Colors for the Week of November 30 – December 6, 2008

As November ends and December begins, you have the sense of traveling down into a well, into a cavern.  While you know that you are on the path, and the glow from the niches along the walls casts a bit of light along your way, nonetheless, you have a feeling that just there beyond the pools of light, in the darkness there is something.  You have a sense of a presence as though something awaits you at the completion of this journey.  Although there is no sense of fear or dread about this itself, you feel yourself becoming anxious, letting you imagination run free.  It is quiet. yet somewhere off in the distance there is a whisper, a tone, something indefinable.  Hang onto the purity of the tone, and let it guide you.  Do not fall into uncertainty or self-doubt this week.  Just take everything on the surface, for while on one level you are going within, on another level it is best to work on the surface.  You are multi-faceted, and, yes, you can walk and chew gum.
Sunday, November 30:   Cal Color 60 red

Bases and numbers.  That is what it seems.  That there are images and thoughts swirling around you.  So many.  You feel you cannot get it.  This is the time to count.  Count literally and count figuratively.  You count to literally to give definition to the myriad things around you and to put them in place..  And you count figuratively because there is a code in the numbers that will reveal itself before the end of the year.  Do not worry .

Monday,  December 1:  Aquamarine

Swimming.  Diving.  The dolphin response.  You feel yourself diving into the world of friends, family, work, acquaintances, pets, people on the street, etc..  They pass you by as you pass them by.  There is a glimmer.  There is a recognition, but it is not a good time to engage.  You are working on finding the depths of yourself, and that will be the quest of the day.  You can let all the rest go by, when you are truly who you are,  all the right people, places, and things come to you.

Tuesday,   December 2:  Pale Amber Gold

You feel as though you turned a page.  It is a new chapter.  there are new characters who seem both strange and familiar.  You feel as though a recognition will come and a bond will be forged.  You need to take time today to work with what it is you truly want.  Make a list.  Check it twice.  And at the end, write down what is most important for you now.  Then put it away to take out at the next full moon.

Wednesday,   December 3:  Mist Blue

There are tears in the offing, tears in the day.  Nostalgia?  Worry?  Regret?  Perhaps just the need to cry.  Give in to the feeling of the need to connect emotionally to past loves, lives, regrets, friends, etc.  Take a look at all of these, honor them with your tears, then move on.  There is no judgment here, merely a blessing, a passing through and a letting go.  Your strength is growing.  You are becoming.  And in becoming there is always the letting go of and the joining with.

Thursday, December 4:  Rose Tint

Things look better.  You do not know why.  you just know that they look better.  There is a sense of renewed optimism and connection.  You find that much of the things in the past that you might have found fault with in yourself no longer matter.  It is time to put on an old outfit you have not worn for years.  See yourself anew through the old.  Honor what has been and what is, and smile, even laugh.  This is a day for relaxing in WHO you are.

Friday,  December 5:  Kelly Green

You feel as though you wish to celebrate, and celebrate you should  You have no need of a reason, just be joyful in what you are and WHO you are and all that is around you.  You are learning that in the context of everything, you are your own center and how you determine and look at that center will determine how everything happens around you.

Saturday,  December 6: Blue Bell

It is time to be charming and to be charmed,.  You feel as though you have awakened from much that went before that kept you down.  You are finally beginning to “feel” yourself again.  You have walked into the power of being able to speak your mind and express your opinions, and the response of others does not mean quite so much any more.  For now is the time to recognize others who speak your language, love your jokes, and walk with you.  Communities are forming.