October 4 – 10

Overall Color for the Week:    Mauve

Take time this week to honor what it is that has made you what you are.  Take time to sit and journal or just meditate over the times of your life that were critical in your development,  Think of the people who were instrumental in allowing you to become WHO you are.  This is a good time to situate yourself in your personal history.  Knowing WHO you are and the influences that have made you WHO you are will be important as the times begin to spin more and more into some kind of confusion.  You will need to have the strong place within yourself to go to for perspective and solace.  There will be new people moving into and out of your frame of reference.  You  may find yourself overwhelmed by some blusterous and overbearing individuals.  Know that through all the experiences of this week, you have the strength and the wisdom to know what is true and what is merely illusion.  Allow the full moon on Sunday to shine light into confused areas of your life, and be prepared to make some hard but necessary decisions. On the world front, there will be more shake ups in nature.  Look for more earthquakes, some in unexpected places.  There will also be out of season storms and disasters in Europe and the Middle East.  Do not allow yourself to be dragged into fear or panic about terrorists or pandemics.  Know that through all of this, you have the vision to see what will affect you amd what is happening because it must.

Sunday, October 4:    Storaro Violet

Full Moon – Harvest Moon:    There is much today that can bring you understanding in areas in which you feel you have no clue.  The energies of this time are bringing to fruition a lot of the desires you planted some time ago.  Do not be startled by revelations of things you knew to be true but never wished to face.  There is much more in hiding today than will come forth, but the next two weeks will show to you the path that you are to take.  You have gotten somewhat confused and tangled up in other people’s stuff, and the energies of the full moon are bringing to light what it is that you are truly meant to do and be.  Be cautious in your words and dress.  There are those out there who are looking to make things more confusing.  If you stand strong in your power, there are things that will become obvious to you, and you will end the day being centered and strong.

Monday, October 5:    Light Frost White

This is not a good day for becoming involved in anything.  You will find yourself with physical symptoms that are transitory, yet part of the matrix of things that are happening now.  You have the power to move forward, but today is not a good day to do so.  Be wary of so-called compatriots and associates who seem to take you seriously and to value your work.  They have been watching you for your weaknesses.  So while the day is one in which your personal power does not seem to shine through quite as it can, know  that you have the perspicacity and wisdom to see things as they are.  This is not a day for action, however, it is a day for analysis.

Tuesday, October  6:  Calcolor 16 Yellow

Okay, so things had to reach this point.  You will find that for those who have been hiding things and being untrue in their words, a lot of stuff is hitting the fan.  This is not a day for rejoicing in the fact that a lot of people, stuff and things that were empty while seeming full are being exposed, rather it is a day to go within and flush out a lot of the stuff inside of you that has kept you trapped in relationships, jobs, obligations, etc. that you do not need, that do not further WHO you are.  This is a day for courage.  But true courage is rare,  Be strong  in yourself and comfortable in doing what you can to bring your power out.  You have the strength.  You just need to trust yourself.  And having trusted yourself, live with that for a while  And when that while is up, you will know just exactly what to do.

Wednesday, October 7:    Alice Blue

Truth and Illusion will be the themes for today.  You must be ready to use your intuition to see through the illusion that will be presented to you to the truth behind it.  There will be meaning in so many things today, that you must at all times be open to messages, hints, and gestures.  It is important not to allow yourself to overreact to situations for that is all part of the illusory nature of many of the things that are going on today.  There will be those who feel that if they can get some kind of a rise out of you,. that means that you have come to their side.  But do not take sides today.  Step back and look at what is going on around you.  There are opportunities in people and things.  Be alert to those and do not discredit the advice of a stranger.

Thursday, October 8:    CalColor 30 Yellow

Take care of your health today.  If there are things that bother you when you eat them, do not eat them.  Do the wash your hands thing often and think about cleansing on all levels.  There is much outside going on today that can infect you in various ways.  Do not become overly involved in or upset by emotional news items or weather happenings.  There is more within you that needs to be tended to.  There is a shift going on on all levels,and if you allow yourself to get out of control, then you can find yourself caught up in situations and with people that you do now wish to deal with.  Take care.  Observe, and think twice before taking any action.  When the night comes, be good to yourself.  Take time to center and then do something you enjoy.

Friday. October 9:    Medium Yellow

There is much that can happen today, but there are also many obstacles that will be appearing.  It is not a good time to take any giant steps towards realizing one of your goals.  The time would be better spent sitting down and writing out what it is that you would like to accomplish in the next few days.  There is a big energy shift that will be coming in on the fifteenth, and in order to prepare for it, you need to be strong in your desires and clear in your goals.  Today there will be some unease which can be seen in some unexpected news coming from people you know.  It is not a good time to buy into what it is they are trying to tell you between the lines, but stay strong in what you know to be your truth.

Saturday, October 10:    Delft Blue

Be prepared for some physical symptoms today that may make you think that you are coming down with something.  These feelings are just part of the beginning of the energy shift.  You will be finding yourself in situations in which you are not feeling completely comfortable and with people who seem to be trying to goad you into their position.  Take an observer’s viewpoint and do not commit.  Be careful in your words and deeds as many things today can be misinterpreted.