June 28-July 4

Overall Color for the Week:    No Color Straw

This is a week when little things can quickly escalate into larger things, when off-the-cuff remarks can cause reactions way out of proportion of the cause.  Watch what you do, how you deal with, people and keep an eye out for the unexpected.  There is a sense of unrest in the air.  Things will not feel right.  Your intuition, on the other hand, will be acute so follow the urgings of that regardless of how odd they may seem.  Intuition can be oftentimes the one thing that can avoid difficult situations.  The straight and narrow is not always the best path to take.  In the area of earth movements, there will be a series of small earthquakes happening in the Pacific which will be echoed later by activity in the Atlantic ridge.  Both coasts may be experiencing some temblors also.  Fear will be propagated in news stories.  Do not buy into it.  This is a time to know your inner strength and to use your inner clarity of vision.  Review the recent crop circles and the ones that will be appearing this week.  There is a meaning in them that hinges upon the totality of the past week and the upcoming ten days.

Sunday, June 28:    Tough 1/2 Minus Green

Today is not a good day to get things done.  Actually, you will feel yourself somewhat out of sorts for most of the day, as though something is missing.  There will be times when things just seem to disappear of their own accord.  Do not lose your cool.  Keep a sense of humor for that is the best way of getting through things.  There just will not be a real sense of being in control in what goes on, so accept that and do not take things too seriously.  Nighttime will bring a feeling of exhaustion as though you have just done too much today.  Give in to the tiredness, do not fight it.  Do a small bedtime ritual and be prepared for important dreams.

Monday, June 29:    Blue Green

Oh, dear, what is the matter.  You will be finding yourself emotional and even teary today.  Reactions will come quickly on every front, so do not overreact when things occur that surprise, shock or challenge you.  This is part of the energy of today.  Know that you have the strength to make it through everything that comes your way.  Take the stance of an observer today.  While others go crazy and plans fall apart, accept that these things happen and know that there is some pattern and some reason for what and how things  are happening the way they do.  It will all become clearer by the end of next week.  Tonight, pamper yourself.  Call friends, listen to good music, watch a movie, meditate.  These days call for centering and knowing what is truly important for you.  Honor that and follow your intuition.

Tuesday, June 30:    Medium Red

It is an in-between kind of time.  You will be finding yourself torn between different extremes.  Choices will come your way, but you will not be able to give an opinion one way or the other.  This is all right.  It is part of the energy of the day.  This is a day for being.  For letting the rest of the world pass you by.  It is not a time for choices.  It is a time for going within and regrouping.  You will find yourself by this evening feeling a renewed strength, a renewed vigor and a new sense of passion.  This is the day for allowing change into your life.  When evening comes, let the day move through you and look to your inner self for those things that you truly love

Wednesday, July 1:    Medium Grey

Canada Day:    There is a lack of clarity around today.  It is as though someone has drawn a veil over what is brewing.  There is a sense of uncertainty, unrest, and the growth of fear.  There are hints of terrible things to come in the news.  Be strong today.  Do not allow anything or anyone to startle you or shake you from what it is that you know to be true.  Stay within your power.  Look at things with the eyes of the heart for that vision is true and clear.  See the truth for what it is and to recognize the illusion.  Listen to your intuition.  Do not doubt it.  You are strong and powerful, regardless of what others might try to convince you of.  Walk slowly today and take things in.  If something seems meaningful, it probably is, so look into it.

Thursday, July 2:    Middle Rose

UFO Day – Commemorating the Crash in Roswell, New Mexico:    Today is a day for revelations from people, friends, family, in the news, and about yourself.  There is a light heartedness about the day and a joy in the news that will be coming out on different fronts.  You will feel that there is a goodness in the world and that there are occasions for joy in little things.  It is a day to celebrate WHO you are and to know that in all things you ARE truly taken care.  There will be synchronicities which will remind you of this.  On the other hand, others might make you doubt that there is a pattern and a choice.  These are illusions that others are trying to convince you of.  They cannot affect you unless yo allow them to.

Friday, July 3:    Light Lavender

You are on a roll today.  Things are great!  It is a good day for getting things done, tying up loose ends, and making all those calls you had put off for so long.  This is a day for honoring the past and all the people, incidents, and experiences that have gone into WHO you are on every level, the good and the bad.  (You might even want to do a past life regression meditation.)  Honor all that past data, know them for what they are and were, and let them go.  With the energy shifts, changes, blips, and roars, you will be needing to live securely in the present,  These past things are not helping that and will make you less able to deal with the changes that are coming.

Saturday, July 4:    Aquamarine

Independence Day:  This is a day for celebration and contemplation.  Know the joy that is part of being free, while at the same time you understand and undertake the responsibility of what that freedom means.  It is a day for communicating with family and friends.  It is a day for community.  As the world grows ever smaller and time is speeding up you will find yourself being drawn to people, places, things, foods, movies, events that never really attracted you before. Look for synchronicities today.  There are messages in the air.  There is a new vortex breaking out through the surface of the Earth that is focusing the energies of the ley lines.  Look for new correspondences in relationships and look for the old and outmoded to start drifting away.  It is a day for freedom and responsibility.  Know that you are powerful  Stay centered in your heart and open your true vision.  There is much to come.