July 19-25

Overall Color for the Week:    Yellow Orange

This is a week in which, if you take stock of WHO you truly are and what it is you are wishing to create and manifest, you can set the foundation for fulfillment.  There will be much happening on all levels that will reveal to you hints of how it is all to be done.  There will be serendipity in some of the people,you meet, so listen to the hints that they give you.  There will be synchronicity in activities and destinations, so look into them for what it is that they are saying to you.  There is a mystery in the way things work out in life, but each person holds the key to unlocking the mystery for oneself.  Know that and take the initiative.  You may find yourself much wiser and stronger by the end of it all.  In the larger world, there will be ups and downs.  Weather events will be unpredictable, as will be earth movements.  Look for patterns in earth events based upon the ley lines.   There will be more transitioning of people in the limelight, and world events will heat up.  Stay grounded.  Stay centered.  Look for patterns and know your power.

Sunday, July 19:    CalColor 30 Pink

Today is a great day just to be with friends and family, or hey, even by yourself and just veg.  Take it easy.  Watch the world go by.  Do not allow yourself to become too invested in things as you will end up just being confused and uncertain if that is the path you decide to take.  There are things going on, but they can take care of themselves without you.  Take a few minutes to exercise, breathe deeply, center, ground.  There are lots of ups and downs on the way, and today you have the space to get yourself ready for what is to come.  Take advantage of that.

Monday, July 20:    Calcolor 30 Blue

Okay,. so yesterday was kind of a nothing day.  Today you will start out feeling the same way, but you will soon see that there are things brewing around you.  You will feel that some great revelation is just about to come out, that something earth-shaking is about to happen, and you want to wait for it, after all, you have been waiting so long already.  But this is not yet the time yet.  it is a better idea just to spend the day in the present moment.  Do not try to plan or manipulate.  You will want to get things done, but accomplishments in this energy will be smaller rather than larger.  There can be a message coming in from somewhere that brings you a new sense of balance.  Look for it.  Tonight, just be.  The energies are moving through.  Let them go.

Tuesday, July 21:    Powder Frost

Shifts and changes will be affecting you today.  You will have a sense of unreality about them and not be able to understand how these things are happening or even why.  You will feel yourself out of sorts and not really wanting to be with others.  You just want to hibernate.  You might also feel some physical symptoms, as though you are about to come down with something.  This is the general theme of the day, things not being quite right on any level.  Take it easy and do not overreact to things, situations and people.  Perspectives will change tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 22:   Red Diffusion

New Moon — Solar Eclipse:   Things will be coming apart today on all levels.  You will feel yourself out of control and bewildered.  It will seem that friendships are no longer as strong as they once were, the same for business deals.  Communications will be scattered.  As the day progresses and the sun slips into eclipse mode, things will be even more confusing, but with the end of the day, there will be a renewed sense of control, that you are beginning to see things clearer.  It is a good time for intentions.  In this time when dark and light are coming together and moving on, you can take control of things if you remain in balance and let the flow happen.  If you can look into what is being illuminated at this time,  much will be revealed.

Thursday, July 23:    Light Salmon Pink

Just when you wake up you may feel a flash of inspiration.  Write it down.  there is a message there.  It was hatched from your dreams, but you must nurture it.  The rest of the day is just another day,.  You will find that things work fine.  That people are okay,.  That there are things to do and small opportunities, but do not expect anything great to happen today within your personal life.  This is because there wll be something coming out on the larger scene that will eclipse what is going on individually.  Know that the messages that come your way today, from the morning flash on, will act as true guides in the weeks to come.

Friday, July 24:    Follies Pink

This is a day for opportunity to come your way.  Things may be directed at you that have lots of promise for future successes, but think carefully before making any commitments.  This is a day when things seem glorious and wonderful, but there is the touch of facade on all of that.  Look deeply into things, people, and events for the true meaning that lies behind them.  Know what it is that you truly want and consider carefully and through your heart’s knowing before you commit.  Take time to let your heart guide you today for it indeed will light the way.

Saturday, July 25:    Azure Blue

Take time today to reminisce, take time to daydream, look out at nature and its beauty, finding joy in friends and family.  This is a day for the wonder and magic of what most might consider the small things.  Look into the words of appreciation, the comforting glances that come your way and feel the joy in those.  Rest today.  Take it easy.  Do soemthing you love.  Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself just how great you are.  Today is a day to appreciate and know more the wonder that is you and the joy that comes to you from what you love.  Find strength in that and see how your power comes from within and is refected all around you.  It is a time to choose your own greatness, for then you can learn to appreciate yoruself and in that self-appreciation you will know how to create and manifest what it is you truly desrei.