August 30 – September 5

Color for the Week:  Clear

Things will be coming to the surface and out of the shadows this week, so be ready for surprises.  People will be feeling on the edge and quick to anger.  Look for responses that come suddenly and without total information.  It is a week for you to step back and listen to your inner knowing.  Do not allow yourself to react before  getting all sides of a story.  There may be more to things than meets the eye.  Look also for anomalies and things happening out of season and out of reason.  You will find that people will be acting our of character, so do not be quick to judge.  The new energies are coming in faster than before and this is upsetting and unsettling on all levels.  It is important to stay grounded and to take the role of an observer.  Reactions, when not based in consideration, can have negative effects.  Look for weather weirdness and unexpected headlines.

Friday, September 4;    Straw Tint

Full Moon:  Things today are not terribly substantial and will tend to fall apart easily if not closely attended to,  This is true in all areas — work, love, family, friends, shopping, traffic, etc.  Be aware of this and do not allow yourself to take things too seriously for much of what might seem important is merely a temporary situation and subject to change.  This is not a good day for decisions, commitments, or beginnings.  Also, you can expect delays, so if you have to be somewhere, give yourself extra time.  Take the opportunity today to be alone with WHO you are and to center in that knowing.  Do not try to take it any farther than that.  And if something seems wrong, it probably is.  Listen to your intuition.  Watch your physicality and respond to its urgings.  If you are tired, rest.  If you are hungry, eat.  Knowing your body is all part of knowing yourself.

Saturday, September 5:     CalColor 30 Blue

You are feeling that something is wrong, but you cannot place your finger on it.  Be aware of that sense, and do not undertake any major endeavors today.  Nothing is quite as it seems, and there are shifts and adjustments happening all over.  Because of the general unsettled nature of things, some of these shifts can have not so good consequences, and this will be true on the personal level as well as the level of the state, the country, and the world.  Be cautious in your actions and alert to what is going on.  Do not allow yoruself to be blinded by those shiny things out there.  Many of them have no value.