July 5-11

Overall Color For the Week:    Cherry Rose

This week is going to be a welcome relief from all the stress., worry, concern, and shift of the past six weeks.  The energies are still flowing in, however they are coming more slowly and there is more of an adjustment taking place than any real influx of new stuff.  You will feel this throughout all areas of your life this week.  There will be backs and forths.  You will find yourself going over things from the past and at the same time planning for the future.  You will not feel any real angst or permanence, rather it seems to be that you are day dreaming.  You know that you can change your mind if things are not right at this time.  Enjoy the week, and do not allow yourself to become overly involved in anything.  In all areas and things, there will be relief this week.  Look for breaks in the weather, changes in opinion, and news of breakthroughs in health and politics.  You will see shifts of policy and habits in all areas. For some, this may mean a time of transitioning, for others a time of growth.  Just BE this week.  There are changes coming soon enough that will challenge.

Sunday, July 5:    Blush Pink

Expect things to come out of the woodwork today, things that you might have wished would have stayed there a bit longer.  This is not a day for grand revelations or insights, merely small confidences and flashes of light.  Take time to enjoy the energies today.  They are lighter than they have been in some time.  This is a day for resting, a time for breathing, centering.  You will find yourself engaged in things you have not done in a while, and you will see that there truly is joy in the little things.

Monday, July 6:    No Color Pink

More and more is coming to the surface today on every level.  You will find that things spoken, shown and done are revealing things that you knew, but at the same time did not know.  It is a time for understanding that you have the knowledge and the insight to see what is the best way for things to be done in your own world.  Look at the people around you and you will find that they seem different somehow.  You may find yourself no longer interested in people, places, and things that were once so important to you, and yet at the same time, you will find yourself curious about things that never seemed to matter before.  It is a good day for getting rid of as your attachments to certain things is no longer so strong.

Tuesday, June 7:    Dark Yellow Green;

Thunder Moon, Full Buck Moon, Lunar Eclipse:    Things are not seeming quite so clear or ordered today.  There is a sense of unease in the air.  You will find yourself having trouble enjoying things, listening to conversations, being with people.  This is all part of the energy shift that is coming with the full moon.  This is the Thunder Moon, the Full Buck Moon, when there is a hint of storm in the air even as the buck sheds its antlers to grow new ones.  This theme characterizes the day, storm and growth.  So stay centered within yourself, allow your vision to be strong and clear and you you will see the opportunities that are here today.  Today is a good time to make lists of what it is you wish to create, and then invest in the powers of this full moon to make them happen.

Wednesday,  July 8:    Pale Blue

A Little Trivia:  at five minutes, six seconds past four this morning, it will be: 04:05:06 07/08/09:    So you really do not feel like getting anything done today?  That is the way the shifts are happening now.  You will feel yourself unable to get involved in your work.  You feel like kicking around a pebble.  Nothing special.  You will find that you cannot bring out any great enthusiasm or interest for projects when they are presented to you by others.  It is a good time to let your mind wander.  Not a day for confrontation or looking at anything straight on.

Thursday, July 9:    Fire Red

Things are really heating up today.  Tempers are short and tongues are sharp.  Keep to yourself and do not react.  You will find that many people are out there just trying to rile things up, and this is because they are feeling lost, without a center, and are falling into anger and fear.  This will be the general theme of things today and you will see it reflected in every area, including the news and weather.  It is a day when things can really get shaken up,.  Do not waste your time buying into what others are wanting you to do, be or believe.  The fire can cause anger and fear, but it can also burn away illusion.  Use the energies of the day to get rid of old thought patterns, habits, and ways that no longer serve you, and then you will find that it has been a most productive day.

Friday, July 10:    Dark Blue Silk

This will be a day when things seem easy, but look behind what seems for there may be more going on there.  If you are given information, look into it for any agendas that might be there.  Do not take things on face value.  It is not a good day for making choices as you may find later that you regret them.  There are those out there who are anxious to manipulate the energies of today and get things done according to their desires.  Be wary.  You will see your own power and wisdom in responses that are well thought out and timely.  Tonight., take time just to be with yourself and the people that you love.  By knowing and feeling the truth of that love, your strength and self-confidence will grow.

Saturday, July 11:    Sea Blue

This is a good day for just taking it easy and watching the world go by.  Anything you do will not make a difference anyhow.  Plan out some time to have a little fun.  Contact someone you have not spoken with for a while.  Do something creative, paint, draw, write, think big thoughts….whatever.  There are no worries today unless you choose to let them in, and if you do, you miught find that they are more troublesome than they need to be. Tonight, be a little crazy.  Enjoy WHO you are and laugh.