February 7-13

Overall Color for the Week:    Sea Blue

This is a weeks of ups and downs.  At one point, you will be feeling great and on top of everything, and then it will all change.  You will be happy with what you are doing, and upon second look, feel like destroying it.  With this kind of energy going on, the best thing to do is just to step back from things and look twice.  Put obligations, decisions, and important conversations on hold.  You can learn of how important you are in the reality around you by taking the time to wait things out until you feel you have a good grasp on the situation.  There are things under the surface that need to come up, and it is better to wait now for that to happen rather than to move ahead only to find out later that those hidden items and agendas jeopardize the success of your desires.

On the broader scene, there is something stirring that is going to cause a lot of unrest and fear.  It can come in the form of an Earth movement or an unexpected announcement.  There is an influx of energy into the solar system that is causing things to wobble, and this relates to movements of asteroids, planets, etc.  There will be highs and lows in the activity of the sun, none of which follows expectations.  There will be small earthquakes in new areas that are actually further reverberations of movements below the sea bed, especially those connected with undersea volcanoes.  Watch for there to be talk of old things coming around again.  This is a way of trying to control people through their fear of things recurring. Stay centered and objective in all of this.  There is a pattern coming together right now and this is all part of it.

Sunday, February 7:   Light Rose

Super Bowl Sunday:    This is a good day to spend time just enjoying how things are.  Stay away from extremes because 1) they will get you nowhere, and 2) nobody out there is looking to buy into them.  So just take it easy.  IT is a good day also for small projects, like baking that loaf of bread that you have been meaning to do for a long time or re-arranging that bookshelf.   Whatever you do, do it mindfully.  Be aware of where you are and what you are doing.  And be appreciative of the little things that have brought joy to your life.  If you take that tack today, you will find that there will be a surprise awaiting you as the day comes to a close.

Monday:    February 8:    Light Tough Frost

There will be things coming your way today that are going to upset you and cause you to become reactive.  Think before you do anything.  When situations arise that you have to deal with, take some time to plan out your strategy.  This is not a good day for 8i pulses.  Anything done in haste will come back to bite you.  There will be challenges also in communications as people misinterpret what is being said or done.  Step back from it all.  Center in WHO you are and take time to think of how you approach the challenges that appear in front of you if this were to be a perfect world.  In so doing, you will find that you will be noticed by someone who will be of assistance to you as time goes by.

Tuesday, February 9:    Blue Green

Something does not feel quite right today, as though there is a creepy feeling somewhere.  You cannot put your finger on it, and you are going to choose to ignore it as that is more comfortable than taking a look at what is truly going on.  Things below the surface are coming to the top and showing themselves.  You can choose to see them for what they are or you can ignore them.  If you choose to see them for what they are, it will result in your taking a new perspective on many of the  things in your life that you took for granted.  It will be a first step in coming to a new appreciation of WHO you are and a greater acceptance of your potential.  If you choose to ignore them, then you may find that you begin to develop physical symptoms of resistance.  In order to overcome these, you must accept that you are not, at this time, willing to look at other alternatives and be with that decision.

Wednesday, February 10:    Leaf Green

Things today will be both real and not real.  You will be feeling that you have a grip onm situations around you and that you are understanding what people are saying, but a t the same time, you are going to feel that you are not really getting it.  There are hints in words that are said and things that are done that can bring you to a greater understanding of some of the questions you have had about things that do not seem to be going right in your life, so take a look at any synchronicities that come your way.  Also when that feeling of deja vu comes in, do not let it pass, but take a look at what has brought it forward.  There is something in that that can answer a long held worry.  Look to your dreams tonight and for the rest of the week./  Masks are off and there is new light in hidden areas so things can be seen that have been hidden.

Thursday, February 11:    Booster Blue

The energies of the day are good for getting things done.  You will find yourself involved in projects and dealings that will seeming exciting and doable.  Use the sense of can-do today to tackle issues, personalities, and items that you have been putting aside, even dreading, for there is an impetus in the day’s energies that can impel you not only to take risks, but also to succeed in these.  Look also to spend some time with people.  There are messages that are in the air today.,m and you will need the filter of other people to understand what they are.  This is an outward looking kind of day, so be alert, listen, look, and be alive.  And then this evening, take some time to review the day’s happenings.  You may just see a pattern.

Friday, February 12:    Mauve

Lincoln’s Birthday:    There is a calmness in the air today that will leave you feeling better about many of the things that have been perplexing you.  This is a good day for creating things in your life.  This is a good day for working on the more ethereal or spiritual aspects of your being.  Look to what fulfills your soul and take some time to honor that by doing it.  If you enjoy a quiet moment of meditation, go for it, or perhaps a walk outside or a special treat.  Things that you enjoy tell you something about yourself, so look to what brings you joy and feel what it is that it means for you as WHO you are.

Saturday, February 13:    Quarter Green

New Moon in Aquarius:    There will be someone around today that is causing you some irritation.  Much of this derives from what is being reflected about you in your encounter or relationship with them.  Take this as an opportunity to understand what it is that is bugging you.  Additionally, you will be feeling that things are being hidden from you and you are not being given the whole story.  This is frustrating.  Although you had the sense that everything is under control when you got up, as the day wears on, you will feeling that you have lost it which might be accompanied by physical symptoms.  Take a look at all of this for they are opportunities to understand what it is that you are being drawn to.  There is change in the air and everyone is feeling and reacting to it..  The reactions stems from long held convictions, habits, and relations that need to be re-evaluated.  This is a good day for it.