August 25-31

Overall color for the Week:    Sky Blue

This is a week when things will seem clearer and brighter, and you will feel more optimistic than you have for a long time, however things seem out of reach.  There is an air of knowing, yet not being sure.  You will do things and second guess yourself.  You will wonder whether or not the plans that you have made are the best thing to do.  Things will seem to fit, and you will seem to look good, but there is always some sense of something missing.  Do not give into this.  This is a time when the energies of the week are bringing to the forefront many truths, ideas, etc. that had been kept in the dark.  There is that sense of not being quite in touch with them and that is symptomatic of the shifting and moving away of the old energies.  If you choose to fall into doubt and questioning, you will find yourself falling into uncertainty, doubt, and fear.  So do not do it.  Go with the first impression for that is what is truest.  On the larger scene you will see an adjustment with weather which will bring the storms and winds that have been missing throughout most of the summer.  There is the possibility of one storm or event following another, especially in middle areas  — Middle Asia, Middle East, Middle Atlantic, Mid-West, etc.  There will be a new figure on the political scene who will come up with some revelations that will stir up a lot of doubt concerning various policies that national leaders have taken.  Stick always to what your first reaction in all areas this week, and you will actually find yourself becoming more grounded, more in tune with what is around you, and feeling your power. Continue reading

August 16-22

Overall Color for the Week:    CalColor 30 Blue

The number 3 expresses creativity.  This is a week of creativity on all levels. but just as creativity can represent the bringing forth of something new, it likewise can herald ends to other things.  Look for beginnings and ends this week.  These beginnings and ends mean more than just their surface expression.  They involve also various permutations of the things, people, and events that are somehow associated or linked to them.  So look for new relationships to arise.  Look for changes in old relationships.  Look for the unexpected.  Creative times are also times of unexpected, and perhaps unwanted, novelty.  And this will be true on all levels.  There is a mystery and a surprise in the air.  All of this is related to the energetic waves coming upon the planet, and all of this is heading towards the 9th of September and the opening of new vortexes.  There will be a shifting of energies throughout the planet, even the Universe, as new and old powers start a procession to their centers.  This will start on the 9th, however the real import of this will not be felt for two more months.  The progression and movement of the waves of the planet towards the new vortexes that are opening up can cause change on a planet-wide level, including seats of power, earth centers, etc.  There is a new theme that begins with the energy of the 9th, and as it plays out, nothing will remain as it was. Continue reading

August 9 – 15

Overall Color for the Week:      Pale Rose Hue

This is a week for memories, desires, goals, and ambitions.  The new energy is being accompanied by the trickster in its many guises.  Things may seem one way this week and turn out to be another.  Do not allow yourself to fall into confusion over things that seem out of place.  This is not you, but indicative of the energetic ups and downs that are in the air right now.  This is a good week for being with friends, family, or just your own deepest sense of WHO you are.  It is time to align with your ambitions and desires.  The energies that are coming in are there for you to take hold of and use as you wish.  It is time to see things for what they are.  Take off the blinders and see with your heart, with your feelings.  On a larger scale, there will be ups and downs in all areas.  As the new energy flows in and builds, you will see their influence being felt everywhere.  Those who choose to attempt to ignore them will find themselves unsettled, confused, and possibly even angry.  Look for people to overreact, but do not buy into it.  Things are buidling and the next few weeks up until the ninth of September will bring new storms and crises. Continue reading

Week of August 2

As I am currently travelling, I will be posting only the Overall Color for this week.  Come back next week for a more detailed analysis.

Overall Color for the week:  CalColor 15 Red

This week is one in which things will be heating up oin all levels.  Look for signs and hints in the beginning of the week of things that will begin to play out at the end of this week and into next wek.  There is much on the horizon, and things will become more and more confused and confusing as time goes by.  There is a critical point on September 9th when there will be an opportunity to make real life-changing, even world changing choices.  This is the time to prepare.  As things get crazy in the next few weeks, keep your cool and do not buy into it.  This is a time for citical and compassionate observation.  The tides are turning, and there will be echoes in the Earth, the Universe, and yes, even from the Extra Terrestials.  Their presence will be more and more felt as anomalies happen on every level, even on the political stage.  It is a time to open up to what your feelings are telling.  Do not take things on face value.  Listen to the advice of your heart, and work upon that.  By staying truly centered in yourself and in touch with the Universe, you will begin to see wonders that you never expected.  As your perspective changes, you will find that there is a wave movement out from you which will begin to attract that which you desire.