March 1-7

Overall Color for the Week: Booster Blue

This is a week in which you will be finding yourself going through ups and downs on all levels. There will be times when you are full of energy, then other times when you are completely drained. You will find that your tolerance for people and things likewise has its ups and downs. You feel as though there is something that you are missing all week, and you want to know what it is. You cannot, however, get a hold on it There will be ups and downs in the news as well. Things that were supposed to have been taken care of will develop problems. The weather will be unseasonable. Problems will continue with magnetics and electronics. There will be more open talk about things like UFO’s and the pole shift.

Sunday, March 1: Medium Purple

Today you will feel yourself not quite aligned with everything around you. You might find yourself experiencing bouts of déjà vu, or find yourself ‘seeing things’ which, when you turn to look at them, are not there. Know that today, the first of March brings about a change in the energies for this year. It is a trajectory up and out of the normal. It is the beginning of a new shift. You will find yourself experiencing more and more incidents throughout this month that seem somehow crazy. They will not be terribly large or startling in most cases, but they definitely will leave you with a sense of wondering.

Monday, March 2: Orange Sun

This will be a day of extremes. You will find yourself feeling great one moment, and then all of a sudden bummed out. You will not be able to get a grip on why these things are happening. you are just feeling them. It is not a good time to undertake anything new. You will not find that much of a substantial nature is going to get done today. Be easy on yourself. Things that you start will not get finished. Also be aware of where you leave things. This is a day when things tend to get lost.

Tuesday, March 3: Minus-green

A day of subtraction. You will find that certain victories you had felt you had achieved were not so much victories after all. Projects that you thought were finished, still have loose ends to tie up. There will be glitches with electronics and communications. It is not a good day for trying to heal old wounds or make up with people. Let things ride today. Stay in a place of comfort, and you will make it through. It is a good night for dreams.

Wednesday, March 4: Pale Sun

Today is a day when you will only be getting part of anything — part of the story, part of the payment, part of the work. Do not try to finish anything today. Look at everything as the sum of its parts, and just work with the parts. See how the parts relate to the whole. This is the theme. Focus on the minutia. This is not a day for grand vistas. It is a day for concentrating on each step along the way. It may be tedious, but you may find that ultimately the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

Thursday, March 5: Fiery Red

This is a day of great emotion and excitement. You feel revved up, ready to go, filled with abandon. Do not let go of your reason and judgment, however, for many of the things you find yourself excited about will not bring you the kind of satisfaction you are looking for. There is a possibility that things might get out of control. Be cautious before jumping into things or following others’ leads. As long as you stay grounded in yourself and recognize what is truly for your own benefit, all will go well. Know what you desire, but recognize also what that means in the context of the energy of today.

Friday, March 6: Pale Rose

It is time for a breather. Take some time to smell the roses today. It is a good day for doing what is routine, doing what is predictable, not taking risks. Do your work. Have lunch. Watch a show. You are feeling the need to just to be, and this is a good day for doing that. It is time for focus and perspective.

Saturday, March 7: Lilac

You will feel the need for community today. You want to be around people, or if that is not possible, you will be wanting to communicate in some way. You are needing the sense of good will and companionship to give you strength. You seem to be fine one moment, but then the next you want someone to be there, to hold your hand, to tell you all is well. The weather seems odd, even if beautiful, You have the sense that there is something momentous about to happen, but you do not want to face it alone.