February 28-March 6

Overall Color for the Week:   Cal-Color 90 Cyan

Things are bad, and will not be getting much better this. week,.  Sit back.  Patience.  Put on headphones.  Let the rest of the stuff be as it is. You cannot do anything about it right now.  And if you try, you will become frustrated and perhaps even bitter.  The week starts in medium energy.  So-so.  Things are just there.  Then you will find that you are feeling a bit better in every area, even physically for there are things there that you have been refusing to look at for fear….  Just for that, fear.  But the point at which you decide things are going to work out is when stuff can just fall apart.  This is week not to make plans.  This is a week in which sticking to a sense of humor will bring you out on top of all things.  There are shadows in the alleys, and they are there to remind you of things you thought you had finished with.  Stay away from the dark places.  Keep your focus on the light.   Look to your strengths and know what LOVE truly means to you and you can conquer big time this week, even as things around you seem to fall apart.  Namaste.

On the larger scale, expect the unexpected in all areas.  Expect secrets to come out and politicians, leaders, business tycoons, and news makers to be snarling and quipping and quarreling.  This is not a week in which there will be agreement on things.  People will be up in the air about this, that, and the other thing.  This is not a week when things will be running smoothly.  There is much negativity and fear around and that kind of energy feeds upon itself much more quickly than the feeling of things being well.  The Earth is moving again, so hold on.  But know that this will become commonplace as the ring of fire finds itself beginning to close up.  There are extremes in the environment and the weather coming.  Shorelines will be shrinking this year, and lakes that were low will become full to overflowing.  Watch for unusual currents in rivers.  Water problems are beginning to be seen now, and as the year progresses, they will become more obvious.  Stay centered and look through things rather than just at them, and you will be fine.  The financial bubble is beginning to leak, so do not believe rosy forecasters.  They are working to change things so that a new kind of financial situation is created even while you are focusing on what is falling apart.  Time will tell how that will work.

Sunday, February 28:    Quarter Blue

Full Snow Moon:  Expect extra stresses and pressures that are now being felt within the Earth as Gaia shifts her focus to be reflected in how people are acting today.  The pull of the full moon can act to trigger other events. Things are happening in waves and lines, so look for coincidences to be felt.  This will happen also in your own life today.  There is a sense of melancholy around and with a sense of unreality.  People seem to be acting in a haze, and yo will be feeling the same.  things will not make a lot of sense today so do not jump to conclusions nor take words and actions on face value.  Things are just not clear.  Be aware of physical shifts and changes and go within to see whether they are merely reactions to what is happening outside or real items of concern.  There are things going on on many levels, but generally there is not a lot of clarity around.  Take time with things that you do toady and be patient, understanding and compassionate.  This is a good day to change certain habits that you are not happy with.  This is a good day for starting a shift you have been planning on.  You will see results more quickly and you will find that it was easier to do than you thought.  All of this has to do with focus and the fact that right now, it is blurry.

Monday, March 1:    Red Diffusion

Expect things to stay in the same basic mode in which they were yesterday.  There is no clarity and focus is almost non-existent.  This  can lead to more misunderstandings and differences of opinion.  This is not a good day for getting things clear or straightening them out.  You may feel that you have presented an issue in detail, however people just do not get it.  Pushing things will lead to frustration and even anger.  Hold back today and do not expect to get great things done.  Anything finished in this energy will need to be unraveled and even completely redone later on.  Sta centered in WHO you are and keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself.  Tonight, do something that makes you feel good   – a hot bath, a glass of wine, a favorite movie.  Tonight is a good time to dream.

Tuesday, March 2:    Cal-Color 90 Blue

The energies of this day are great for working things out, putting on finishing touches, making a winning argument, so go for it.  Do not hold back in any areas in which you are attempting to make a showing for yourself.  You can do it today and you will be noticed.  There are people around today who will be willing and able to help you with plans that you have made in the past but just never were able to bring to fruition.  Listen to the advice you hear for there are deeper messages hidden in some of the words, likewise look to your dreams.  Also be open to meeting new people today for you never know where that will get you.

Wednesday, March 3:    Tipton Blue

Have a great day.  The energies are around to make things work out for you if you will allow it to happen.   This is a good day for trying something new or finishing something that you had doubts about.  There is much serendipity in the air and there are things that are out there waiting for you to discover.  If you think you see something that is not there, well, then you did, so perhaps it was there all the time.  The same thing is true with your desires, if you feel that you can accomplish them, then today you can.  Take time today to enjoy the world around you in all its myriad aspects.  Think of what it means to you to be creative and take a moment to create a bit of joy.  Its effects will last a long time.

Thursday, March 4:    Cal-Color 15 Lavender

You might feel yourself a bit tired or under the weather when you wake up this morning, so take a moment to stretch your muscles and just feel your body.  Getting in touch with the physical can work to ground you in the stresses of the day.  You will find that the middle of the day will bring a somewhat low point in which you might feel that things are not happening the way you would like them, or that great project you have been working on is not that great.  Step back from all that for as the afternoon wears on, you will find your perspective shift and things will look a lot better.  This evening is good for going out and enjoying friends and sharing stories or a long conversation by phone or on line — all of these things will be fun and relaxing and leave you with a sense of well being.

Friday, March 5:    Deep Straw

You will find it hard to get started today, and once you get started, you are going to fins it hard to get motivated and get things done, but a little before noon, things will begin to shift and you will find that your energy levels begin to rise rapidly along with your attitude and your expectation.  The afternoon is a great time for camaraderie, so enjoy being with people.  There is much in this world to enjoy, so take time to enjoy it.  The rest of the day will soar along, and in the evening, you will feel a renewed sense of optimism and sense that things are getting better.

Saturday, March 6:    Lilac

Why it is so hard to get up on a Saturday?  Sometimes it just happens that way, but after you get up you will feel very energetic and in fact, get quite a lot accomplished.  You will find that the afternoon will drag on and you are feeling like you cannot do or say anything right.  Take some time to be by yourself.  Center in WHO you are and get a grip on the things about yourself that you love, many of which you have overlooked in the crazy energies of the past few weeks.  Once you have done that, things will look better.