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The Windbridge Institute is currently seeking volunteers to act as psychic research reading recipients (PRRRs or “P triple Rs”) who will receive and score psychic readings about themselves.

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TWS Warns of New Hacker

New form of hacker surfaces, Websites are being taken for ransom

Published on June 9, 2011 10:55 pm PT
– By Jim Duran – Writer
– Article Editor and Approved – Warren Miller

( — An Indonesian hacker was responsible for the downtime of, and TWS is warning all on the Internet about this.

The Website, Social Network Passwords, and E-mail accounts were held ransom on Thursday. These accounts were accessed through a GMAIL account setup to control some of the activities. They have been switched from that account to secure server accounts.

No files were accessed on the Website control panel. The hack was done by changing nameserver destinations and GoDaddy has secured it so no Website information was taken.

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Pawn Star on Life & People

I am something of a “Pawn Stars” Junkie.  Rick Harrison just wrote a book and was interviewed on NPR.  Some interesting observations:

“Two years ago, a man walked into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas with a pair of diamond earrings.

Pawn dealer Rick Harrison asked him the typical questions — Where did you get it? Where is the receipt? — and the man readily answered. Harrison filled out the required paperwork and paid the man $40,000 for his merchandise.

The very next day, Harrison found out the earrings were stolen. The victim got her earrings back and the criminal was prosecuted. Harrison, meanwhile, was out $40,000.

“It’s the cost of doing business,” Harrison says. “That’s the way I look at it. … And Las Vegas is a crazy town at times. There’s a lot of high-end things I get. So you have to know about … really large diamonds, really expensive watches. … So it’s a lot different than most places.”

Harrison, a second-generation pawn shop owner, is one of the stars of The History Channel’s reality series Pawn Stars. The show follows Harrison, his father, Richard, his son Big Hoss and his son’s friend Chumlee as they meet and haggle with customers who bring in all sorts of objects to sell and pawn. Harrison and his relatives assess the value of the objects — and try to determine whether or not they’re fake — before offering their customers a collateral loan or money for their merchandise.

Harrison’s new memoir, License to Pawn, details how he became an expert in, among other things, spotting fake Rolexes (he sees at least one a day), customer relations, human behavior, antiques and economics — all through running his 24-hour-a-day pawn business over the past 30 years.

License To Pawn by Rick Harrison


License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver
By Rick Harrison and Tim Keown
Hardcover, 272 pages
List Price: $23.99

Read An Excerpt

How Pawn Shops Work

Pawn shops, Harrison says, have been around for thousands of years and are among the oldest forms of banking. The way it works is simple: Customers provide a personal item as collateral to receive a loan from a pawn broker, who can then sell the product if the customer doesn’t pay back the loan plus interest in a set amount of time.

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A New Kind of NIMBY: Nature in My Backyard

by David Suzuki, founder David Suzuki Foundation

On reading about the growing resistance to a mega-quarry being proposed for southern Ontario, I had an epiphany about the media’s use of the term NIMBY, for “not in my backyard.” It’s normally used to describe grassroots efforts to block everything from landfills and windmills to big box stores and bike lanes. NIMBYism has taken on a negative association, often implying naive or parochial resistance to projects that challenge the status quo in a community.

But NIMBYism isn’t always bad. Although it can arise out of fear of something new or different in a community, it can also be the result of genuine concern for the local environment. I’d like to propose a new kind of NIMBY, one that is positive and reflects a true sense of caring for our communities. Let’s go green and say yes to Nature in My Backyard.

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The Chromo-Profile gives a reading of how your life is looking at this point in time.  It analyzes the colors you are bringing into your life right now, while taking into consideration past and future color preferences.  Interestingly, our visions of our lives change as we experience more things.  This means that our color perceptions of things can change too.  One year your favorite color may be blue, and the next year it may have shifted to green.  Experiences, p[potential, expectations, emotions, feelings, all of these things and more work to color our lives.  These are all part of the Chromo-Profile reading.

Through an analysis of three different time periods of your life and the three colors you associate with those points, we generate a report of influences that have brought you to the place you are today.  Additionally, there are indications of where you can go from there, colors to bring into your environment and your self that may help in dealing with certain challenges you are experiencing.

Your personal Chromo-Profile is available for a special introductory rate of $12.  If you wish us to generate one for you, please send us, along with your name, the following information:

1)     What color do you associate with your past?

2)       What color do you associate with you present life?

3)       What color do you associate with your future?

4)       What color do you feel most often?

5)       Your physical location?

Contact me with the above information at  The $12 fee for the report can be paid on line using the DONATE button or you can send the information along with the fee to:

Marcia Clasgens

Chromographics Institute

P.O. Box 1586

San Juan Pueblo, NM  87566

Schedule a Session

Chromotherapy is an energetic healing and relaxing modality.

A session of Chromotherapy is both relaxing and energizing at the same time.  This is because we are most truly ourselves when we allow our own vibrations to flow.  Through energetic touch, light, sound and color, the practitioner tunes up the person.  There is a release of vibrational blockages and a consequent alignment of bodily energies, all tending towards a sense of balance and harmony.  Sessions generally last about an hour and are reported to be very comforting.
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