August 25-31

Overall color for the Week:    Sky Blue

This is a week when things will seem clearer and brighter, and you will feel more optimistic than you have for a long time, however things seem out of reach.  There is an air of knowing, yet not being sure.  You will do things and second guess yourself.  You will wonder whether or not the plans that you have made are the best thing to do.  Things will seem to fit, and you will seem to look good, but there is always some sense of something missing.  Do not give into this.  This is a time when the energies of the week are bringing to the forefront many truths, ideas, etc. that had been kept in the dark.  There is that sense of not being quite in touch with them and that is symptomatic of the shifting and moving away of the old energies.  If you choose to fall into doubt and questioning, you will find yourself falling into uncertainty, doubt, and fear.  So do not do it.  Go with the first impression for that is what is truest.  On the larger scene you will see an adjustment with weather which will bring the storms and winds that have been missing throughout most of the summer.  There is the possibility of one storm or event following another, especially in middle areas  — Middle Asia, Middle East, Middle Atlantic, Mid-West, etc.  There will be a new figure on the political scene who will come up with some revelations that will stir up a lot of doubt concerning various policies that national leaders have taken.  Stick always to what your first reaction in all areas this week, and you will actually find yourself becoming more grounded, more in tune with what is around you, and feeling your power.

Sunday, August 23:    Indigo

Today is a stormy day.  This does not necessarily mean only in relation to the weather, but in relation to all the things you have been dealing with in your life for the past two weeks.  You will find that you are no longer feeling in control of things, and you will want to get away from it all.  You have the power to make it through and discover the light at then end of the tunnel.  Things have built to this point for a reason.  You allowed this to happen, moreover it needs to occur in order that you could see the lesson that has been staring you in the face.  Take time to analyze what it is that is worrying you, and meditate on your own abilities and strengths.  You can see that you are stronger than anything you have to deal with,  Never forget that you are always taken care of.  It is time to enact a little ritual of gratitude.  These little rituals act as beacons to the energy of the Universe and bring amazing results.

Monday, August 24:    CalColor 90 Cyan

This is a day of getting things done.  If there are jobs or crafts or conversation that need to be done, do it today.  The  energies will allow for a positive solution.  Moreover, even in the midst of things that may seem dark, there is the possibility that all of these items can be turned around and made better.  It is a good day for starting out in something that you have always meant to do but did not because of fear.  It is a day upon which to take a look at old images of yourself that you are holding onto and let them go.  Watch what you eat today.  You will find that your tastes will be changing on many levels.  Think before ordering or cooking.  Be ready for a surprise at the end of the day.  There are messages that need to get through.

Tuesday, August 25:    Deep Lavender

There is nostalgia in the air today.  And along with the nostalgia comes a time for forgiveness.  This is a day upon which you will be getting hints of a larger picture.  Your perspective is shifting and you will find yourself looking at people, events, and things differently.  That same theme of reevaluation continues.  Perhaps you find that your old way of dressing no longer expresses WHO you are.  Then try something new.  It is a time for surprises.  There is a new element in the air that gives you courage to do things you have put off before, to say things you never would have.  You are changing in response to the energies coming in, and if you are true to yourself, you will understand that you no longer have either time or energy to be obsessed with old stuff.

Wednesday, August 26: Dark Blue Silk

There is something looming on the horizon. You are feeling a bit uneasy and nervous, but the people you encounter, what you hear on the news, things out there are telling you that everything is fine.  There is nothing to worry about.  You almost feel as though you are being followed.  You cannot get comfortable.  It is best then to be an observer and listen to your feelings.  Watch what is happening.  Think how it is affecting you and feel the feelings that are welling up within.  There is no need to fall into the rush that is all around you.  There will be lots of people out there who will try to schmooze things today.  They will try to paint a rainbow where the rain is falling.  This is a day to hold onto your reality.  Choose to be clear of vision, and you may find out some interesting things by the time the day is over.

Thursday, August  27:    Tough Plus Green

This is a day of illusions and trials.  Expect things that you used to feel you were in control of to spin out of control  There can be disillusions in terms of people with whom you have been associated for quite some time.  They will be showing elements of their personalities of which you were not aware.  You will find that even casual interactions, as well as business deals and social outings, will all take a lot more effort than you think they needed.  Today is a day upon which you will find yourself wanting a change.  Look around your life in all its aspects and envision how you would change things to fit your desires, if at all.  You will find that your perspective is changing and along with that, various elements of your life.  You are strong in your power if you so choose, and part of that is choosing to let go of those things that do not allow you to stand in your power.  Eeek.

Friday, August 28, Pale Grey

Something does not seem quite right.  You are feeling certain physical symptoms that cause you a moment or two of concern.  Once again this is part of the illusory.  Know too that there can be some truth in illusion.  Take time to decide what is real for you and let the rest go.  Know that you have the power to create and manifest the reality you desire.  It is a day upon which you can get things done, especially things that you have put off for quite a time.  This is because you do not feel totally invested in what you are doing. You are distracted and uncertain on the one hand, but on the other you are directed towards completion.  Seemingly contradictory, these two urges are perfect for dealing with tasks and issues that you have not wanted to look at .  You can do them because you are not really aware what it is that you are doing.  As you allow your mind to go on auto-pilot and get some things done, you will see unexpected positive outcomes within the next two weeks.  Perhaps you had been putting them off because you feared success.

Saturday, August 29:    Light Frost

More physcail symtoms will be catching your attention today.  You will find yoruself feeling distracted and unattached to the world around you.  It is a tired kind of energy that you will be feeling.  You just want to let go of everything and just veg.  There will be things and people outside of you that will be trying to catch your attention and get you involved.  This is not a good day for strong involvement or commitment.  This is a day to regroup.  This week, while on the surace seeming somewhat easy, carried within it a lot of trials, changes, challenges, and emotion.  This is a day to let all of that process.  Take time to be with yourself.  You do not need to think over the past or analyze it at all, merely look at yourself and see how you are feeling, and in that exercise you will come to know your lessons of this week.  You will also come to see how you have chagned and are changing.  Embrace the change.  It is time for you to know what you truly can be WHO you are.