January 24-30

Overall Color for the Week:    Cal-Color 30 Lavender

This is a week for doing some internal kind of work.  Clear up some issues you have been dealing with.  Get rid of old memories and habits that you no longer need.  Find the joy inside.  There will be the sense in parts of the week that even though you are in a crowd or among people, nonetheless you are still alone.  Take advantage of this to see thins from your own vantage point.  See what and who are around you and find out what and who of all of that makes you feel truly whole and happy.  this is a week for setting your sights on fulfillment and to make that your goal for the rest of the year.  There will be bump and bruises along the way, but if you take time this week to understand what is is all about for you, you will come out of it all with a strong sense of purpose and an appreciation for WHO you are.

On the larger scene this week, things will be hot and cold and never able to settle down to any middle ground.  There will be more anomalies with the weather, with satellite communications, and with electronics.  People are going to find themselves without the information that they feel they need to make important decisions, and as a result they will be testy and out of sorts.  They will be looking for someone to blame.  There will be much anger in the air.  Physically people in general are not going to be feeling well.  It will be more of a nagging sensation of dis-ease as opposed to any one single condition.  Expect flare-ups of old conditions that you hang onto for ‘comfort’.  And if they happen go to the source and try to analyze what causes these conditions to manifest.  There will be more earth movements, shifts, and even explosions as the week progresses.  They will fall along the lines not only of faults, but also geometric or ley line correspondences.  There is something brewing under the waters.  There is also a band of radiation that will be approaching the Earth this week.  It can cause disruption in animal behaviours as they will be the first to be sensitized to it.  Stay away from the news as there will be much there to cause fear and questioning.  Stay centered in WHO you are and know that when we contribute to the illusion of fear, we just make it greater.  A note on the Full Wolf Moon Saturday — The moon will be full at its closest point to the Earth (perigee).  This means that there will be higher tides and greater stresses and pulls on the Earth.  With this increased stress, there is the possibility of renewed earth movements in the form of quakes, eruptions, and weather events.

Sunday, January 24:    Double Blue

Expect things to start off with a bang this week.  There is much uncertainty and confusion in the air today.  People will be doing uncharacteristic things, so just be ready for that.  There will be events happening in the  world that will leave you wondering, and the weather will just compound the whole thing.  Look to yourself for answers when you are faced with questions from others.  They are dealing with issues they do not want to face and are hoping to get light shed by you.  Just remember these r are not your issues and do ot allow yourself to get embroiled in useless discussion or bickering.

Monday, January 25:    Middle Pink

Things are going to seem better today,.  You will be feeling optimistic about a choice you made recently that you were not sure of.  Moreover you will find some happy surprises in your dealings with people and issues, including contracts and other kinds of papers that need to be dealt with.  Expect friends and family to be gentler than they have been in a while.  There is a tendency today to want to understand things, so take it slow and easy.  BY stepping back and looking at what is going on in front of you, you will gain perspective on what you need to do.

Tuesday, January 26:    Lavender 60

There is a message for you that you need to understand.  It will help you resolve a personal worry that you have been dealing with for some time.  You may also find that things you thought were secret have been more common knowledge than you would like.  This is a people kind of day, when there will be lots of people around and people stuff to deal with, phone calls, e-mails, etc.  Do not allow yourself to become too caught up in other people’s stuff today for there are things of your own that are coming to the surface that you will want to spend time with.

Wednesday, January 27:    Surprise Blue

This is a day when things of the past can come forward to challenge you in new ways.  There are messages in what people have to say and do today.  There is a sense of urgency in the air today and a sense that there is more than what meets the eye.  You will find yourself in situations in which you have to make choices which you feel you are neither ready or willing to make.  You may find also that things from the past that made you WHO you are will be coming up to remind you of their lessons and your own power.  Follow the instructions of your intuition  and you will find that ll will work out well, and in the end it will truly be a surprising day.

Thursday, January 28:    Dark Indigo

You will be finding yourself in a fog today.  This will make it difficult to get things done.  You will have a sense that you know what it is that needs to be done, and how to do it, but somehow or another, it just does not seem to be right or adequate or … something.  Look for other people to be equally foggy.  DO not take the energy of today to make definite pans or sign binding documents, unless there is a let out clause.  There are things that are being hidden in deals and conversations.  You will wan tot make sure that you understand things clearly if you choose to go ahead on some new project.

Friday, January 29:    Cal-Color 90 Green

This is a good day for wrapping things up, so take stock of what you have done so far this month, and put away things that have been finished.  Those things that still need work, make a list and prioritize for you are going to find that as the year winds on, you will be more and more involved in new projects, ideas, and communities, and you are not going to want to have to deal with things that are no longer important.  There is much growth to come, so take time today also just to rest and take it easy.  Treat yourself a bit.  Let go of judgment.  And know that you have the vision to make your life abundant and fulfilled if you will trust your feelings.

Saturday, January 30:    Pink Lavender Surprise

Full Wolf Moon:    This week will end on a note of ah-ha, so be ready for what it can bring.  You are going to feel yourself more relaxed and open than you have in a long time.  This is a good time to heal rifts with friends and family.  It is a good time to allow yourself to make one of your dreams come true.  Take stock of where you are.  Spend some time in nature, look at things anew in appreciation and gratitude of the beauty that is there and waiting to be found.  You may find yourself in a conversation with a stranger that will lead to great things as time goes on.  Be observant today, and you will find answers where you did not expect them to be.