August 9 – 15

Overall Color for the Week:      Pale Rose Hue

This is a week for memories, desires, goals, and ambitions.  The new energy is being accompanied by the trickster in its many guises.  Things may seem one way this week and turn out to be another.  Do not allow yourself to fall into confusion over things that seem out of place.  This is not you, but indicative of the energetic ups and downs that are in the air right now.  This is a good week for being with friends, family, or just your own deepest sense of WHO you are.  It is time to align with your ambitions and desires.  The energies that are coming in are there for you to take hold of and use as you wish.  It is time to see things for what they are.  Take off the blinders and see with your heart, with your feelings.  On a larger scale, there will be ups and downs in all areas.  As the new energy flows in and builds, you will see their influence being felt everywhere.  Those who choose to attempt to ignore them will find themselves unsettled, confused, and possibly even angry.  Look for people to overreact, but do not buy into it.  Things are buidling and the next few weeks up until the ninth of September will bring new storms and crises.

Sunday, August 9:    Medium Gray

This is a day for hanging onto hope, regardless of how futile it might be.  WHile hope at times may just be an endless circle, at other times it keeps you from falling into despair.  Things will seem uncertain and possibly ominous, but this is all a part of the seeming of this day.  Take care to approach things with caution and compassion.  Make no rash judgments and hold your tongue.  Things, people, and events that are upsetting are only transitory.  Thi is a day for changing your perspective and nurturing new ways.  Stay within yourslef, take on the role of the observer, and at the end of the day, take time to relax and honor the lessons that have come your way today.

Monday, August 10 Bright yellow

Today there is an overabundance of light being shed on all things in all areas.  Look for the dust in the corners to be illuminated.  Listen for the messages taht will be coming through, and you will understand some of the things that had previously just been hinted at.  Take a strong and honest look at yourself and take some time to work with WHO you are.  You might want to take some time to write a list of what you like about yourself and what it is that you might like to change.  This is a day for honesty, but know that speaking the truth is not always the wisest option.  Think before you speak and when things come out of your mouth that surprise you, think what they might mean.  Trust your feelings.  As the energies come closer and closer, it is time to own your power.  Work with your stengths and know that by choosing to be motivated by your strengths will get you through the coming changes.  A new energy is entering tonight.  It is seductive and clever, so be sure to think twice and analyze before acting.

Tuesday, August 11:    Powder Frost White

Things will be said and done today that will cause you to question actions of people.  You will find yourself being easily confused and uncertain.  You do not have to make any major decisions today, and big changes are best put on the back burner.  Allow yourself to look into things before acting.  There may be an attractive individual who comes your way today and tries to blind you with their presence.  Stay centered.  There is less to this person than meets the eye.  Take time to analyze.  It is a good day for research on all levels.  If you have a qwuestion about something, take the time to find the answer.  Problems that arise now, if you do not deal with them immediately,. will come back in a new guise within the next three weeks.  At that time, they will not be quite so easy to resolve.

Wednesday, August 12:    Bermuda Blue

Peak of the Pleaides Meteor Shower:    Things today will have far reaching consequences.  Not everything, of course, but pay attention to your inner voice for it knows.  Nonetheless, it is a good day for companionship, for being with friends, for speaking with buddies.  New avenues of communication will be opened up in relationships that have been strained in the past.  Take advantage of this opening.  People are coming in and out of our lives at this time with a purpose.  There is a coming change in relations and relationships, so this is part of the saying goodbye to the old and welcming the new.  Go for it.

Thursday, August 13:    Cherry Rose

This is a good day for completion.  If there are things hanging around that you meant to get done, start on them today for you will be able to finish.  There is a new sense in the air as things being to move in new directions.  You will find yourself, likewise, having a new sense of purpose.  Not only will things get done, but things also will get started.  The things that you start today can have far reaching consequencees.  Do not be fooled by major news stories or rumors.  These are there to test your incredulity.  Listen again to the counsel of your heart.  It is true.

Friday, August 14:    Golden Amber

Old things will be coming towards you today.  People from the past will trouble your thought processes.  You will not be feelng completely yourself today, and there can be physical symptoms that will be making  themselves felt.  There is a new kind of restlessness in the air, and you are feeling it.  Your tendency today is to question everything.  You are feeling that things are not quite right, moreover that things are not happening in the correct sequence.  It is a day for analyzing where these feelings are coming from and to honor your own truth.  There is much coming in the next few weeksm and you will need your strength.  Work on centering exercises.  Meditate — howerver is right for you, walking, sitting, napping….  This is a time for the resolution of the past.

Saturday, August 15:    Pale Yellow Green

This is a day for starting and nurturing.  Reflect on what it is you would truly like to manifest in your life, and plant the seeds of those desries.  The atmosphere is good for growth as both dark and light are in the air today.  The seeds can germinate in the dark silence, as the light begins to call forth their growth.  Today is a good day for quiet and reflection.  Take time to honor WHO you are, what you have accomplished, and  what your true nature is striving to bring forth.  Be clear, open, and honest, and you will find a renewed vigor and ambition.  Hold fast to your stength for while growth can be a secret process, it also takes courage.