August 16-22

Overall Color for the Week:    CalColor 30 Blue

The number 3 expresses creativity.  This is a week of creativity on all levels. but just as creativity can represent the bringing forth of something new, it likewise can herald ends to other things.  Look for beginnings and ends this week.  These beginnings and ends mean more than just their surface expression.  They involve also various permutations of the things, people, and events that are somehow associated or linked to them.  So look for new relationships to arise.  Look for changes in old relationships.  Look for the unexpected.  Creative times are also times of unexpected, and perhaps unwanted, novelty.  And this will be true on all levels.  There is a mystery and a surprise in the air.  All of this is related to the energetic waves coming upon the planet, and all of this is heading towards the 9th of September and the opening of new vortexes.  There will be a shifting of energies throughout the planet, even the Universe, as new and old powers start a procession to their centers.  This will start on the 9th, however the real import of this will not be felt for two more months.  The progression and movement of the waves of the planet towards the new vortexes that are opening up can cause change on a planet-wide level, including seats of power, earth centers, etc.  There is a new theme that begins with the energy of the 9th, and as it plays out, nothing will remain as it was.

Sunday, August 16:    Light Tough Silk

This is a day when difficult things seem easy and easy things seem difficult.  There is a sense that things are slipping away, yet somehow you do not really mind.  It is as though there is something bright and shiny just beyond what you are focusing on and that is what you want to see.  As a result, you will not feel yourself truly taking part in a lot of what is happening today.  There will be moments when you try to center, to ground.  At other times, you will float having the inner knowing that there is something important making its way.  There is no landing place today.  Just be aware of that and let the day flow.  Stay in the moment, and all will go well.

Monday, August 17:    Roscosun

Today things will be very bright.  Things will be out in the open.  This includes you, so center in the morning and get in touch with the WHO you are so that there are no misunderstandings.  People will be on an emotional roller coaster, and there will be echoes of the same in nature, politics, and the economy.  Do not allow yourself to get sucked into things.  If you give too much importance to things that are fleeting, you will find yourself left behind and confused as these new energies continue to swell, ebb, and flow.  There is confrontation of the old and the new going on, and you will encounter some of that today.

Tuesday, August 18:    CalColor 15 Red

1 plus 5 equals six.  Six is the most loving of numbers.  It connotes an artistic disposition.  This is a six day.  This is a day when you will find yourself responding to people and things with your feelings as opposed to your reason.  You will find yourself overcome by emotion in the wake of small kindnesses and things such as Hallmark commercials.  This is a day on which you will truly feel.  Take time to know what that means for in your feelings lie the road to creation and manifestation.  It can be hard to be in touch with one’s feelings, so work with the energy of this day to find out what that means.  You are going to need to learn how to center in your heart truly and steadfastly as there are many challenges as the days approach the coming together of the vortexes, where the old and new will meet.  At that time, choices will need to be made that will affect the nest two years of your life.  It is time to prepare.

Wednesday, August 19:    Red Diffusion

There is no clarity in the energies of this day.  They have spilled over from yesterday and are calling for resolution.  But this is not a day upon which you will find any resolution.  It is a day of missed communications, confused messages, and misunderstandings.  Do not allow yourself to become overly wrought by anything that happens today.  Be prepared for things not to have cohesion.  Be ready for getting parts of stories, parts of  assignments, parts of messages.  The interesting thing about today is that the part contains the essence of the whole, much like a hologram.  If you are willing to work with the part, the whole will become clear.

Thursday, August 20:    Night Blue

New Moon:    This is a day for rest.  You may find yourself feeling tired all day long, as though you did not get enough sleep.  Moreover you will have the sense that things are happening behind your back, that stuff is going on that you should know about, that there are connections to be made which are not happening.  Let all those senses of insecurity and uncertainty go.  Look into your heart.  Take time to enter into the mystery.  It is the mystery that has brought forth the Universe, and today you can get a glimpse of that mystery if you accept all that is going on and accept the challenge of finding the order in the chaos, the grail in the castle.  This is a day of power.  Take advantage of the energy and work a small ritual tonight in the dark of the moon.

Friday, August 21:    Medium Purple

Ramadan begins:    Today is a good day for observing.  This is a good day to let things just pass you by.  If you try hard to connect, correct, or control, you will find yourself feeling frustrated and angry, so just take it easy.  There is a possibility that messages will be coming to you from unexpected sources.  This is also, somewhat paradoxically, a lucky day, so if you had been waiting to take a stance on something, this is a good day upon which to do it.  Although you might now get exactly what you expected, you will be pleased with the outcome.  Take time today to straighten up some loose ends.  As the energies come in stronger waves, you are not going to be wanting to have old stuff coming up.  This is also a good day for making plans, so get out your journals, your notebooks, etc. and go for it.

Saturday, August 22:    Pale Yellow Green

Virgo:    Thre is something muted about the energy of today.  It feels like spring, even though it is far from it.  You are feeling like doing something new and different.  Follow that urge.  Go along a path you have never walked, write a poem, paint a picture.  This is a day for movement and memory.  The energies today will keep you from straying into excesses on any level, so go with them.  If there are thoughts and situations you have avoided before because of an excess of emotion attached to them, this is a good day upon which to deal with them.  You will have the right perspective.  Today is a tidy day.  Things will be okay.