January 31 – February 6

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 60 Green

Enjoy this week, for it is the best that you will have for a long time.  So do the things you want to do.  Take the chances that you would not have otherwise, and tell them what you have always wanted to say.  They are open and the energies of the week can make magic happen.  There is much promise in the air, promise of spring, so take some time to p[lant ideas, strategies, desires, and wishes that you have in this energy.  Things started now have the [potential for reaching manifestation more rapidly than otherwise.  There will be ups and downs and obstacles, but none will be so overwhelming that you cannot handle them.  That is because your power is growing and if you choose to stay rooted in the knowing that you can do anything, then you will find that you get much accomplished this week, and that you do not fall into the dilemmas and illusions that others may be trying to send your way.

Sunday, January 31:    Blue Green

This is a day when things will be going well, and then there will be a glitch.  Again, things will go well, only to be followed by a glitch.  Do not take it too seriously.  Let your sense of humor be your guide in all things.  There is something coming from a small person that might just surprise you.  Also.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities that are there but still somewhat hidden.  You can read the clues if you will let go of any preconceived notions.

Monday, February 1:    Dark Bastard Amber

So you might just feel like hiding under the covers today, but you cannot.  Get out there and listen with all your sense to what is going on around you.  There is much more than meets the eye, and there are those out there who are looking to deceive you.  Interestingly., those who want to take the power away from you are thinking that you are not wise to their game, but the energies of the day will bring any duplicity into strong focus.  Look into what is happening and find the truth there.  If you do that, you will find that this will be a great day when you can accomplish much in the wider world, and personally you can come to terms with a lot of issues that have been bugging you but you were not really ready to look at.

Tuesday, February 2: Lime

Groundhog Day, Imbolc, Candlemas:  What more can we say.  There is something here today for everyone so decide what it is that you want and what you want to do with this month.  There is news in the air of some events that you were waiting for.  Perhaps a resolution to a long drawn out problem or issue.  There is also someone out there who can give you some insight on a problem you have been dealing with, so do not discount signs or words regardless of the source.  Oftentimes it is the fool who speaks the truth, hidden albeit, but true.

Wednesday, February 3:    Medium Salmon Pink

Today is a day when things will just be going along on an even keel.  There will be issues and people coming your way, but the energies make it difficult for things to blow up into huge proportions.  Do not expect to get a lot done, yet you will feel by the end of that day that you have accomplished something.  Look for an unexpected call or summons or just a hint of things to come.  There will not be much coming of it now, but remember for it will become a theme as time goes on.

Thursday, February 4:    Deep Straw

There are going to be lots of things in people’s faces today.  There will be some true revelations coming out, but at the same time there will be attempts to cover over things that are beginning to be revealed.  So look for confusing answers from people and conflicting reports about things that are going on.  It is not you.  It is the energy of the day.  There are radiation bands that are intersecting the Earth right now and these are working on a magnetic level to shift and stir up and even cause some electronic disruptions.  Think before acting or making any important decision.  There are more options that need to be considered.

Friday, February 5:    Peacock Blue

You are going to be feeling just great today, great about yourself, great about things you have done, great about your own potential.  Hold on to that feeling and do not let anyone disrupt it.  This is a good energy in which to move into the feeling of your own power, and having moved there, do not let go of that feeling.  As time progresses it is important that you stay grounded in what you can do and the fullest potential of WHO you are.  Today is a day for becoming comfortable with your own potential so take some time and just do that.  On the other hand, there will be those energies out there working to dislodge this feeling of strength and purpose, so do not allow yourself to fall into the illusions that will be spun.  These are merely attempts to keep you from realizing how great you are.

Saturday, February 6:    Pea Green

This is a good day for starting things, outlining new projects, making new acquaintances, so take advantage of this energy.  There is a sense of relief in the air today so people will be more relaxed than they have been for a while.  Truths can come out in this atmosphere and emotions can ring true.  This is a good day for reconciliations or just getting back in touch.  Things will be appreciated.  And this works both ways.  So take time to day just to be good to yourself.  Take time also to look at things in a new light.  You just might find that the world looks a little better and all those problems a little less like problems and perhaps more like challenges.