January 17-23

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Lavender

This is a week when you will be wanting to stay in your comfort zone as much as possible.  You are feeling like hibernating, just not joining a lot of things.  Unfortunately, there is something n the energies of this week that are going to be stirring things up and working to get everyone reacting to what is going on both personally and i the news.  Physically, you will be feeling somewhat uncomfortable and perhaps not completely happy with how you look.  This is not a week for judgment, however.   Accept yourself for the wonderful and beautiful and creative person you are.

On a wider scale, Gaia is still rolling around and there are more earthquakes to come.  Look to the north, perhaps around the Bering Strait for movement, which can then reverberate farther down the Ring of Fire.  Also there are some odd weather events that will be coming up, particularly in Asia and even the northern most areas of Russia.  There will be some tension in world events and once again, there is the possibility of a political leader coming out with an unexpected pronouncement.  There will be attempts to keep the fear levels high, however many people are tired of that and they will be looking locally for news.  Community is in the air, and plans are being made in many areas for new communities to spring up.   There are some odd events on a cosmic level that will be coming out in the news.  They will be reported merely as anomalies, however there will be far reaching implications as people read into these events portents of 2012.  The new energies are bringing in change and a new kind of optimism, but an optimism of the group.  The first few weeks of 2010 have brought a lot of issues to the surface, the rest of this month is a time in which these issues will be recognized for what they are and dealt with.  People are learning what power is all about and that they themselves are powerful when they are focused and together.

Sunday, January 17:    Three Quarter Blue

Once again there will be both clarity and confusion in the air.  You will find yourself just on the edge of getting it, getting it done, remembering it, and the the rest is gone.  That being the case, this is not a day for making conclusions, finishing tasks, or completing conversations.  There will be things left undone and things left unsaid.   There is a kind of peace and quiet in the air that will make this a pretty good day.   This is a good day for starting up projects and dreaming dreams.  There is a clarity and honesty in the air that will assist in bringing plans and ambitions into alignment with your own powers of accomplishment.

Monday, January 18:    Bastard Amber

This is not a day to trust in things that have not proven themselves over time to be tried, true, and reliable.  There will be false prophets abroad today.  Be wary of that and know that even those you feel to be strong can be swayed right now.  There is an undercurrent of desperation in the air, and that can bring about unexpected responses to situations and a tendency for people to act without thinking.  Just take your time in all you do today.  Weigh options carefully, and do not get blindsided by the the vocal and/or flashy.  This is a day of ups and downs, so be cautious in all you do.  Spend time in knowing what it is that you want out of the day, and hold on to that.  By doing so, you will have a strong basis for dealing with the challenges in the air.

Tuesday, January 19:    Cal-Color 90 Green

Sun in Aquarius:    This is a day for getting things done and for finding out that things are done.  There is a relationship that has been shaky that can end today, much to your relief, although that might not be immediately obvious.  You are going to feel the desire to be out and about, seeing people, doing things.  So go for it.  There is a lot of joy in the air today.  Take advantage of that, even though it may only be surface.  You will want to look your best for things today can take unexpected directions.  Under any circumstances, it is a good day for being vain and believing in yourself.  You might just find that that approach brings unexpected results.  Tonight, enjoy yourself.  Take time to celebrate how great you are.  It might help to get out your journal and note all the things that you can do.

Wednesday, January 20:    Light Opal

This is a day on which comfort zones will be challenged.  Make sure that you are in control of situations for they can easily spiral into confrontations.  People will be judgmental and critical, so it is very important to stay grounded in your heart and not react.  Be the observer.  Watch what goes on around you and do not judge.  Analyze, instead, and find out what it is that is really good and important for you and let the rest go.  Part of the energy of this recently past New Moon had to do with not attaching to things and letting go of stuff that is just there with no real importance or emotion.  Today is a good day to look around you and see what it is that truly is part of WHO you are and put a thought to letting the rest go.  This is on all levels.

Thursday, January 21:    Medium Blue

This is not a good day for getting things done.  There is no energy in the air for starting new endeavors.  This is a day for hanging back and just being.  Do not let anything bother you, for once you get into that energy, you will find that you have the tendency to get out of control.  Postpone any important discussion for later on.  There will nothing to be gained by broaching important subjects for your focus is off today,  You will have trouble centering, making decisions, even feeling up to par.  This is a day when it is best just to take some mental health time and let things pass you by.  There is nothing to be gained by trying to assert yourself.  Someone else already has control of the game.

Friday, January 22:   Bright Blue

A lot of things will be coming out into the open today.  Be aware for that., also read the messages clearly. for even as things are exposed, there will be an attempt to interp;ret them in a different light in an attempt to keep them obscure.  People are going to be frazzled and frantic.  They are not sure what is going on, so they will be trying out different approaches to things to keep themselves level and same.  There is craziness in the air today, and you can either recognize it, go along with it, and enjoy it, or find yourself confused, angry for no reason and out of the whole thing.  It is up to you.

Saturday, January 23:    Sea Blue

This is take-it-easy kind of day.  Go with the flow and let the flow go with you.  There will be hints and messages from friends and family.  Know that in this energy they are well intentioned, even those that in other times you might have had occasion to question.  There is a strong feeling of needing to be with and know about and connect with people you know, past and present.  And although some of these encounters might seem pointless, know that as the time goes by, you will understand how important they are.