February 28-March 6

Overall Color for the Week:   Cal-Color 90 Cyan

Things are bad, and will not be getting much better this. week,.  Sit back.  Patience.  Put on headphones.  Let the rest of the stuff be as it is. You cannot do anything about it right now.  And if you try, you will become frustrated and perhaps even bitter.  The week starts in medium energy.  So-so.  Things are just there.  Then you will find that you are feeling a bit better in every area, even physically for there are things there that you have been refusing to look at for fear….  Just for that, fear.  But the point at which you decide things are going to work out is when stuff can just fall apart.  This is week not to make plans.  This is a week in which sticking to a sense of humor will bring you out on top of all things.  There are shadows in the alleys, and they are there to remind you of things you thought you had finished with.  Stay away from the dark places.  Keep your focus on the light.   Look to your strengths and know what LOVE truly means to you and you can conquer big time this week, even as things around you seem to fall apart.  Namaste.

On the larger scale, expect the unexpected in all areas.  Expect secrets to come out and politicians, leaders, business tycoons, and news makers to be snarling and quipping and quarreling.  This is not a week in which there will be agreement on things.  People will be up in the air about this, that, and the other thing.  This is not a week when things will be running smoothly.  There is much negativity and fear around and that kind of energy feeds upon itself much more quickly than the feeling of things being well.  The Earth is moving again, so hold on.  But know that this will become commonplace as the ring of fire finds itself beginning to close up.  There are extremes in the environment and the weather coming.  Shorelines will be shrinking this year, and lakes that were low will become full to overflowing.  Watch for unusual currents in rivers.  Water problems are beginning to be seen now, and as the year progresses, they will become more obvious.  Stay centered and look through things rather than just at them, and you will be fine.  The financial bubble is beginning to leak, so do not believe rosy forecasters.  They are working to change things so that a new kind of financial situation is created even while you are focusing on what is falling apart.  Time will tell how that will work. Continue reading

February 21-27

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 60 Pink

This will be a somewhat temperamental week.  You will be finding yourself on a roller coaster emotionally and physically.  Things will seem out of focus and foreign, even those things with which you are very familiar.  It is as though your perspective is changing.  Approach people and situations with caution.  Think before you act, and be prepared to step back a lot.  This is not a good time for advancing your issues or agenda.  There is a lot of misunderstanding in the air, and if you are too quick to act, things will be unrewarded, down played, and overlooked.  There will be a lot happening within yourself below the surface, so be prepared for revelations, both personal and in regard to others.  There is a surprise coming your way this week also, so do not overlook the obvious, as the week ends on an up note which makes the weekend a good time to spend time with friends and in doing things you love..

On the larger scene, there will be much of the same, with people and events being some what confused and uncertain.  Look for attempts in the media to cover up items and to put a spin on things that are so obviously what they are.  This is a week for knowing that you have the vision to see through things and to perceive the larger picture.  Expect the Earth to be making some big shifts this week.  There will be attempts made to down play, even deny, some of these events, even after they have been reported.  The sun is shifting and turning, so there will be magnetic upsurges.  Once, again electronics can feel the brunt.  Expect also some out of season weather events and early storms.  There is  a rumbling going on under the crust, and there will be shocks and effects along the ley lines as the magnetics of the Earth begin to react to extra-solar events.  Also there is some kind of new energy approaching from the galaxy, so do not be surprised if you are not feeling well without any seeming cause. Continue reading

February 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:    Pale Amber Gold

This week is for stepping back and just letting things take their course.  Any overt actions on your part, especially when you are trying to  control situations, will just leave you frustrated.  Step back and let others take the limelight.  You do not need it — or even want it.  There is much in the air this week that is not true.  Therefore do  not allow yourself to believe a lot of the spin that you hear around you regardless of how “true” the source.  It is still merely spin.  This is a week for testing your gullibility.  Do not take things at face value.  Make no judgements, and do not buy into schemes.  If you make this your modus operandi this week, you will find that by the end of the week you have learned a lot, experienced a lot, felt a lot , and feel stronger in WHO you are,.

Sunday, February 14:    Half Green

Valentine’s Day; Chinese New Year — Year of the Tiger:    This is a somewhat confusing, but interesting, kind of day.  Things will start on an up note, and you will be feeling that this will be a day in which to get lots of things done, then, all of a sudden, your energy levels will drop along with your general mood.  But that feeling will not last, you will find that there are things going on that are great and there will be signs that tell you that all is well.  So, from afternoon on, the day will take on a new character and will be one of clear sailing and good humor.  Expect a surprise tonight, for there are things that need to be shared. Continue reading

February 7-13

Overall Color for the Week:    Sea Blue

This is a weeks of ups and downs.  At one point, you will be feeling great and on top of everything, and then it will all change.  You will be happy with what you are doing, and upon second look, feel like destroying it.  With this kind of energy going on, the best thing to do is just to step back from things and look twice.  Put obligations, decisions, and important conversations on hold.  You can learn of how important you are in the reality around you by taking the time to wait things out until you feel you have a good grasp on the situation.  There are things under the surface that need to come up, and it is better to wait now for that to happen rather than to move ahead only to find out later that those hidden items and agendas jeopardize the success of your desires.

On the broader scene, there is something stirring that is going to cause a lot of unrest and fear.  It can come in the form of an Earth movement or an unexpected announcement.  There is an influx of energy into the solar system that is causing things to wobble, and this relates to movements of asteroids, planets, etc.  There will be highs and lows in the activity of the sun, none of which follows expectations.  There will be small earthquakes in new areas that are actually further reverberations of movements below the sea bed, especially those connected with undersea volcanoes.  Watch for there to be talk of old things coming around again.  This is a way of trying to control people through their fear of things recurring. Stay centered and objective in all of this.  There is a pattern coming together right now and this is all part of it. Continue reading