February 14-20

Overall Color for the Week:    Pale Amber Gold

This week is for stepping back and just letting things take their course.  Any overt actions on your part, especially when you are trying to  control situations, will just leave you frustrated.  Step back and let others take the limelight.  You do not need it — or even want it.  There is much in the air this week that is not true.  Therefore do  not allow yourself to believe a lot of the spin that you hear around you regardless of how “true” the source.  It is still merely spin.  This is a week for testing your gullibility.  Do not take things at face value.  Make no judgements, and do not buy into schemes.  If you make this your modus operandi this week, you will find that by the end of the week you have learned a lot, experienced a lot, felt a lot , and feel stronger in WHO you are,.

Sunday, February 14:    Half Green

Valentine’s Day; Chinese New Year — Year of the Tiger:    This is a somewhat confusing, but interesting, kind of day.  Things will start on an up note, and you will be feeling that this will be a day in which to get lots of things done, then, all of a sudden, your energy levels will drop along with your general mood.  But that feeling will not last, you will find that there are things going on that are great and there will be signs that tell you that all is well.  So, from afternoon on, the day will take on a new character and will be one of clear sailing and good humor.  Expect a surprise tonight, for there are things that need to be shared.

Monday, February 15:    Bright Blue

Presidents’ Day:    You are going to feel that things are great today.  You will find yourself with a new sense of perspective and a broadened horizon.  Look for verifications of these feelings to come from unexpected places and persons.  This is a day when opportunity abound,s do be daring.  If something comes your way that normally you might not feel up to, go for it, for there are possibilities of unexpected rewards in the air today.  Also be aware of new people, contacts, and/or leads that come into your life.  There is a plan unfolding here.

Tuesday, February 16:    Light Salmon Pink

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday:    Today is a good day for just kicking back and having a good time.  There is a sense of camaraderie in the air, and it is a good day for socializing.  It is also a good day for making contact with people you have not seen  for some time.  Look towards things that are attracting you today for you will be finding that your tastes are changing.  There will be things in your path today for you to take notice of.  So watch for synchronicity.  Also, this is a day when Freudian Slips can abound.  Take heed.  Pay no attention to the itching sense of something about to happen.  That is in the future.  Today is just a day to relax.

Wednesday, February 17:    Half Blue

Ash Wednesday/Lent Begins:    You will start the day not feeling quite yourself.  You will have a sense that you have forgotten something, perhaps missed something, just  something not quite right. This is not a time for self doubt or questioning for you are responding to shifts and changes in the energy of the day.  This is a day to step back out of things and regroup.  Your energy levels are low.  Let others take the lead if they wish to.  But be observant today for there is more happening than meets the eye.  Look for hints and clues in the today’s energies which point to coming shifts and changes both personally and on a wider scale.  Do not take things that are said personally.  Everyone is a bit confused and out of sorts.

Thursday, February 18:    Red Diffusion

Sun in Pisces:    This is a good day for staying on the sidelines.  There is the potential for misunderstanding and conflict in the air.  Keep to your own ways and work.  Physically you may be feeling not quite well and yo may find yourself a bit prone to depression.  Tasks that you have been working on may seem never ending and people that you have issues with will seem unbearable.  Take the time today to be by yourself and just observe what is going on,.  Know that you have the power to be in control of the things that you desire, but that today, efforts made in that area will not yield positive results at this time.  It is a good day for planning, so take the time to decide what it is that you wish, that you wish to accomplish, and that you wish to do.  Then, when things are better you will find th e strength that you gained through this exercise coming out to help you realize your goals.

Friday, February 19:    Light Steel Blue

Things will seem easy and upbeat today, but that is all part of the facade.  There is much hidden in what is presenting itself to you, so look into things for deeper meanings, etc.    This is  a day when you will be firmly entrenched in your own power, so you can meet challenges and obstacles head on and expect to get through with flying colors.  That makes it a good day to have those conversations that you have been putting off.  Know that you have the insight to see things for what they are and you have the reserves to make your point known and to take charge of things.

Saturday, February 20:    Half Orange Sun

Today is a tired kind of day, but know that this is merely a time of regrouping.  Your energies have been depleted on many levels and your physicality has been challenged by events both in this world and in the Universe at large.  Today is a day for grounding and moving forward.  It is a time to get used to the things that have changed in your life since this new year began and to ready yourself for the changes that are yet to come.  Expect the unexpected from people y7ou know, but do not judge them or yourself too harshly today.  There is unpredictability in the air today and while that makes the day challenging, and fun, and exciting, it can also wear on your nerves and leave you feeling out of sorts.  This is a day for doing and holding back at the same time, so attempt to keep a balance in all that you do.