Week of August 2

As I am currently travelling, I will be posting only the Overall Color for this week.  Come back next week for a more detailed analysis.

Overall Color for the week:  CalColor 15 Red

This week is one in which things will be heating up oin all levels.  Look for signs and hints in the beginning of the week of things that will begin to play out at the end of this week and into next wek.  There is much on the horizon, and things will become more and more confused and confusing as time goes by.  There is a critical point on September 9th when there will be an opportunity to make real life-changing, even world changing choices.  This is the time to prepare.  As things get crazy in the next few weeks, keep your cool and do not buy into it.  This is a time for citical and compassionate observation.  The tides are turning, and there will be echoes in the Earth, the Universe, and yes, even from the Extra Terrestials.  Their presence will be more and more felt as anomalies happen on every level, even on the political stage.  It is a time to open up to what your feelings are telling.  Do not take things on face value.  Listen to the advice of your heart, and work upon that.  By staying truly centered in yourself and in touch with the Universe, you will begin to see wonders that you never expected.  As your perspective changes, you will find that there is a wave movement out from you which will begin to attract that which you desire.