trust them.  Trust your intuition.

THis is a week for breaking out of your old patterns.  This is a week for looking at just what you have been prioritizing, what is important to yo, what you want for yourself, where you stand in relation to all that is around you.  It is also a week for second chances, so if there is something you are wishing to remedy or alter, the times favor that kind of action.  Let go of the ego hold in this.

Ego is not the same as Self.  Ego is the cloak we put over Self to hide from much of what we have always known to be.  Self does not have to be guarded or fought for.  Self is.  Take some time to know your SELF.  It can be revealing.

Now is the Time to Prioritize

With the energetic shifts and changes that are going on at this time, it is very important for everyone to know what is truly important for them.  This involves talking time to sit down and review what it is that makes your life truly fulfilling.  And this means prioritizing — what is it that you positively cannot live with and what are the things that are there because they are there, props and settings, cast members and contexts.  IT is time to know the difference and make some decisions as to what you do and/or do not want.  You get the idea.

This is not an easy thing to do.  We spend much of our lives explaining why we have certain place, people, and things in our life and why they are important.  We spend a lot of time justifying relationships, jobs, locales…  But that is the world outside.  It is time to get to know the world within.  Once you are clear, centered, and focused on what it is that truly brings you fulfillment, then you can see all the other things as what they truly are.  Moreover you can make informed and self-empowering choices as to what you do and do not want around you.

So get ready to sit down, center, ground and be with WHO you truly are.  It is time to have some fun.  It is time to make lists, drawings, songs, whatever it is that allows you to get in touch with your heart’s knowing.  There are no rights or wrongs, no goods or bads.  No one will be grading you.  No one needs even be aware that you are brave enough to do this.  This is all about you and being WHO you are.  Give yourself time and intention as part of this exercise.  Get some paper, pen, pencil, crayons, paints, clay, and let’s go:

Step One involves the intention.  Find a comfortable place, where you feel safe and supported.  Turn off the phone, all those external distractions and devices that give you excuses, that pass your time.  Now, perhaps a bit of soft music.  Tea, water, if you are so inclined.  The important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable.

Breathe in, and go to your Heart center.  Stay there for the time it takes to get to know how this feels and what this means.  Then allow the wise one of your heart to take you to your core.  Breathe in the energy of the core. and say hello to WHO you are.  Sometimes approaching this as a dialogue makes it flow more freely.  You might be a bit surprised to see your WHO, so strong, so capable.  That is you in your own power.  You are always there.  It is time to be aware of that.

Now open, focus, and allow.  You are safe here for you are in your own center where no external things can disturb or harm you.  It is time to see things for what they are, behind the seeming and the gleaming of the physcial.

In your perfect world, where you are not trapped to the demands, schedules, rigors, schedules, bills, etc. of this life, what would you do, what are your deepest wishes, how do things look to you?  Put aside all external elements, badges, definitions, etc.  Go deep within to your heart.  Be brave.  This is not an exercise for the weak. You are strong.  Know this.

Be centered  in your core.  Ask yourself what it is that brings forth your light and your joy.  Then just experiences how this feels to you.  Be with it for a time.  Then come back to your body and record the place you went, the feeling you got, and the intention that goes with this.  Breathe.

Take what you have created at the end of this exercise, and put it up somewhere that you can see it on a regular basis.  It is your talisman.  It is your key to unlocking that place where YOU are truly WHO you are, your YOU-WHO!

STEP TWO:  In process.

Step Two is the action step.  Now that you have the intention and the outline, it is time to know how to make this real in your life.  THis is an important step, for once you accept and allow what you truly are to be WHO you truly are, then you can go about creating and manifesting this.

FInd a quiet space, and take time to center and ground.  Express your intention and make it the focus of this meditation.  See yourself as you wish to be with the things around you that bring your fulfillment.


3 New Galactic Portals Open

Late last night or early this morning, three new portals to the interstellar areas opened up.  They sent out bursts of energy that ar coming into our solar ayatem at this time.  The energies that they portend are new energies, while at the same time begin very old.  They radiate out from the very center of the Universal Constant, that which the Universe truly is, its very essential nature, and they have passed through our energy flux vortex twice in the past.  This is the third passage of these vibrations, and being a third they bring with them a completion that has not been felt before.

