November 7-13

This week marks the beginning, or perhaps the continuation, of a shift in family,  friends, and compatriots.  Little by little, and until the end of the year, you can see a shifting in old time friends and acquaintances as your interests and concerns take new directions.  And this is fine. Right now people are moving into a place of comfort, and things and people that might upset that comfort are being set aside.  But in the case of true friends, there will be a gradual movement back to where you were.  A unsettling aspect of this time is that of finding that you can no longer accept the priorities and dictates and goals of others and of society as ball that important.  This can leave you feeling without a center, emotional, and confused.  Work with this.  It is all part of the journey of the hero/ine.  When you get to the other side, it will all make sense.

On the Earth scene, there are shifts and changes that are starting this week that can have monumental effects.  This is a time in which your dreams, as part of the collective dreams of the planet, are going to give you hints and indications of the movements and tipping points that are being reached.  Be alert.  Dreams do not come haphazardly.  There is something that is being conveyed.  As part of this, it is well that you are alert to people and the subliminal signals they are giving out.  Small changes in behaviour can indicate large changes in attitude.  There will be more weird weather, and a late season hurricane is not out of the question.  There is a smoldering volcano that has been overlooked that will be making its potential known this week.  Look for migrations of people.  Look for animal and fish activity that will leave biologists scratching their heads.  There is a new discovery about to be made concerning the history of man on the planet that can make the news and shake up orthodox religions.  In politics look for news concerning some perhaps unethical approaches to the campaigns.  Finances remain shaky, so there will be ups and downs.  Eyes to the skies.  More to be seen.

Sunday, November 7:    Periwinkle Blue

This is a day on which your friends and others will show their support for you.  If there are things that you wish to get done, this is a good day for moving forward on them.  You have a knack and a style and there are people out there who wil recognize that and actually want to help you make something of it.  So go for it.,  Stand up for all your best, and do not listen to those who might want to criticize.  Their opinions come out of jealousy because of all that you are doing.

Monday, November 8:   Ruddy Red:

This is a day of both old and new.  It is important  not to get these two things confused.  If confusion takes over, then  the day w ill spiral into a place of obfuscation (good word), dissatisfaction, and lack.  And if that happens, you will feel out of control and perhaps even a victim.  The good news is that this will just be “seeming” and you can choose what it is that you want to do about all of that.  Like the X-Files. the truth is out there, and today you can discover many truths and uncover many mysteries if you will just trust your intuition and go ‘out there’.

Tuesday, November 9:     Bluish Grey

There is a sense today of ‘why do things always seem to turn out like this.”  You will be experiencing this in many little ways — getting into the slowest checkout line, traffic snarl-ups, that annoying person who always tries to take advantage of things and put you in the shadows. The interesting thing about this kind of energy is that it gives you the opportunity to move beyond all that old stuff and create a new way of reacting and seeing those kinds of situations.  This is truly a ‘carpe diem” (seize the day) kind of day. Everything is out there for you to take hold of and mold into what you want it to be.  If you can do that, you will find that from this point on, you will be more in control of many of the situations in your life that caused you a lot of angst.

Wednesday, November 10:  Light Frosty White

What the heck is going on?  Today is a day on which so many things that you thought were written in stone will show themselves actually to have been written in sand.  This can lead you with a sense of dissolution at the most, and a creepy sense of unreality at the least.  This is a day on which it is important to know who your friends are truly and to go to them for comfort or advice as this day plods its way along.  You can make many realizations today about how you stand above, fly above the so-called reality that lies there beneath you.  This is a day also when nothing is lost.  It is the perfect day for taking a chance.  The wheels are spinning, and anything goes.

Thursday, November 11:    Pale Yellow Green

Veteran’s Day:    Today is all about feeling — and that means feeling on every level —physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  As such, it is a great day for working with your intuition and seeing into things rather than just staying on the surface.  There are things that you are wanting to find out and the energies of the day can help you with that.  It is also a day for giving people the benefit of the doubt, especially those whom you know to be somewhat overlooked.  This is a day on which compassion can bring success, which is certainly rare in this world as it is.

Friday, November 12:    Pearlescent White

There is a glamor in the air today that can make things seem better than they actually are.  Take the time to evaluate what it going on around you.,  Listen to your heart.  Trust your intuition.  There are those out there who want you to accept what they preach.  The choice is yours, as well as the responsibility.  This is a day for thinking about what integrity means to you.  Today you will find yourself making choices, accepting things and rejecting others, and all of these things are locked into various stages of your life.  You may end this day feeling empowered or questioning.  Either way, there is much to be learned.

Saturday, November 13:    Ultramarine Blue

This is a day for shifts and changes, so get ready.  You will find yourself drawn to different things today, and this can leave you a bit confused.  But there is no time for confusion today.  This is a day for movement, for action.   Things are shifting all around, and you need to know where you are and where you are going.  You can do this.  Go within and listen to your heart.  Intuition is keen at these times, and it is important to be centered.  If you are set with WHO you are, then you will find that all of the shifts and the changes of the day will make sense and that you will come out this evening with a kind of peace.

There is something about music and tue, passionate, obsessed …  beyond today and into the ether.  music tells takes that, goes with it, and pulses in the veins.  …..    and this week’s selection is: