July 12 -18

Overall Color for the Week:    Calcolor 60 Blue

This is a week of cycles and turnings.  You will find echoes of the past in things that are happening today.  Be alert to the hints that are there.  They can help you move out of old patterns, ideas, and images and create new ways as well as help you in making the adjustment to the new energy.  The cyclical nature of things will be obvious in all areas of life this week.  It is a time of deja vu, but also a time to take that deja vu seriously and get to the root of the matter.  There are no accidents, and if you are thinking that there are, you will find that situations, people, the news, and even the natural world will bring to the fore this sense that there is a purpose.  Do not allow yourself to fall into confusion as there is a clashing of energies going on this week.  You may find one thing being said from acquaintances, in the news, etc. which will only be contradicted shortly thereafter.  And even with the apparent contradiction, no one seems to be aware of it.  Be alert this week, there is much to learn as the energies move in more and things begin to take a turn.

Sunday, July 12:    Orange

This will be a mixed bag kind of day with all sorts of things popping up.  Since there will be no real theme, you might find yourself somewhat confused by all the comings and goings.  The best thing to do is jut to relax and let whatever comes, come.  By living every moment today as it comes, you will find yourself more centered and more in tune with the harmony of nature all around.  There is a bit of the unexpected in the air today.  Perhaps you will hear from someone out of the past or it just might be an unexpected revelation or a little bit of serendipity along the way.  All in all, a day for fun.  Laugh, be with friends, do things you love.  There is a sense that things are about to change, so take today as it comes, and let change take care of itself.

Monday, July 13:    Double Blue

This is a day when things will be echo-ey.  If you see one of something, expect to see another.  There will be a sense that things are coming together, but in pairs.  There will be flashes of deja vu.  Look into them for some kind of theme, but do not allow them to confuse you.  You will find a bit of disassociation from things as you start to react to the new energy surges that are just now beginning to be felt.  Expect there to be some storminess on all levels, in relationships, finances, the news, and, of course, the weather.  Know, however, that you are in charge of your own actions and reactions and by taking charge of them, you can create the reality you desire.

Tuesday, July 14:    Tough Plusgreen

Things are brewing, things are happening, things are on the move, but none of this is easy.  There will not be any concrete barriers to what you wish to accomplish just a lot of little bumps and hurdles that you will need to deal with.  All of this requires patience and a sense of humor.  You will find that others out there will be losing it over small things (the bumps) that get in the way of their getting things done , and they will want you to buy into their frustration.  Stay centered in WHO you are, take the viewpoint of the observer.  If you are wanting or needing to accomplish something, the best attitude is to relax and let things flow from point A to point B, and in that flow things are done.  The time frame is not that important.  Today is a day to enjoy the ride and see whether or not, at the end of the day, there was more to what happened than appeared on the surface.

Wednesday, July 15:    Salmon

Okay, so things should be easier.  This is how you have been feeling for quite some time now, but things just seem to be getting more and more difficult.  That is part of the energy now.  Things are neither hard nor easy, that are just the way you are choosing to perceive them.  Take time today to live in your own truth, to do, to be you, to be open to the things you love, and to escape from the routine.  Even though you may feel yourself frustrated and blocked, know that time, energy, and the Universe wish the best for you.  Let it happen.  It is there in the wings, you just need to open up to it.  Today is a good day to do that, as you swim upstream know that even this, as part of your path, is only as difficult as you choose to perceive it.  You can do whatever you choose.  Tonight.  Take sometime to relax and be.  Listen for messages in the wind.  There might even be an unexpected guest.

Thursday, July 16:  Flesh Pink

Everything is coming out into the open today.  Expect old issues to some forth and unresolved items to bob their way to the surface.  Things cannot hide today,  They will show themselves for what they are.  The same is true of people.  Things that they have been hidden, lies and half truths, deceptions and deceits, all will be shown for what they are.  Perhaps not fully, but the clues to the truth of the matters are coming forward.  This is a day to recognize all these revelations for what they are and to deal with them on all levels.  If they are not taken care of in the present energy, they can have negative impacts in the future.  Trust your intuition today, and take nothing for granted.  Be strong in your inner knowing and power.  You can create and you can accomplish.  Today is a day for getting to the core of things, especially yourself.

Friday, July 17:    Dark Yellow Green

Things are brewing beneath the surface, but it is not a good time to try to get to the root of things.  Any activity along that line would be met with resistance, anger, and frustration.  Be cautious today.  Do not make any sudden moves or act out on impulse.  There will be consequences as things come back to you in a way that will not make you happy.  Take time to look at things from a new perspective.  Things are shifting, and you must shift along with them or you will find yourself doubly blocked and out of touch in mid-August.  There are actions that are occurring now that are setting up a framework, and you will want to be in charge of what comes your way in the next four weeks.

Saturday, July 17:    True Pink

Listen to what is being said today and do not doubt.  There will be times and events when things will come out into the open that are the unadulterated truth.  Look for people to think twice and regret having said certain things, but they will not trust  your discretion and akertness to the truth in what was conveyed..  So on the one hand today there is the outing of much information that has been hidden, and on the other hand there are those who feel that they are so superior and above the norm that even though they may have just let the monkey out of the bag, they feel that those out there are not enlightened enough to get the message.  The joke will be on them today, for if your eyes and ears are open and if you are attuned to the truth in the what is bei words that are being spoken, you will know and understand more of what is going on.