March 8-14

Overall Color for the Week: Pale Sun

This is a week of ins and outs, ups and downs, and conflicts and resolutions. There will be much happening in regard to businesses and their fortunes. Do not be surprised if there are revelations about things that were hidden. Also do not be surprised if there is an unexpected recovery in the markets. There are many layers and levels to this week, and you have the opportunity to choose just where you place yourself. Do you choose the fatalistic approach or would you rather be in charge of your own destiny? Look for some soul searching and belief questioning. This is the time. There is much activity on the way. This is a week for becoming grounded in WHO you are so that when the new challenges arrive you will be ready to face them.

Sunday, March 8: Orange Red

The day begins on a fiery note, with people being out of sorts, the weather crazy, and the news unreliable. Take time to center in yourself and know that you cannot be shaken if you hold firmly to your own inner power. There will be challenges in dealing with people, including family and friends, so take time for yourself and do not become overly upset by others, even if they seem to be deliberately trying to bait you. It is a good day to put things off, to surround yourself with distractions. It is not a good day to become too much involved with anything, unless you are looking for some backlash.

Monday, March 9: Light Green Blue

You will find that there are many things hidden in the shadows today. People will not be up front about their feelings, so do not take surface feelings as representative of the truth. It is also a day of uncovering. You will be discovering within yourself desires and attractions that you did not have before. You will want to try new foods, wear new colors, even sing in public. If you give in to the impulses, you may find yourself not well received. But know also that in the recesses of what is hidden, there are those who truly wish to help you. Perhaps by doing something out of character, it will be the opportunity for them to make themselves known and to attract to yourself some pleasant surprises.

Tuesday, March 10: Cherry Rose

Things feel very slow today. You cannot really get a handle on what is happening around you. You feel a tendency towards indulgence, but then you are also hearing some inner voice tell you not to indulge, warning of dire consequences. You cannot engage with what is around you, and you are not feeling the need to make other people’s stuff important. This is a day when there can be misunderstandings, but in the light of the full moon, there will be secrets revealed. The day ends with a sense of hope, a sense that things are getting better.

Wednesday, March 11: Congo Blue

Full Crow Moon — Mystery and New Growth.  There are some physical issues that you will be dealing with today. You might look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. There is change in the air, but you are not quite ready to face it head on. It is easier to go with the old stuff, the old ways, to believe what others tell you, to expect what others say. There is also that newness within, the new face in the mirror that has learned something new. Pay attention to the clues and hints around you, and know that often physical symptoms are indicative of mental, spiritual, and emotional states. Take time to analyze.

Thursday, March 12: Urban Blue

Ok, go ahead, strut your stuff. Today you are feeling great. You have the sense that you have done something great, and you want everyone to know. It does not matter than you do not know just what it is. All that matters is that you are feeling like everything is great. Get out in public, let people know! Make fulfillment and success your new reality. You are the star of your own world. Do not let anyone take that from you. After all, who knows more about you than you.

Friday, March 13: Booster Blue

Friday the 13th, always a time of surprises. Look for the unexpected. Think back on things that you have been desiring and know that something will come out today regarding one of them. This is a good day to make a commitment. This is a good day to do something out of character. The news will bring surprises also. There will be a general sense among people that things are getting better. Look for some announcements on all levels. Do not discount things that might not seem important.

Saturday, March 14: True Pink

Okay, yes, Spring is on its way. You cannot help but be optimistic today. Things just seem better. There is a sense all around of new growth, that all the old doom and gloom is losing its meaning. Perhaps you have just heard it too often, or it is just an old way of dealing with things. You do not have to tread the old paths anymore. It is time to come out of your shell and recognize WHO you are and all that you can do.