September 27 – October 3

Sunday, September 27:    Cherry Rose

Things are looking better today, better than they have been for a while.  There is much movement going on below the surface, and if you allow yourself to stay positive and in control of your emotions, you will find that there will be some rather large revelations coming your way today.  There is also the possibility that you will find you have unexpected strength and character when confronted by a situation and/or an individual who thought they were able to control you.  Stay firm in the knowledge that you can overcome all obstacles.  Do not allow yourself to be intimidated, and be optimistic.  This is a day when your powers are growing, if you  allow them to.

Monday, September 28:    Gallo Gold

Yom Kippur:    Take time today to determine what it is that you are truly desiring in your life — relationship, career, money, peace, etc..  This is a day when there can be very positive outcomes.  There is a message coming your way in an unexpected form.  It could be a letter, a quote, a chance wrong turn.  Look at things today to be more than what they appear on the surface.  The surface is merely an indication and a conjunction of the collective wishes and desires. Beneath the surface is where your power rests and it is there that you can make true and significant changes in your life.  This is a good day to go forward with that.  But know also that the seeds you plant today will come to fruition within the next two weeks.  Listen, look and most of all, feel.  And do not doubt.

Tuesday, September 29:    Light Straw

Mercury Goes Direct:    This is a good day to hold back in all  areas.  Do not make any forceful pronouncements or sign up for something new.  Things that happen today have no real basis, so if there are words spoken that you are not happy with, know that they will be blown away in the winds of fate as the week progresses.  Be careful in all areas today, even in the areas of what you eat and when.  If you have dietary guidelines, this is a day to follow them to the letter and not to splurge.  If there are people in your life that you are not happy with, just avoid them.  Too much of one thing today can lead to a falling apart.  It can be, however, a very good day, if you choose to wear blinders and not let anything affect you.

Wednesday, September 30:    Light Grey

Emotions are at the forefront today.  Be careful in your dealings with people for even as you are ready to give in to your emotions at the drop of a hat, so also are others.  Know that you will be meeting with someone today who can help you in a project that you have been thinking about, but unwilling to move forward on.  There is something new in the air, and that sense will leave you, along with everyone else a bit unsettled.  You are feeling that things are not turning out the way they should, but hold on to that and wait for the big picture to emerge before you  make any long-lasting, hard and fast decisions or even judgments.  .

Thursday, October 1:    Brilliant Blue

You will wake up this morning feeling a new clarity of vision and purpose.  There will be, however, just a slight nagging sensation of some dream that will not let you be.  But today is not a time to worry about that.  Be prepared throughout the day to have that sense return.   But all in all it will be a great day.  You will feel fine, and feel that you look fine and that all will be well.  You will be given choices to make, and you will make the right ones.  What matters today is that things look great, feel great, and basically are great.  Take time to enjoy little things and to spend time in conversation with loved ones.  There are messages to make  and messages to receive.  Everything is just right for true emotions and sentiments to come through.

Friday, October 2:     Fisher Fuchsia

Today is a day when things will look great, but look below the surface for there is more to what you are seeing than really appears.  The good thing is that if you take the time and expend the energy to get in touch with the reality behind the seeming, you will find yourself with a new recognition of things, a new sense of purpose, and a renewed sense of direction.  If, however, you choose to dwell in the illusion, be prepared to find yourself moving into more and more confusion.  The energies today are pivotal as they stand in that cirtical between-area where reality meets dreams.  If you are able to hook into the dual energies, you can make your dreams into the reality you desire.

Saturday, October 3:    Rose Purple

There are things and people from your past that were important to you, and of which and whom you have not thought of for a long time.  This is a day to allow nostalgia to lead you for in the encounter with those energies, you will find renewed sense of purpose and renewed ability to create what it is you desire.  you are a patchwork of past, present, and future.  Too often we become mired in the present with all its concerns and problems and joys and forget to see the  bigger picture.  In the picture, we gain our true perspective and find that we can do that which we truly desire.