Thoughts and Definitions

ABILITY is being what you truly are.

ANGER, when RIGHTEOUS, is standing up for what you love.

BEING is a dip in the waters of time.

CHANCE is the big picture becoming focused.

CHOICE means that things can be different.

COMMUNITY is oneness shared with others.

DIFFICULTY is what you choose it to be.

DIRECTION, when true, is focus plus desire.

DONATION is gratitude made manifest.

FAILURE is the turning away from what you desire.

FEAR is focus in the wrong direction.

FOCUS is being directed by Universal Consciousness and the heart.

GRATITUDE is a heartfelt link between one’s inner joy and the object.

HAPPINESS is a perspective that makes sense.

INTENTION is thought directed towards desire.

JOY is what you make when coming truly from the heart.

LOVE is if you let it be.

MIRACLES are true desires made real.

NOW is the essence of all time.

OUTCOME is the pause between acts of doing.

POWER is a direction of energies into a focused whole in order to achieve certain ends.

RESPONSIBILITY is accepting WHO you are and what you do.

STILLNESS is the womb of creativity.

SUCCESS is the feeling of being whole.

TIME is being in motion.

VISION is seeing the true potential of time.

YOU are what you make yourself to be.