September 27 – October 3

Sunday, September 27:    Cherry Rose

Things are looking better today, better than they have been for a while.  There is much movement going on below the surface, and if you allow yourself to stay positive and in control of your emotions, you will find that there will be some rather large revelations coming your way today.  There is also the possibility that you will find you have unexpected strength and character when confronted by a situation and/or an individual who thought they were able to control you.  Stay firm in the knowledge that you can overcome all obstacles.  Do not allow yourself to be intimidated, and be optimistic.  This is a day when your powers are growing, if you  allow them to. Continue reading

September 20- 26

Color for the Week:    Rose Purple

This week will bring ends and beginnings.  There will be much upheaval in the air.  As these new energies attempt to adjust to this dimension and move into their proper alignment, you will find that there will be clashes, misunderstandings, flashes of genius, and fallings in love.  Be ready.  And, surprisingly, let it happen.  There are hints of the coming forth of the unknown, and perhaps these things are karmic remnants surfacing to be resolved.  This week will bring both the best and the worst.  You will be emotionally up and down.  Stay centered and be the observer.  There is much to be learned this week as the themes for the next two and a half years begin to make themselves known.  Watch the news.  There will be outbursts on many levels.  There is a political event in the Middle East that will have far reaching consequences.  The weather will be making the headlines as things begin to happen out of season.  Predictability is more and more difficult at these times as the new energies open up more options.  Look also for there to be more people and animals choosing to transition. Continue reading

September 13-19

Overall Color for the Week:    Amber Green

This week brings illusion and growth.  Illusion deals with people and events that attempt to convince you of the importance and reality of their views and opinions.  The news will be full of stories loaded with emotional content, which attempt to sway you in a particular direction.  Then again, the weather will be making itself known with all sorts of odd shifts and changes and energy surges, perhaps new volcanoes tornadoes, and hurricanes.  All that has been quiet to this point, will now make itself felt.  And then there is growth.  It is important to be very clear on what it is that you desire.  Strands of positive energy and community will begin to sprout under the surface.  You will be finding yourself attracted to things that earlier did not attract you.  There will be synchronicites and there will be surprises.  If something sounds right, regardless of how incongruous,. know that it IS right.  Go for your dreams this week, and maintain perspective.  There is much happening now. Continue reading

September 6 – 12

Overall Color for the Week:    Magenta

This is a week when things will be on fast forward and the fast forward will be one of ups and downs, leaving you feeling that there is nothing to hold on to.  The new energies are arriving faster and faster.  Expect revelations and upheavals on the 9th.  Think before getting involved in new relationships, contracts, or occupations during this week as there is a chance that things started this week will end up badly.  also if you have appointments that you can put off, it is a good idea to think about rescheduling.  There are many things going on and it is very difficult to catch hold of anything.  There will be much coming out in the media about earth changes, storms, and even ET’s, but even as those things are being discussed openly, there is much happening below the surface in the political arena that they are trying to keep out of view.  Unfortunately,  things are going to be leaked out.  There will be an attempt to ramp up fears of a pandemic.  Look also for economic forecasts that things are getting better.  It is a time to go inside and trust your intuition.  Stay centered.  Question. Continue reading

August 30 – September 5

Color for the Week:  Clear

Things will be coming to the surface and out of the shadows this week, so be ready for surprises.  People will be feeling on the edge and quick to anger.  Look for responses that come suddenly and without total information.  It is a week for you to step back and listen to your inner knowing.  Do not allow yourself to react before  getting all sides of a story.  There may be more to things than meets the eye.  Look also for anomalies and things happening out of season and out of reason.  You will find that people will be acting our of character, so do not be quick to judge.  The new energies are coming in faster than before and this is upsetting and unsettling on all levels.  It is important to stay grounded and to take the role of an observer.  Reactions, when not based in consideration, can have negative effects.  Look for weather weirdness and unexpected headlines. Continue reading