September 20- 26

Color for the Week:    Rose Purple

This week will bring ends and beginnings.  There will be much upheaval in the air.  As these new energies attempt to adjust to this dimension and move into their proper alignment, you will find that there will be clashes, misunderstandings, flashes of genius, and fallings in love.  Be ready.  And, surprisingly, let it happen.  There are hints of the coming forth of the unknown, and perhaps these things are karmic remnants surfacing to be resolved.  This week will bring both the best and the worst.  You will be emotionally up and down.  Stay centered and be the observer.  There is much to be learned this week as the themes for the next two and a half years begin to make themselves known.  Watch the news.  There will be outbursts on many levels.  There is a political event in the Middle East that will have far reaching consequences.  The weather will be making the headlines as things begin to happen out of season.  Predictability is more and more difficult at these times as the new energies open up more options.  Look also for there to be more people and animals choosing to transition.

Sunday, September 20:    Aquamarine

This is a day of smooth sailing,  Many of the things that have been standing in your way will begin to be washed away.  You will find yourself joyous for no reason, but beware also of the sadness without a cause.  Today you will find yourself to be more psychic and in tune than you have ever been before, so work on those hunches.  There is someone who will be coming forth to aid you in a project that you have always wished to finish, but let sit aside and collect dust.  Be ready to accept help from unexpected areas.

Monday, September 21:    Medium Amber

Look out for what you bite off today, you may find that it is truly more than you can chew.  Think long and hard before committing to extra work or unexpected obligations.  These may be merely someone else setting you up.  Be alert, also, in your relationships with people,  You have changed and not all of them have come to the same space where you are;  There is a strong potential for misunderstanding.  If something is important to you, be sure that you spell out all the details,  You do not want to find later on that you were misinterpreted.

Tuesday, September 22:    Eighth Blue

Autumnal Equinox:   The two themes of the day are to go with the flow and to stay entered in WHO you are and what you desire.  This is a day when you can meld together your personal wishes with the energy of the equinox to  bring realization. You are at a tipping point and the energy you put into the way in which you wish the balance to fall will bring that about.  For many, this will be a day of fantasy.  Take it as such and believe that whatever you dream can come true.  Then hold on to that feeling and create a ceremony around it.  It is time to be a little crazy and to let go of the strong hold that your intellect has upon you.  Let the feelings go to work today and see what they can create!  The number 8 is a very powerful one.  The fact that today is characterized by 8th Blue indicates that this is a day when great advances can be made, but along with them can also come the potential for loss.  As you find yourself working with the energy of the Equinox, know that all indications today suggest a tipping point when things can be won or lost.  If you hold strong to the energies of the day and do not stray from your own truth, you will find that this day is an important one for you.  There will be new themes beginning for you, and if you are clear in what they portend, you will find that the nest two months will be most profitable for you on all levels.

Wednesday, September 23:    Full Blue

Look for revelations today from unexpected quarters.  These revelations may bring advancements in your position.  Know them for what they are and do not attempt to push the limits that they define.  Much can be accomplished today if you stay within the lines.  There are energies on the other side of what seems to be that are studying the scene perhaps to change the outcomes.  This is a time when you need to be truly WHO you are, and not allow yourself to fall into the illusion.  The energies are building everywhere around, and there is the sense today of something new and strong coming into the arena.  Look for crazy headlines and odd reactions.  But do not get involved with them.  You are still only seeing part of the picture, and it is too early to take any definite stand.

Thursday, September 24:    Dual Blue-Green

Today promises to be confusing.  There will be odd items in the news.  Friends will tell you of events they encountered that do not make sense.  You will get a sense of something happening,but then it will seem that it was all illusory.  There are old energies abroad today, energies that belong to the earth and its history.  They are making themselves felt in new ways these days.  There is a kind of confluence of things which makes you question old ideas and concepts.  Look today for new friends and experiences.  There is potential today for a growth in your relationships and your material conditions.  An opportunity will present itself and you must be ready to make a decision.  Be thoughtful and considering in how you decide.  There is much in the air today, but through it all, if you stay within your truth, all will go well.

Friday, September 25:    Orange

Today is a good day to enjoy life.  To take yourself out and experience the beauty of nature, the wonder of the clouds, the coldness of ice cream, the taste of chocolate.  You will find that things appear to you today in strong relief.  There will be many contrasts occurring — hot and cold, dark and light, kind and mean.  You will see them all, but more as an observer than a participant.

Saturday, September 26:    Deep Straw

There will be changes today occurring all around you, so much so that you will fell yourself to be out of touch with things.  There will be the sense of being in a waking-dream and the wondering of when it will all end.  You will find yourself dealing with time anomalies as clocks appear to run either too slow or too fast.  You will see people in a different light, and find yourself responding to them differently.  Much of this can cause confusion, even anger, on their parts.  You are feeling yourself coming more into your own, and you are not questioning intuitions that come your way.  This is a day when you will get a sense of what it can be to choose your own power.  This is a day upon which to believe what you have always known was true or to let the illusion remain.  Watch also for hints of things to come.