December 28, 2008-January3, 2009


Underneath it all, there is hope and strength. You are finding your voice, yet this week brings forth many challenges as you are buffeted about by what was, what is, and what you can create. Take your focus off what is close and look up to the skies, listen to the winds, and smell the beauty of the fragrances of the time. There are messages in everything. The past fears will always be there. They are past. But should you choose to look at the future with optimism and excitement, centered on WHO you truly are, then the emotions of joy, optimism, and excitement will replace the negativity and draw you forward into your own truth. Continue reading

December 21-27, 2008

Where are you going just now? Do you feel as though you have reached the end of everything that is possible for you to do? Are you feeling disenchanted, even depressed? This is what had been whirling around these days along with the crazy weather everywhere and the sense of panic in the outer world. But the light is coming back on! This Equinox will stir yup new hope and new belief and new self power. You will begin to feel that you can do it and that the dark days are gone.

This week will be a gradual letting out of the light, There will be times when things seem very dark and unhappy and you are feeling that all the things you have to do will never get done, but these will be countered by times of great joy and happiness, when you are realizing that by centering in yourself, all will get done. You will see the true happiness of the little things, and know the joy of family, friends, and community, And if you feel that that community has not yet materialized, Wait! All are coming together. It is the time. Continue reading

Cardial Telepathy

Cardial Telepathy is a method by which you can use the energy of your heart to communicate, connect, and bring about positive influence in your life.  It is an heart-centered means of communication.  As the heart is the seat of love and compassion, any true communication that comes from the heart in rooted in love and compassion.   Love and compassion link you with yourself, your community, the world at large and All That Is.  It can open you to your deepest nature and your authentic mode of being.  By using the techniques of Cardial Telepathy, you can move beyond the sense of isolation and aloneness to feel part of the greater whole. Continue reading

December 14-20, 2008

This week is opening with a bang and a whimper.  The bang comes from the vibrations of the events of last week on all levels, in all areas, and in all dimensions.  The whimper is the sense that things are getting really overwhelming, that your energy levels are running low, that you want to hibernate until spring comes.  You are feeling that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and that this winter is going to be a very long one.  But Equinox is coming, and the light will return.  Get ready for big surprises and new revelations.  Listen also to the messages that the Earth is sending in all the changes and weather fluctuations that will be seen these days and into the new year. Continue reading

Vibrations, Feelings, and the Color of Money

Read the headlines — Stock market down, retirement accounts losing value, jobs being lost, loans defaulted.  What is the knee jerk response?  Fear.  Uncertainty.  Worry.  Distrust.

This a time in which people are finding themselves falling into a panic vibration.  They feel that things are falling apart, that things are out of control.  They feel out of touch with their centers.  And why is this?  For so long, we have been told that our personal worth is a function of our financial situation.  The rich are more ‘worthy’.  Look around and see whom people take as role models?  Generally it is the rich and powerful.  These are the ones they quote.  These are the styles they follow.  Success = lots of money.  Failure = lack of money.

Let us, however, take a different look at money.  Let us see it in a different context.  Let us see what the color of money says about it. Continue reading

Colors for the Week-December 7-13

The first full week of December is full of ups and downs.  You are feeling that things are getting better, indeed that things will be fine.  However, it seems that people around you are expecting more bad news, feeling that things will not work out, and that times are getting worse.  If you can see this as belonging to them and not part of your reality, you will find yourself creating wonders.  You can actually surprise yourself.  It is time to determine how you want your life and your reality to be.  If you want things to be bleak and unfriendly, then that is what you will create.  If, on the other hand, you choose to make this time of year one of abundance, synchronicity and serendipity, that is what you will create.  There is no reality outside of your own desires.  But you must center in those desires and make them manifest in words, thoughts, and deeds.  Action follows intent. Continue reading


The Chromo-Profile gives a reading of how your life is looking at this point in time.  It analyzes the colors you are bringing into your life right now, while taking into consideration past and future color preferences.  Interestingly, our visions of our lives change as we experience more things.  This means that our color perceptions of things can change too.  One year your favorite color may be blue, and the next year it may have shifted to green.  Experiences, p[potential, expectations, emotions, feelings, all of these things and more work to color our lives.  These are all part of the Chromo-Profile reading.

Through an analysis of three different time periods of your life and the three colors you associate with those points, we generate a report of influences that have brought you to the place you are today.  Additionally, there are indications of where you can go from there, colors to bring into your environment and your self that may help in dealing with certain challenges you are experiencing.

Your personal Chromo-Profile is available for a special introductory rate of $12.  If you wish us to generate one for you, please send us, along with your name, the following information:

1)     What color do you associate with your past?

2)       What color do you associate with you present life?

3)       What color do you associate with your future?

4)       What color do you feel most often?

5)       Your physical location?

Contact me with the above information at  The $12 fee for the report can be paid on line using the DONATE button or you can send the information along with the fee to:

Marcia Clasgens

Chromographics Institute

P.O. Box 1586

San Juan Pueblo, NM  87566