September 13-19

Overall Color for the Week:    Amber Green

This week brings illusion and growth.  Illusion deals with people and events that attempt to convince you of the importance and reality of their views and opinions.  The news will be full of stories loaded with emotional content, which attempt to sway you in a particular direction.  Then again, the weather will be making itself known with all sorts of odd shifts and changes and energy surges, perhaps new volcanoes tornadoes, and hurricanes.  All that has been quiet to this point, will now make itself felt.  And then there is growth.  It is important to be very clear on what it is that you desire.  Strands of positive energy and community will begin to sprout under the surface.  You will be finding yourself attracted to things that earlier did not attract you.  There will be synchronicites and there will be surprises.  If something sounds right, regardless of how incongruous,. know that it IS right.  Go for your dreams this week, and maintain perspective.  There is much happening now.

Sunday, September 13:    Teal Green

This is a day when you will find yourself having difficulty getting a a handle on things.  Just as you think you understand one thing, something else will come that seems to contradict that.  You will find also that people are unpredictable in their actions.  It is not that there are great changes in their personalities, rather they just do things that you would not expect them to.  Nonetheless, there is a new beginning in the air today  The energies of the past week are beginning to take shape and direction.  If you are open and able to work with that, you will find yourself feeling a kind of certainty in the things that you are doing.  Take time to plant your desires in the new energetic streams.  There is something in the wind today.  Also, expect a secret to come out.

Monday, September 14:    Lavender Mist

There are echoes of the past in the air today.  You will find yourself concerned with things that happened long ago.  Nostalgia will be part of the theme for today.  Things that you used to love and/or crave and then got over on all levels, you will find yourself attracted to again.  Perhaps you have always loved milkshakes, but stayed away from them because of the calories, etc.,you might just order one now.  You will find yourself indulging in little luxuries that remind you of things past.  Take a look at the memories that come up, and take note of any that seem particularly strong.  There is a message in the past that is attempting to come through.

Tuesday, September 15:    Calcolor Blue #30

This day will be a kind of roller coaster ride.  You may also feel some physical discomfort with no real cause.  There is the possibility of misunderstandings in relationships and business endeavors.  Keep cool.  Stay calm.  Prepare to change your schedule.  This is not a day for hard and fast plans for there is delay in the air.  Take time to remind yourself of your own strengths and power and stay centered in knowing that regardless of what happens, you are in control of your reactions.  Let the small things go.  Be sure to check out the truth of anything that you are told.  This is one of those days when there will be much confusion in the air.  Stay centered in order that you do not become confused also.

Wednesday, September 16:    Pale Yellow

This is a day of nostalgia, of remembering.  You will be feeling the need for quietude.  You will find yourself thinking of past events and people.  There will be bouts of a kind of deja vu, however it will not be of the traditional sort.  There will not be the sense of familiarity, rather just a kind of longing.  You might find yourself unable to get comfortable, as though your outfit is wrong or the food is overcooked.  It is a good day to get in touch with friends and family with whom you have not communicated for a while.  The lines of communication are open on an energetic level today, and you will be able to sense things that are just beginning to happen.  Take time to go within and speak to your heart of your true desires.  There is energy here to get things moving.

Thursday, September 17:    Pale Lavender

Once again, you are feeling unmotivated, as though you would just like to sit this one out, to reread a book, to watch a favorite movie.  You will find that you are not wanting to be part of the crowd, and if you are called to join into things, you feel yourself an outsider and unnoticed.  This is a day upon which you can receive indications and intuitions of your true path and community.  It is there for you, and if you take the time today to see with your heart what is there before you, you will be able to discover your direction.  Look for help from an unexpected source. There are no accidents, and the answers are there.

Friday, September 18:    Red Diffusion

New Moon:  Rosh Hashanah:  Today is a crazy day when yo will find yourself going in all directions and not seeming to get anything done.  There will be misunderstandings and mistakes.  Stay away from judgement and blame. When things do not seem to go right, know that this is because they have lost their centers. Things are dispersed everywhere.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself losing things, misplacing items, only to find them right where you left them.  There will be craziness on all levels, but if you take time to be with yourself, you will get a sense of what is truly happening.  Become grounded in WHO you are and know that if you can stay strong in the midst of all the shifts and upsets happening today, you will be able to achieve your desires.

Saturday, September 19:    CalColor 90 Green

Expect some things to come to fruition today, things that you have waited for for quite some time and even had given up hope on.  There is much movement on all layers and levels today, so stay centered and keep your balance.  There is much expectation in the air, and the possibility for positive outcomes.  You are becoming more aware of the potentials within yourself for realization of your desires.  This is a great day for dealing with those potentials and making the most of them for things that you plant today have the resiliency for fulfillment even as the year nears its end.  Things that you start today with the intention of creation and manifestation will find realization in the months of November and December of this year.  You must plant your desires now as the last two months of the year will being challenges on all levels. Do not allow this day to pass without ceremony.