Committing to Moving Forward

Further – The Oft Neglected Path

by Zen Gardner

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by Zen Gardner

How many times have we been faced with the decision to move on to the next level of commitment to truth? How often has a new level of personal sacrifice been standing at our door, beckoning? How did we respond? Were we willing to go further, no matter the cost?

That’s pretty much what it takes in the pursuit of truth. A constant shedding of the old, no matter how attached we’ve become to our self image and familiar surroundings; to be relentlessly following the signal from this esoteric siren of love and a greater reality that we know awaits. Much like mountain climbing, the decision comes first, then the climbing. But each step of the way presents more decisions. Will we go on in spite of fatigue, doubts, discouragement and obstacles? Which path will I take at each upcoming juncture?

It’s not a one time thing. The decision to pursue quickly leads to a myriad of ensuing decisions along the way. We don’t decide once and for all and then on the truth train we chug up the mountain to a land of ecstasy and complete fulfillment. It doesn’t work that way. This is why so many faint along the way and give up. They become daunted with the often lonely and arduous task. They turn around and move back down to the security of the valley with all of its comforts and self assuaging reinforcement.

It happens to many and we’ve all been there. The initial rush of adventure wears off and the stark reality of the life and death endeavor of the nitty gritty pick and shovel work and climbing through thick and thin starts to dissuade the less determined. But in spite of the fatigue and humiliation, living  in foreign mental and spiritual surroundings in usually spartan and often excruciating living and social conditions, the real true seeker eventually faces, confronts and overcomes these mirage-like obstacles.

Opting Out for Comfort and Security and Its Many Levels

The previous life of relative comfort repeatedly calls the less committed back into the seemingly easy way inside the matrix of deceit and its delicacies. It’s a compromise, but so welcomed by the throngs waiting for us back in the valley who don’t want to hear there even is a mountain to climb, never mind see someone climb it.

This is not an easy saying for most. We’ve all compromised at one point or another. But those who’ve kept on know who they are, and the price they’ve had to pay. It’s really miniscule compared to the rewards, but it seems a daunting task to those with no truth seeking musculature, conveniently snipped and shorn in their formative years. They hear the distant call, but feel it’s not for them, especially since so few seem to hear and heed the call and have been so relentlessly conditioned against it.

 This is one of the worst travesties of our spiritually quenched and dumbed down societal condition.

Ignoring Is No Excuse

But there really is no excuse for ignoring the call. It is what drives the heart of man and is the natural draw of every living soul. This is why youth are so altruistic and idealistic until the educational system and societal “norms” start to clip their wings. And even those who begin the quest often opt out for convenient way stations on the climb to full-on truth. People park on their particular perch which they feel is sufficiently above the valley of deceit and think they have enough perspective to pass judgement on the rest.

The very fact of this judgmental, dishonoring attitude is a symptom of settling for partial truth, and a subconscious stance to protect one’s unwillingness to go all the way or remain open to new and even greater possibilities. However, that very openness to greater truth is the attitude we should each maintain.

Those still attached to their status, income, good deeds, moral high ground, or sense of superior intellect or spirituality in an exclusive and judgmental manner can be the worst enemies to full on truth and spiritual freedom. It takes on many forms and we all fall for these attitudes when in an unconscious or semi-conscious state. After all, it’s fiercely reinforced by the matrix and its tear down mentality.

They will dis and dismiss anything that surpasses their little ledge of advantage they think they’ve climbed to, and be quite militant and aggressive about it. If it doesn’t meet their criteria, it’s to be vigorously attacked as false information. A very sad psychological state to be in, but we see it in society at every level and have all experienced it from both ends.

The most obvious manifestation of this mindset is how anything contrary to the mainstream narrative is marginalized as “politically incorrect”, “conspiracy theory” and now even “terrorist activity”. But this permeates every level of information sharing, and is a huge hindrance to those seeking the full on clarity and empowerment awaiting anyone with the will to pursue it.

Hence the battle we all face and the very serious challenge of climbing the mountain to truth.

Such Is Our Challenge

The simple solution is to keep climbing. The distractions along the way are expected and endemic to our controlled society and upbringing, cloaked in the sheepskin of “normalcy”. Not just political correctness but social correctness are both very confining while appearing to be guiding principles to true freedom of speech and expression.

The question I wish to pose is – are you willing to go further? Even all the way, no matter the cost?

