November 29 – December 4

Color for the Week:    Pink Frost

It is always important to be aware of and sensitive to what is going on around us and what others are throwing our way.  There are times when, in the throes of confusion  and loneliness, that we buy into and make our reality things that seem okay, rather than optimal.  This is not a time or an energy in which to let that happen  We need to go within and know what is most important and most fulfilling for ourselves.  What other people want us to be for their own agendas, regardless of how “selfless” they feel them to be. cannot help us if we are choosing to be WHO we truly are.  Feel first.  If the vibrations are good, then go for it.  Otherwise, let it go.  This is not an energy that tolerates compromise well, so if you latch onto it, then you will find that any kind of compromise will wear thin various areas of your physicality, leaving you with issues and aches.  Let go of compromise and look towards what it is that truly makes you feel fulfilled.  Only by holding onto that will these days be more comfortable for you. Continue reading

November 21-27

Overall Color:    Green Minus

Just a few themes and indicators to be aware of at this time:

Opposites:  Things are appearing now in terms of what they are, quickly followed by their opposites.  Be aware of these complementary occurrences.  They are pointing to something greater than the pieces.  There is a message there, so be open to it.

Cloud Formations:  Keep your eyes on the sky.  Clouds are coming in and going out in unusual configurations and out of season formations.  There is something there.  If you are open to what is going on, you might just get some interesting information.

Patterns of Illness:   There are many these days who are afflicted by illness scenarios.  It is important to be sensitive to what they are feeling.  There are conditions what will seem to be making one sick, and they can pass quickly.  Unfortunately, some of these are indicative of underlying, chronic, and contagious conditions that will return and leave others compromised.  Be sympathetic for those who are not feeling well, but take precautions.  This is not a time for cavalier action.

Animal Activity:   Animals are now acting strangely. They are attuned to what is going on in the Earth as a whole, and, as a result, they are acting out behaviours that twill make them feel more comfortable as the energies of the times become somewhat topsy-turvy.  Recognize and accept what they are doing, and send them understanding and compassion.  They live on the energies of the Earth and feel keenly the shifts and changes. Continue reading

November 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:     Light Pink

This week will plod along.  It is very much an in-between time.  Emotions can be close to the surface, acknowledge that and let them out.  Things are shifting and changing.  And change is hard.  This is a week in which you can find yourself let down by people in whom you trusted.  But do not worry.  There are others waiting to come in and fill that gap.  Be cautious this week in all you do.  A number of things, situations, relationships, etc. that seemed to be rock steady were only seeming to be so, and with the erratic energies of this week, stuff can implode and explode.  Watch your health.  External issues and events can effect you more that you thought possible. Continue reading

November 7-13

This week marks the beginning, or perhaps the continuation, of a shift in family,  friends, and compatriots.  Little by little, and until the end of the year, you can see a shifting in old time friends and acquaintances as your interests and concerns take new directions.  And this is fine. Right now people are moving into a place of comfort, and things and people that might upset that comfort are being set aside.  But in the case of true friends, there will be a gradual movement back to where you were.  A unsettling aspect of this time is that of finding that you can no longer accept the priorities and dictates and goals of others and of society as ball that important.  This can leave you feeling without a center, emotional, and confused.  Work with this.  It is all part of the journey of the hero/ine.  When you get to the other side, it will all make sense.

On the Earth scene, Continue reading