February 21-27

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 60 Pink

This will be a somewhat temperamental week.  You will be finding yourself on a roller coaster emotionally and physically.  Things will seem out of focus and foreign, even those things with which you are very familiar.  It is as though your perspective is changing.  Approach people and situations with caution.  Think before you act, and be prepared to step back a lot.  This is not a good time for advancing your issues or agenda.  There is a lot of misunderstanding in the air, and if you are too quick to act, things will be unrewarded, down played, and overlooked.  There will be a lot happening within yourself below the surface, so be prepared for revelations, both personal and in regard to others.  There is a surprise coming your way this week also, so do not overlook the obvious, as the week ends on an up note which makes the weekend a good time to spend time with friends and in doing things you love..

On the larger scene, there will be much of the same, with people and events being some what confused and uncertain.  Look for attempts in the media to cover up items and to put a spin on things that are so obviously what they are.  This is a week for knowing that you have the vision to see through things and to perceive the larger picture.  Expect the Earth to be making some big shifts this week.  There will be attempts made to down play, even deny, some of these events, even after they have been reported.  The sun is shifting and turning, so there will be magnetic upsurges.  Once, again electronics can feel the brunt.  Expect also some out of season weather events and early storms.  There is  a rumbling going on under the crust, and there will be shocks and effects along the ley lines as the magnetics of the Earth begin to react to extra-solar events.  Also there is some kind of new energy approaching from the galaxy, so do not be surprised if you are not feeling well without any seeming cause.

Sunday, February 21:    Congo Blue

There will be things lurking in the shadows today, so do not be startled when the unexpected happens.  You will know that some of the secrets that you have been keeping need to come to the surface, and there will be abundant signs today that this is the time.  There is a clarity in the air today along with a recognition of what it is that you are about and what everyone else is about.  This is a time for a move towards understanding of each other, and on the larger scene, a move towards understanding what is happening on the planet and where we fit in this the overall scheme of things.  This is not a day for judging, but a day for feeling, feeling good about yourself, about others, and forgiving all those things that have held you from moving forward in your thinking and visioning.

Monday, February 22:    Half Green

This is not a day for making great plans or attempting monumental projects.  You will find yourself politely blocked in many of the things you wish to accomplish;.  Look for those around you to be condescending and belittling of your achievements.  Stay centered in knowing that you are hatching great projects and that the things that you are planning will come to fruition, just not today.  This is a day for doing things that make you feel good.  Wear a favorite outfit, have a treat, spend time with good friends.  These activities will be wonderful.  It is a good day to stay close to hoe and if you cannot, then be the observer in what lies around you,  Do not take things too seriously.  Be open to messages in coincidences and slips of the tongue.  The time is quickly coming when you will begin to know beforehand what is coming, and there are hints of these things in the air today.

Tuesday, February 23:    No Color Pink

This is a day when you are going to feel great.  You will feel that everything is going your way.  DO not try to analyze, just bask in that feeling and you will find that things will come easily to you today.  So if there is some great project you have been putting off starting out of nervousness or fear, this is a good day to get to it.  You will find that things that you put in the works a while ago are finally coming to pass.  There are pleasant surprises abounding today.  Let this be a good day and it will.  Do not question, do not attempt to control  Let the energies flow for they are playful and loving today and you can benefit greatly.

Wednesday, February 24:    Cal-Color 90 Yellow

You will wake up today wondering where all the energy you had just went.  The morning will feel as though it will never end.  Take care in your morning routine, as there is the possibility for things to spill or boil over.  You will be faced with a number of tasks to finish and decisions to make.  This is not the time to step back and not let them happen, rather make the decisions and finish the tasks for as the day progresses there is an energy that will bring things to a close, and even a triumphant one.  There is a feeling of fulfillment in the afternoon, and you will sense that something that you have been waiting for is on its way.  Be alert and open to things around you.  Be available for phone calls, e-mails, etc.  BY being open and allowing, you will see that things progress to a point at which a treasured hope desire, and/or goal is finally realized.  Tonight, take time to celebrate.

Thursday, February 25:    Orange Light

The energies of today are on an even keep.  Take advantage of this and put aside some time just to veg-out.  Do something mindless.  Be silly.  Day dream.  You will find that things that seemed far away are coming into perspective.  There is much milling around at the edges, and there are some shocks that are being brought in by the energy of the sun and the instability of various places on the earth.  Be kind to yourself and others today.  This is a day for learning what it means to be understanding.  This learning will hold you in good stead as the year wears on.  There are many challenges ahead, but you have the strength and stamina to meet them and go forward.  Take time today to honor your own abilities.

Friday, February 26:    Bright Blue

This is a day when people will be feeling the desire to tout WHO they are.  This can lead to clashes of opinion and misunderstandings.  Not everyone can be right in regard to a particular issue.  So stay back and be secure in knowing what you know.  There will be a sense of good cheer around in the middle of the day, but it will not last.  Look out for some people in authority to come out with judgements and accusations.  Hold tight to what you know.  If you can be quiet and centered throughout today, you will find that there will be time and reason to relax and be joyful this evening.  Interestingly enough, this is a good day to make an investment in something that you always thought was crazy, be it friendship, contest, restaurant, etc.

Saturday, February 27:   quarter Hamburg Frost

This is a very good day to stay home.  Read a book.  Watch a movie.  Make a cake.  Find out what it is that is your area of comfort and go with that because outside, the storm will be raging.  If you choose to become part of it, make sure that before you go out, you decide that you will be the observer and let everything happen around you.  If you find yourself getting involved in issues and concerns and general stuff be aware that emotional stuff will drag you down, not only today, but there will be reminders and echoes for the next three weeks.  This is a day that is best for pulling together what you know and for being with that.  And if you are out doing things, stay centered.  Observe.  There are things to learn.  Do not buy in.