That’s a serious proposition. There are very real personal costs involved, including a complete forsaking of self. It requires sharing – of your thoughts and dreams and conflicts, even using your so called “assets” for the quest over personal security. The beauty is Universe meets us as we step out on faith and conviction. Those who care, give of themselves completely and unselfishly. Those who only think they care, don’t. They hang back, for whatever reason. Everything is conditional to them with all kinds of strings attached, a defense mechanism of matrix infected thinking. Again, we’ve all been there.

It comes down to heart vs mind in many ways. Where do we invest our time and energy? In things that reinforce our personal security and support our personal stance? Or in unselfish efforts that resonate with our own hunger for real truth and social justice for the betterment of all in an atmosphere of love? Are we willing to even lay our lives down? It happens one step at a time.

In Summary

Some things to consider. March on fearlessly. The battle rages, mainly to keep us from getting to the top of the mountain where clarity and boundless empowerment await. From there all becomes clear. But remember – we can’t take our baggage with us. And that’s not a sacrifice, that’s liberating!

Don’t stop. Every awakened soul is already where they need to be in many ways and we can operate in peace once we’re truly aware of what’s going on. But climbing on up even further as life’s signs call and synchronicity so frequently prods and confirms is absolutely imperative.

Further. Together. Now’s the time to step on the gas. We cannot leave the world they’re proposing for our children and grandchildren to inherit. It’s our time to take the stand – and keep climbing.

We’re in this together.

With much love, Zen


Making it Through the Bad Things

Why Bad Things Happen at Good Times

 Why Bad Things Happen at Good Times11th January 2015

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Life is going great. You are on top of the world. Things couldn’t be better! Then BOOM! You get sick, have an accident or some unexpected crisis comes to the forefront, bringing the “good times” come to a screeching halt. It makes no sense – you were doing everything right.

These events can leave us feeling insecure and doubting our ability to maintain a happy and healthy life. You might even start wondering if every great high has a corresponding low. Trying to make sense of things in this way often takes us on a negative downward spiral that gets us more of what we don’t want.

So, let’s rise above the negative and turn it all around.

Understanding the five primary reasons why “bad things happen at good times” will allow you to leverage the challenges, in order to reach even higher highs that can be maintained and lived.

1. The reality that we experience, on any day, is always a projection of past thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

When you go to the movie theater, there is a projector in the back of the theater that projects the movie onto the front screen. Have you ever considered that there is a time gap between the movie leaving the projector and landing on the screen? Life operates in very much the same way. There is a time gap between the energy that you project out into the world, with your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and the manifestation of that energy in your life. What you are experiencing now is always a reflection of who you were in the past. So, even if you have changed your belief system in regards to a life issue, it takes a little while for life to catch up with your new belief system. Yes, it is possible to experience quick shifts in reality but the old story often plays out until it is complete.

The problem arises when we react to the old tape that is playing out and we go back to our disempowering beliefs that created that tape in the first place, thereby, generating more negative energy that will play out at a future date. Living in an unconscious state of reaction supports a vicious cycle of undesirable experiences. Your adverse reaction can fuel an ongoing soap opera.

When you are surprised by an unexpected event, pay attention but don’t give it your power. If you feed into it, you will create more of the same. Instead, be conscious, handle what needs to be handled, recognize the past story playing out and purposefully conclude the story.

2. Bad things may show up during good times when a part of us is not emotionally or energetically aligned with that goodness.

When you reach a higher state of vibration, everything must be in integrity with that high state. You could say that you can’t bring any low vibration baggage with you to a higher dimension. Because the old baggage must be released in order for you to live at a higher vibration, an issue may come up in order for you to identify that issue and release it. Let’s say that you just landed your ideal career and you just met the love of your life. Everything is going great and suddenly you get sick. The sickness causes you to slow down and reflect. When you look inside, you see that there is a part of you that questions your own worth. In order to enter your new life, you must release feelings of unworthiness and embrace your worth. In other words, you cannot take low self-worth into a high vibration life, because the energy is not aligned. Getting sick allows you to purge the old energy, and get into energetic alignment with the life that you desire.

