July 26 – August 1

Overall Color for the week:  Salmon

This is a week of things just being, and as they are, so should you also be.   There will be ups and downs in areas of your life, but you will find that your general perspective is changing and during the time of this week, you will find yourself adjusting and tuning.  The same will be true on all levels as things in nature make a start and then settle into a new pattern, and in the news there will be hints of dire events, but the week will end with no real turmol coming forth.

Sunday, July 26:    Deep Straw

This is a good day to sleep late and let the worries of the world pass you by.,  You will find significance in small things, and you will find joy in an unexpected turn of events as people prove themselves to be unpredictable today.  Take nothing for granted, but play along with everything and everyone.  There is a new sense of joy in the air.  Take time to appreciate the things you love.  Everything is showing its best face today, and if you look truly, and with the vision of the heart, you can see new vistas and new facets to people, places, and things.

Monday, Jul;y 27:    Cal Color 90 Green

Once again, there is a sense of rightness in thw air.  You are feeling better than you have in a long time.  If you are dealing with financial isseus, you will find their burdens to be lighter today as there is the possiblity that some unexpected funds will come your way.  Feel free to take advantage of them.  This is a day on which you will see that if you open to the serendipity of the world, things can work out beetter than expected.  It is a good night, however, to withdraw and gather your energies.  There are things on the horizon.

Tuesday, July 28:    Medium Pink

This is a day for things being just as they are.  Do not try to get too much done, to find too much significance.  Just go with the flow and it will be a good day.

Wednesday, July 29:  Light Steel Blue

You may find yourself tested today in areas of what is important for you.  Hold fast to your truth and you will get through, tired but feeling good about yourself.

Thursday, July 30:    Calcolor 15 Pink

This is a good day for mindless relaxation —go to a movie, read a mystery, play computer games.  There is a whole world out there going about its business, trying to suck you into things that you are not in a position to deal with at this time.  Center.  Be.  It is all good.

Friday, July 31:    Magenta

There is meaning behind the words that people are saying and import to their actions.  Look deeply into what you see around you.  Take nothing at face value and you will find this a most rewarding day.

Saturday, August 1:   Blue Green

Melancholy is in the air, a sense that things are changing, that things you once felt were important are being put beghind you.  It is a time for growing, for perspective, some emotions.  It is right now.  There is change coming and this is a time for preparation.