Colors for the Week-December 7-13

The first full week of December is full of ups and downs.  You are feeling that things are getting better, indeed that things will be fine.  However, it seems that people around you are expecting more bad news, feeling that things will not work out, and that times are getting worse.  If you can see this as belonging to them and not part of your reality, you will find yourself creating wonders.  You can actually surprise yourself.  It is time to determine how you want your life and your reality to be.  If you want things to be bleak and unfriendly, then that is what you will create.  If, on the other hand, you choose to make this time of year one of abundance, synchronicity and serendipity, that is what you will create.  There is no reality outside of your own desires.  But you must center in those desires and make them manifest in words, thoughts, and deeds.  Action follows intent.

Sunday,  December 7:  Booster Blue

It is time to take a hike.  No, it is time to go out, stand up for what you believe in, and make it your only reality.  Look inside and determine what it is that you feel you truly are and what it is that you truly want and know that you have the power to make it happen..  Stand firm in your resolve.  Be your own cheerleader.  Wavering will leave you feeling tired and perhaps a bit unwell.  If that happens, know that the cure is to center in the knowledge that what you believe in will make you strong and will bring about what you desire.  The rest is all illusion.

Monday,  December 8:  Double Blue

Perhaps what you want has not yet materialized, and you are feeling frustrated.  Are you looking for too much?  Have you not truly defined what it is that you want?  Is there someone behind you that you are allowing to cast a shadow on your path.  Break free this day.  Take all the uncertainties and the desires and make them one.  The best way to defeat fear is to hold up a mirror to it.  Let it see that it is just illusion.  This is a day in which you can claim your power, if you so wish.  And when you do claim it, know that you are doing it by yourself, for yourself.  Do not let anyone or anything else take your power away.

Tuesday,   December 9:  Rough Silk Beige

You are truly a warrior.  You have always known it, yet you have for so long you refused to accept it.  You wanted someone else to defend the castle.  But it is your castle and you are the defender.  You have the power and you control your destiny.  Identify with your power.  Do not fall into doubt, identifying with what you view as your weaknesses.  Rather stand firm in the sense of WHO you are and how great is your strength.  And when you do this, you can let your defenses down.  You no longer need them out front as your face to the world.  Your very being is your strongest statement.  Know that you do not have to go it alone, and let in those who wish to help.,

Wednesday,   December  10:  Zephyr Blue

“The answer is blowing in the wind.”  You are feeling that somehow things are getting away  from you.  You have the sense that you had everything in order, but you turned around and when you turned back, things were in disarray, scattered, and some things even gone.  You feel the urge to become frustrated, but you still retain a bit of hope that the one thing you were really looking for is right there under your nose.  Perhaps it slipped thorough dimensions, for there is also a kind of eerie sense that today there is more to this world than meets the eye.

Thursday, December  11:  Royal Blue

You are feeling the need of companionship today.  You do not feel comfortable by yourself.  You want to be among people and be appreciated for WHO you are.  You want conversation, fun, laughter, diversion.  You are not ready to deal with all the little jobs and tasks you ‘should’ be doing.  Anyway, you know that they will be there when you come back to them.  It is not a good time to start on something new.  Rather take this time as a mental health day to be part of and to relax.

Friday,  December 12:  Royal Blue

Well, the need for companionship was not satisfied in one day.  You are ready, even more so, to party, to be part of, to enjoy.  There is something that you wish to get out of being part of a group, and at the same time there is something inside that you do not wish to deal with right now.  Know that in company, oftentimes when the mind is distracted, that good work can be done on those other issues that you have been trying to avoid.  You may find a revelation tonight in your dreams.

Oh, and it is time to take out that list you wrote last week and see what has manifested, what you wish to delete, and how you wish to amend it.  This is the largest full moon of the year, and out of the dark, it can show you what your deepest desires are.  Be strong.  Know your truth and move forward.

Saturday,  December 13:   Flesh Pink

Ah, youth.  The time of openness and joy.  The sense of looking good in your clothing, feeling great in your body, being out there and enjoying all about you.  You can do what you want to do. This is a day to feel good about yourself.  Leave all judgment behind.  Focus on your favorite things.  The world is your friend today and you may find that lots of unusual events take place, but all of them are end up being for the better.