Or, let’s say that you are about to launch your dream business and everything is lining up perfectly, and out of the blue, your car gets totaled. Immediately, you start beating yourself up with guilt and shame. From an asleep state, you could continue down this disempowering path and probably experience other problems as a result, or you could respond from an awake state, and use this opportunity to release guilt and shame that is still held from past experiences. In this case, the car accident brought up these dense feelings in order for you to recognize them and release them. In doing so, you free yourself from the past, and you align with your dream on an even higher level.

If things are going great, and something “wrong” comes out of the blue, take time out to understand where you might not be in integrity with the flow of goodness in your life. The gift of the presenting issue is in showing you where you are out of alignment. What old beliefs or stories might you still be holding onto – that just don’t fit into a more positive paradigm? If you pay attention to what your life is telling you, you may recognize disempowering beliefs, such as, you are not deserving of so much good, or if it is too good to be, it can’t be true. You can’t take the old outdated issues with you into a new life, but you can release them and be free to live your best possible destiny.

3. Sometimes “bad things happen at good times” in order to direct your attention to an area of your life that is not working.

When things are going good, it might be really easy to ignore an area of your life that is not working. A life-interrupting problem may occur in order to re-direct your attention to the place in your life that really needs attention. Remember, all your energy needs to be in integrity in order to maintain a high vibration. If one area of your life is not working, your energy is out of alignment. The unexpected challenge may be a spotlight on what is not working in order for you to shift your focus and heal the area of your life that requires this attention.

4. Sometimes negative events unfold because we have grown too big for our own good.

Maybe you have been working on self-improvement for a long time and you finally reach a space where you are feeling really good and powerful. You are ready to celebrate when all of a sudden the ground is swiped from underneath you. What happened? Chances are you are experiencing what I have learned to call “The Humbling.” There is no better feeling than discovering ones power, and feeling as if you really do have power over your life. But, it is easy for this sense of power to go to your head and artificially inflate you to a status of superiority.

This ego-based power is achievable but not maintainable because it’s a false power built on false ideals. The Humbling often unfolds as a remedy to taking down this false power. Let’s be clear here. It is not that we aren’t powerful – we are powerful beyond measure, but there is a big difference between the sense of power that comes from the ego, which desires to have power over people and things, and the power that comes from the very source of who we are. The ego is not real in the first place – so how can it have power over anything? Power built on illusion is illusion. So, when our sense of power comes from illusion, eventually it must crumble. This isn’t bad news, because when false power is humbled, it opens the way for us to discover True Power that is at the core of our being. This sounds like a small shift when described in words, but it is a monumental shift when experienced in life.

5. Challenges may occur in the midst of everything going right because we need to grow into a higher and stronger version of ourselves.

Challenges often provide the most powerful way to transition to the next level of our personal evolution. Inherent in all challenges is the opportunity for transmutation. If you have a dream or desire to fulfill but you are not energetically aligned with your goal, challenges may appear in order to help you bridge that gap. In overcoming those challenges, you grow and evolve in such a way that you become the future you who is already living that dream.
If you should be struck by challenges in the midst of life going well, be careful not to tell yourself disempowering or negative stories about your situation. Instead, rise above negative story-telling and look for the opportunity in the challenge. In overcoming the challenge, what gifts might be available to you, and who will you become?

No matter how things may seem, life is always conspiring on your behalf. Even with its stresses and strife, life is asking you to wake up, release the past, and align with your highest and best version of self. If you have the courage and insight to look beyond circumstance, you will discover a sacred invitation to embrace your intrinsic power, which can only come from a pure connection to who you really are. That is the point.


THursday’s COlor Vibe

Thursday, July 11:    Hazy White

Emotions can be at the forefront today as you are finding yourself unbalanced and without a center.  This can surprise you because you always thought that you were so good at keeping yourself protected and centered and grounded and everything else.  And perhaps you were, however there is a layer of energy that is coming in, much like smoke from one of those fog machines, which can trip you up and leave you uncertain.  This is not a good time for starting anything nor for making major decisions.  The wool is over your eyes.  Not completely but enough so that you cannot really see what is entailed in things that you are considering.  This is a day of shift and turmoil.  Let it be what it will.  Step back and act from your core.  There is really nothing that cannot be put off to another time.  This is a day for observation, and with that observation will come new knowledge that will assist in the process of moving forward.  It will actually, if you are alert, be quite an interesting and profitable day.

