The Chromo-Profile gives a reading of how your life is looking at this point in time.  It analyzes the colors you are bringing into your life right now, while taking into consideration past and future color preferences.  Interestingly, our visions of our lives change as we experience more things.  This means that our color perceptions of things can change too.  One year your favorite color may be blue, and the next year it may have shifted to green.  Experiences, p[potential, expectations, emotions, feelings, all of these things and more work to color our lives.  These are all part of the Chromo-Profile reading.

Through an analysis of three different time periods of your life and the three colors you associate with those points, we generate a report of influences that have brought you to the place you are today.  Additionally, there are indications of where you can go from there, colors to bring into your environment and your self that may help in dealing with certain challenges you are experiencing.

Your personal Chromo-Profile is available for a special introductory rate of $12.  If you wish us to generate one for you, please send us, along with your name, the following information:

1)     What color do you associate with your past?

2)       What color do you associate with you present life?

3)       What color do you associate with your future?

4)       What color do you feel most often?

5)       Your physical location?

Contact me with the above information at  The $12 fee for the report can be paid on line using the DONATE button or you can send the information along with the fee to:

Marcia Clasgens

Chromographics Institute

P.O. Box 1586

San Juan Pueblo, NM  87566