In the historic periods of your early Earth, when these energies first traversed this system, they brought with them bursts of light and invention.  In those energies there were times of great seeding and flourishings on the earth.  Then some of the energetic  sustenance that they carried moved away, and actually some of it was taken away by those from other areas who felt that your development here needed to be gradual and controlled and not instantaneous and of increasing and never ending creativity.  This new burst brings with it a new kind of connection to the Universe, to the Mind of The Universe.  Moreover it is driven and intentional.  It falls within the great time of things.  There is a propriety and rightness of when things happen, and in that proper timing what is meant to be happen will be.  It cannot be changed.  This is not a kind of determinism, for there are may layers and levels on which this is working out, rather it is a choosing of where one wishes to be actualized.  It comes about through a choice of connection.

This connection allows people to know and understand their place in the greater whole and their part of Universal Consciousness.  As such, the illusion of the physical is revealed to be what it is, illusion and not truly real. The sense that this is more of a game, and we use the word somewhat guardedly, for we do not wish to use in in the sense of winning and losing, but more in the sense of this being a kind of experimentation, one that you have chosen to play out.  It allows one to see through the activities of daily life to the greater schemata behind the whole thing.  Is it not Beautiful and wondrous?

This Earth is a most marvelous plave.  It is one of the best places within the galaxy to view the wonder of All That Is.  There is a potential that is now becoming real on your Earth, and it is time to seize that potential;.  Three new portals are now opened for those who are sincere and desirous of seeing their place as part and one with Universal Consciousness, of becoming actualized in their very WHO, of moving on within the Ascension process. As Jacob with his ladder, these portals are gates to the new knowledge and potential of each and every person. The challenge is there.  It is important to be aware that with this new energy now streaming in from the opened portals, things can become more chaotic as individuals do a push and pull dance within its vibration.

There are so many who have become stuck in the illusion of this dimension, of this earthly plane, and it will be ever more difficult for them to accept what is streaming forth from these new portals.  More and more dimensions will become obvious to those who are alert, and it is time to know that what you are seeing is what you are seeing.  As you are energized and as these portals continue to pour forth their energies, your very senses will begin to respond to more and more dimensions.  You can feel yourselves with odd physical blips and charges. These are your ordinary senses expanding and opening up to the expansion of the energy field around you. Where once the ground was firm, it is now both firm and soft at the same time.  This can cause some confusion and dis-orientation at first, but know that with time, you will begin to recognize when your senses are responding to the opening of the dimensions, and with time, you will learn to enjoy, expect, and even desire this new connectivity piece.

Be well, and know that in all cases you have the power, the wisdom, and the ability to open and be part of the changes that are happening.  It is time for meditation, for seeing through the little concerns, and for you to know your power.  You can create and do create.  It is the intention, choice, and connection that you are needing to keep you centered and at one in all things.,  We are here and we hear you.  Call on us and we will answer.

Transmission terminated at this time.  Lines always open.

Thoughts on Irene

I am getting the sense that Irene has plenty more surprises in store for all.  This is not a time to take her trajectory as set in stone.  Even though the eye has seemingly come apart, there is something within the energies of this system that hold the unexpected.  Whereas complacency is often warranted in the face of expert opinion and past history, this is not a time for complacency.  And this is true on all levels.

Be aware and listen to your intuition in these times.  But do not second guess your intuition.  Expectation and habit are powerful seducers.  Know where you stand as these days progress.


Transcendental Consciousness

Writer for the David Lynch Foundation and 25-year teacher of Transcendental Meditation

 The Key To Health And Happiness: A ‘Lost’ State of Consciousness?
Posted: 7/15/11 08:32 AM ET

Life happens within the realm of three, ever-changing phases: waking, dreaming and sleeping. Yet most of us intuit there’s more to human consciousness than what we ordinarily experience.

Scientists have long said each of the three major states of consciousness has its own distinct style of physiology and brain activity. Could there be a fourth major state of consciousness that likewise has its own physiological signature and brain pattern, a state that’s been overlooked or forgotten?

What if the loss of this state were the cause for much of what ails us — personally and collectively?

Transcendental Consciousness

Scientists first proposed the existence of a fourth state of consciousness in the early 1970s, when UCLA researchers discovered that people practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique shifted into a state never before seen in a physiology lab. In the history of science, if there has been a single, overarching moment of “East meets West,” surely, it was this. The pioneering research appeared in Scientific AmericanAmerican Journal of Physiology and the journal Science.1 The findings were expanded by numerous follow-up studies done at other research institutes and medical schools, establishing meditation as a new frontier of scientific research.2

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