Your Color VIbe for Sunday

Sunday, November 29:   Mauve

Take time today to step back from all that is going on around you and just chill. There are things that have moved you in the past week that you need time to relish and reflect upon. Also these days, it is important to be aware of your dreams. It is not necessary to remember them bit by bit, however there are some significant messages and images that are coming through the dreamtime right now, and they will be of assistance to you in dealing with some of the issues that are before you. This is a day for knowing what is meaningful for you and making that a priority.Scan 132260001

Your Color Vibe for Tuesday, 11/10/15

Tuesday, November 10:   Deep Purple

There is something stirring in the depths – the depths of the soul as well as the depths of the current energy. You will see some hints of that today. Listen carefully to what is being said and to how you are responding. There can be some interesting Freudian slips about. Also this is a good day for being observant and open to behavioral clues as things from below manifest themselves in small ways. There is more going on than meets the eye. This is not a good day for making commitments, so hold off on any kind of contractual responsibility.

Your Color Vibe for Monday, 11/01

Monday, November 2:   Forest Green

Take some time today just to dream. Allow your imagination the freedom to go wherever it so wishes, play a bit of pretend, be surprised by the ordinary. There are things inside you that are wanting to come out, and if you just open to them, you can startle yourself by the kind of creative impulses you have at work.   You have been given some extra time so use it wisely! There is a secret around you and you need to uncover it. There have been some people who have not been 100% above board with you about an issue that is actually quite important. Through the opening exercises your perspective can bring some of this into focus.

Your Color Vibe for Friday, 10/16

Friday, October 16:   Hazy White

Get ready for some big changes as they are definitely on the way. You may not notice much today, however there will be hints as you see people acting a bit out of character, as you hear things that do not quite make sense, as you find yourself reacting in new ways to old stimuli. Be understanding of those around you if they find themselves suddenly in an emotional meltdown over seemingly nothing. They are reacting to something in the energetic atmosphere and most probably are not even aware of what is causing them to act this way. Be kind to yourself also and give yourself some room to breathe. Step back and be the observer once again. Pieces are shifting in the pattern, and right now it is difficult to see jut where they are going.

Your Color VIbe for Sunday, 10/11

Sunday, October 11:   Amber Gold

this is a good day for knowing what it is you can do, what it is you desire, and what it is you deserve. Do not get too hooked up on other people’s ideas, opinions, thoughts, attitudes, etc. It is your time to go for what is right for you. Take some time today to look around you at all you have done, see the people who mean so much to you, become aware of what you know. There are treasures hidden in every moment and surprises that are coming your way. Do not give into doubt and worry. Listen to the true counsel of your heart and see the joy that is there for you if you will let it in.

Your Color Vibe for Friday, Sept. 25

Friday, September 25:   Burnt Orange

There are more loose ends to tie up today. Interestingly, however, you will be pleased with the whole process. Sometimes there are things that are better once they are done and out of the way because then your perspective can shift and you can move forward in other directions. Take advantage of what is out there today for there is some serendipity in the air and you can find yourself in some really fun and novel situations that can test your creative impulses. There is much going on right now, and today especially you will find that there can be shifts in old thoughts, ideas, even relationships.

Your Color Vibe for Wednesday, Sept. 9

Wednesday, September 9:   Misty Blue

You are in for some surprises today, but do not allow yourself to get overly concerned about them. Everything is shifting right now and things that seem unlikely right now will actually pan out quite differently. Listen to the promptings of your inner intuition and follow those directives. You will need to be grounded and centered right now as things are getting somewhat unclear and confused. This is not a day for taking action right away. Stop, clarify, ask questions, and only then move forward.

Your Color Vibe for Tuesday, Sept. 1

Tuesday, September 1:   Forest Green

Things are going to be crazy right now, and you will find it all beginning today. There are many items that have been hidden that are coming out into the open. This is a time fro revelations and confessions. Be aware of what is going on below the surface. You need to be cautious today in what you are doing. It is not a good time for taking chances. Stick to the tried and true. There is a message that is coming to you today that will clarify some of the confusion that you have been dealing with for quite some time. Interestingly, for those who feel there was no confusion, when the message comes, you will understand some of the past events that you just let slide.

Your Color VIbe for Thursday, August 13

Thursday, August 13:   Sky Blue

Well, things will be just a bit easier today than you expected, so enjoy it! There is a bit of serendipity in the air. This is a day for listening to your intuition, to that little voice in your head that tells you to take the road less traveled. You can find some surprises along the way. The day’s energy is good for tackling all those awful tasks that you have been putting off. You can find that they were not really all that difficult after all. Sometimes the biggest difficulty is convincing yourself just to do it.

Your Color Vibe for Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday, August 12:   Cinnamon Brown

Things will be up and down today, and some of those sups can be really, really up while some of those downs can go the other way. It is important to ground and center today and work with the intention of staying on an even keel. You can see through some of the fog that surrounds some issues to the real essence of what is being said, what is going on, what you need to know. So while it seems as though the day can be something of a workout, in fact it can be truly enlightening if you just allow yourself to be from your inner core and mediated through the deep knowing of your heart.