March 1-7

Overall Color for the Week: Booster Blue

This is a week in which you will be finding yourself going through ups and downs on all levels. There will be times when you are full of energy, then other times when you are completely drained. You will find that your tolerance for people and things likewise has its ups and downs. You feel as though there is something that you are missing all week, and you want to know what it is. You cannot, however, get a hold on it There will be ups and downs in the news as well. Things that were supposed to have been taken care of will develop problems. The weather will be unseasonable. Problems will continue with magnetics and electronics. There will be more open talk about things like UFO’s and the pole shift. Continue reading

February 22-28

Overall Color for the Week: Light Amber

This week brings sun and rain on all levels. There will be unexpected happenings and flashes of illumination. On the other hand, there will be times you feel yourself bogged down and unable to work things through. It is a week to know yourself and your strengths. Do not allow things outside of you make you question the truths that you live by. Take time this week to look inside yourself. Honor and make note of the inner urgings. Continue reading

February 15-21

Overall color:  Dark grey

Although much will be coming to light this week, there are still many things that remain in the shadows,  You will have a sense that you are beginning to get it all right, and then, pow, something will happen that will make you question yourself.  This is not a time to be weak.  It is a time to stand strong in WHO you are and to follow your own inner guidance.  It is getting stronger, but if you choose not to pay attention to it, then you might find that it loses acuity.  Practice and recognition bring success. Continue reading

February 8-14

February 8-14

Overall Color for the Week: Light Tough Frost

This is a week when there will be many things happening on the surface. You get the sense that there is more there than meets the eye. You can actually seeing into what is going on below. Some of this will leave you confused, but as the week progresses, you will feel a new strength growing within you, as though the surface façade hides a depth and power that is your true being. This leads to a sense of detachment and perspective in dealing with issues , obligations and people this week. You are birthing a new resolve not to put up with things that really do not matter to you. Along with this you will gain a new appreciation for WHO you are. Continue reading

February 1-7

February 1-7

Overall Color for the Week: Cherry Rose

This is a week of questions and questionings. Much that has seemed clear in the past does not seem quite so clear right now. There is no sense of harm or danger, just confusion. You are surprised to realize that. You are on your own path and you are the one who determines how things will go upon that path. The others along the way are who they are, and though they may come at you with their opinions and ‘stuff’, it is you who ultimately must make the choice as to how you are going to relate and to be. Continue reading