Vibrations, Feelings, and the Color of Money

Read the headlines — Stock market down, retirement accounts losing value, jobs being lost, loans defaulted.  What is the knee jerk response?  Fear.  Uncertainty.  Worry.  Distrust.

This a time in which people are finding themselves falling into a panic vibration.  They feel that things are falling apart, that things are out of control.  They feel out of touch with their centers.  And why is this?  For so long, we have been told that our personal worth is a function of our financial situation.  The rich are more ‘worthy’.  Look around and see whom people take as role models?  Generally it is the rich and powerful.  These are the ones they quote.  These are the styles they follow.  Success = lots of money.  Failure = lack of money.

Let us, however, take a different look at money.  Let us see it in a different context.  Let us see what the color of money says about it.

Our money is green.  Interesting color for money.  In the  system of the chakras, the system of the wheels of light or energy centers in the body, green relates to the heart chakra.  In a sense, therefore, there is a kind of vibrational relationship between the color of money and the heart.  What this means is that when you are feeling that your money situation is challenged, you will relate to that from the heart.  Your heart feels threatened and you respond emotionally through fear.   As fear feeds upon itself, the vibration is strengthened.  You look around and see that the news, the media, people on the street preach doom and gloom, and that fear vibration grows.

How to stop this cycle?  It is time to look at money in a new light.  It is time to attach a new color to money, a color that is not so emotionally weighted.

In thinking about this item, what has worked best in many cases is to look at money as being gold.  This may seem self-evident, however it is actually quite radical.  When we think of gold, the immediate association is not with wealth — we define wealth in terms of those green dollars — but with something tangible, a coin, an ingot, perhaps a piece of jewelry, a ring, a necklace, a bracelet.  Something to hold.  It has weight.  It takes up space.  You can see it.   Whereas green dollars are more numbers on papers, amounts on checks, but not something you can have in your hands, can play with, can even wear.

So let us now start looking at money as gold.  See it in your hands.  Feel it in your pockets.  See your floors lined with gold.  Feel rich.  Feel confident.  Feel happy.  And when you sense the fear and panic vibrations of others who are feeling heart-challenged, even heart-attacked by the sense that they do not have enough of the green money, center in the knowing that there is gold enough to take care of all your needs.  See it, open to it, accept it, and be grateful.

But do not feel compelled to color your money gold.  Go ahead and try other colors!  See what works best for you.