March 15-21

Overall Color for the Week: Billington Pink

This is a week to get your accounts in order. There will be stresses and strains on the surface which cover up deeper issues. Watch your words and be wise in your dealings with others. This is week in which much will remain unsaid, much will be presented on the surface. Watch out for there are things below the surface that are not being spoken that might cause regret as time goes on. Watch too the news and the Earth movements. There will be a lot of things in the news that will turn out later to be only partially accurate. And the Earth is beginning to tremble. Do not be surprised by earthquakes and storms in unexpected places, things our of season.

Sunday, March 15: Magenta

The Ides of March: What a day! Surprises will abound, and you will not be in control. Do not take things too seriously for there exists another reality behind what you are seeing. Things that happen early in the day may seem to set a tone, but expect everything to be different by night time. There is something coming in the evening. An unexpected phone call, perhaps you will find something that you had thought was totally lost and given up on ever seeing again. All in all, the day ends with the unexpected which might make you question just what is real.

Monday, March 16: Azure Blue

Today seems very slow and methodical, kind of plodding along. There is nothing to get excited about. Everything just kind of ‘is’. You feel like rolling with the punches, and that makes the most sense given the energy of the day. Concentrate on your daily routine. Focus on things that are predictable. Make no great plans and do not expect to get anything done. You might even feel stuck, but it is not a true stuckness, and it is only temporary. It is a pause before moving forward. Be a couch potato tonight. Have some carbs, watch a favorite movie, read a good book.

Tuesday, March 17: Light Frost

This is a good day to think twice before you do anything. Things do not seem comfortable from the moment you get up. You will not be satisfied with your clothing choices. You will not be happy with the face in the mirror. You fix something to eat, just to realize that it is not really what you want. You call a friend, and find yourself uninterested in the conversation. You are feeling dissatisfied. That feeling will spill over into relations with other people. You will be feeling on edge for most of the day, but take care not to go overboard. Remember others are feeling out of sorts also, and you do not want to cause some situations that you will regret later on.

Wednesday, March 18: Orange Red

From the start, you feel that there is something not quite right today, and you are pretty sure it s not you. Listen carefully to what others say and observe carefully what they do. There are hidden messages in things and people. Do not take things at face value. You will want to react, but that is not a good idea for today. Think about what you are hearing and seeing. Consider carefully before acting.

Thursday, March 19: CalColor Red

Energy levels are low today. You feel as though you have just taken part in some monumental triathlon that drained you completely. This is a day just to do what needs to be done. Take your cues from others. Be ready to take advice and direction. There may be some wisdom in what others have to say. Look for messages in your dreams tonight. There is a shift at hand.

Friday, March 20: Golden Amber

Vernal Equinox: Things are waking up. Things are getting better. There is a new sense of clarity, and for the first time this week, you are really feeling optimistic. You look back on the past few days and see that it was pretty much a time for hibernating and not acting. The time for action is starting. You have a sense of WHO you are and what you are doing and why you are here. This is a good day to speak your mind. it is a day to let your sense of humor have a hey day. And watch for some unexpected, yet pleasant, results.

Saturday, March 21: Light Touch Frost

You are beginning to sense in yourself a new sense of purpose. You look back on all that you have done and recognize it for what it is. You honor yourself for what you have done. There will be much uncertainly and fear in the air today, but you are up to it. You are able to be the one people turn to for consolation. You are beginning to see your own power. Be that power!