September 6 – 12

Overall Color for the Week:    Magenta

This is a week when things will be on fast forward and the fast forward will be one of ups and downs, leaving you feeling that there is nothing to hold on to.  The new energies are arriving faster and faster.  Expect revelations and upheavals on the 9th.  Think before getting involved in new relationships, contracts, or occupations during this week as there is a chance that things started this week will end up badly.  also if you have appointments that you can put off, it is a good idea to think about rescheduling.  There are many things going on and it is very difficult to catch hold of anything.  There will be much coming out in the media about earth changes, storms, and even ET’s, but even as those things are being discussed openly, there is much happening below the surface in the political arena that they are trying to keep out of view.  Unfortunately,  things are going to be leaked out.  There will be an attempt to ramp up fears of a pandemic.  Look also for economic forecasts that things are getting better.  It is a time to go inside and trust your intuition.  Stay centered.  Question.

Sunday, September 6:    CalColor 90 Red

Today is a day for getting things done, a day for completion.  It is a good time to finish those conversations that you began long ago but never concluded, for putting the finishing touches on projects you have begun, and for letting go of unrealistic expectations, thoughts, and wants.  The morning time is an opportunity for grounding and centering in WHO you are.  Take time to evaluate just what it is that makes you tick.  Appreciate WHO you are and let go of blame.  Know that in all you do you are doing your best, and with that certainty, you will find by this evening a new sense of self along with a feeling of calm.

Monday, September 7:    Urban Blue

Labor Day.  Mercury goes Retrograde.  This is a good day for being out and about.  It is a good day for socializing and being with friends and family.  It is also a good day for appreciating the world around you.  Take time to look at your life honestly and clearly and without judgment.  See what you have accomplished so far.  Go forward in the knowledge of what you have done.  This is not a time in which to dwell upon guilt, fear, blame, etc.  Know these things for what they are —  impositions from outside yourself.  At this time, it is important to center in WHO you are and feel your power.  You are creating your reality every moment.  Today is a good day to analyze your goals and to begin a process of manifestation.   Develop a mantra that you can use to bring yourself back to your power whenever you are feeling challenged.  This is a day of power, and you can use it to move forward.

Tuesday, September 8:    Booster Blue

This is going to be a great day, but you must be in charge of it for yourself.  Today is a day for deciding what it is that you are trying to manifest in your life and go forward with it.  This will entail prioritizing, using the true knowing of the heart, and listening to your intuition. The energies of the times are accelerating and if you can hook into the incoming energies and work with them, you will truly be able to create miracles today.  Nighthawk, one of the elders of old, has said, “A miracle is just believing it can be.”  So stand firm in what you believe and know that it can be.  You will find yourself today encountering many synchronicites and then there will be periods of deja vu.  You may be wondering what is going on and whether you are going crazy, but know that each and every one of these is an opportunity for you to recognize your power and create the miracle you desire.

Wednesday, September 9:   #15 Red

09/09/09:  This is a day when the energies will be exploding into consciousness.  Prepare to feel some physical symptoms of discomfort.  You will not be able to put your finger on any cause, but know that it represents an adjustment your body is making to the rush of the new energies. Be alert for messages from strangers and watch for more synchronicities.  Be alert to those around you for there are some who will be actually freaking out as these energies come into their fields.  Take the role of an observer as much as possible and think before acting.  There is much uncertainty in the air today, and it will be reflected on all levels.  Staying grounded and centered will make this a most rewarding and illuminating day.  Be ready to rethink priorities.  Know that there will be movements underground that will be picked up seismologically in about 5 to 9 days.  There will be no explanation for them, nor for the fact that they are occurring in unexpected areas and are of a high rate of vibration, however these are the results of new vortexes that have been brought to life by the incoming energies of today.  Be aware also for the charging of some of the hidden chakras in your body as you respond to these energies.  You are being tuned.

Thursday, September 10:    RoscoSun

This is a time for a breather.  You will find yourself feeling tired for a good deal of the day, and the best thing to do is to take it easy.  Suspend all judgment on all levels as there is no real clarity about things that have occurred recently.  Just let things go.  Do not react to people, to the media, to the weather.  Just observe.  There will be more physical symptoms that will cause you some worry, but do not allow yourself to fall into that.  Breathe into the areas that are affecting you and move through whatever is stuck.  This is a day for cleansing, so let things go.

Friday, September 11:    #30 Green

Things are changing today.  You will begin to see some of the seeds you planted in the past six weeks begin to bear fruit.  There is the possibility of messages and news coming from people you had lost contact with or thought you would never hear from again.  This is part of the coming together of the energies.  Things will be bursting forth in many different ways, so be alert for pronouncements that are somewhat premature.  You might be feeling yourself confused, so take time to think about what is happening around you, what people are saying, and the signs that you are seeing.  This is a day when much can come to light and fulfillment.  Go for it.

Saturday, September 12:    Pale Grey

Take time today to rest.  You will feel yourself eshausted, yet you will not know why.  There will be some revelations made that should create a stir, but they will seem to fall on deaf ears.  It is not yet time for their effects to be felt.  This is a walking-through-mud day.  Do not undertake any large projects.  Leave aside any important discussions.  There is no resolution in the air, and you will just find yourself frustrated.