Your Color VIbe for 07/10

Wednesday, July 10:    Periwinkle Blue

Uh, oh, it is a good day for watching what you do, what you say, where you go, what is said to you.  There will be some indication in all of this of just exactly where it is that you are needing to go, to do, to say at this time.  There is a time for being out in the limelight, and then there is a time for holding back and watching from the sidelines.  This is a sidelines kind of day.  From the sidelines, a lot of things can become much clearer.  From the sidelines, you can hear, see, experience things that might have missed you if you were out in front.  From the sidelines you can be open to many other levels of being.  From the sidelines, you can see into the multi-dimensionality of things.  Interesting day.  As always, you have a choice as to what you are going to do with it all.  Choose wisely and you can find some doors opening for you.

Channel Dana Mrkich on October Energy

October 2011 Monthly Visions: Stop Waiting and Start Leading

Dana Mrkich
a message from Dana Mrkich
Wednesday, 5 October, 2011

There is a constant heightened state of alert being felt these days, as if something big is just about to happen. Forums are buzzing with various angles on what this something will be. Imagining your best impression of the guy from Who wants to be a Millionaire?, the million dollar question is will this something be: a) A massive earthquake that sends the whole world into literal wobble b) Offical disclosure from governments, confirming that they’ve been in contact with other-planetary beings for a long time c) The culmination of the Mayan Calendar on October 28 triggering everything from Zero Point, a Pole Shift and three days of darkness or d) A blast of light that sends everyone into an instant awakened enlightened state.

It feels like so much energy is going into wondering what is going to happen, that we seem to be missing the fact that ‘something’ is happening right now! So many of us are waiting for ‘the big event’, placing our lives on hold until we get the official program as to what’s happening next, meanwhile show after show is playing at the Earth Theatre giving us previews and new movies galore that we can choose right now.

Have you been feeling this heightened state? Do you feel a sense of anticipation bigger than anything you’ve felt over the past 5/10/20 years of your awakening? Are you feeling adrenalin or even what you might describe as electricity running through your body? Do you feel a tad nervous or excited or a bit of both, as if you’re about to step into something completely new and unknown? Our heightened state is the direct result of the now daily influx of high frequency light showering all over Earth that is lifting our personal and collective vibrations to a new level. This light is simultaneously stripping away our old veils and illusions, and opening our eyes and hearts to reality as it really is. Our hearts are beating faster not because there is something ‘coming’. Our hearts are beating faster because that ‘something’ is here right now and on our deepest and highest levels of being we all know this.

The time we are living in right now is our time. As more light showers over the planet, and as she shifts into a higher vibrational frequency, we are finally starting to feel like a big, heavy cloak has been lifted off us. We are stepping into our individual and collective power after a lifetime (in fact, lifetimes) of feeling like the odd ones out. You may be feeling quite strange because you are feeling free and happy most of the time, while all around you those who’ve spent a lifetime attached to the illusion are deeply engaged in their personal and social collapse processes.

Many of us have started to feel called to new work, or working in a new way, because we are finishing our old contracts now. It’s more than likely that you are finding it hard to put your finger on what specifically your new work is, and that’s because our roles and lives will be more fluid now. In the old reality we made sense of who we were by what we did. In the new reality our sense of meaning will come from knowing who we are, and this knowing will lead us to our daily doings. What we do will shift and change depending on what we feel most called to do. This doesn’t mean that we’ll be walking around aimlessly. Quite the contrary, living consciously means living purposefully and fully. Our society’s old ways of sticking to set routines and jobs as if on auto-pilot, with most people having no conscious awareness of their participation in what really was quite the prison society, now that was walking around aimlessly! So don’t stress too much about trying to figure out what your new work will be. Focus on knowing who you are, and being who you are, and that will lead you to the best work/life for you. Clues will come in the form of lightbulb moments, flashes of insights, unexpected doorways opening or allowing yourself to follow your feeling to go somewhere or do something. Action will be less about logical thinking, and more about being intuitively guided and divinely inspired.

For some work won’t be ‘work’, it will simply be creating a self-sustainable, happy, harmonious home or community and making our own unique contributions day by day. For others, where the primary focus of our work was helping people awaken, our new work will revolve around supporting the newly awakened, helping them find their way in a new world where it’s a whole new ballgame. For many newly awakened it will be like coming out of coma, like seeing the sun properly for the first time in years. Just like prisoners need time to adjust to freedom and life outside, so too people will need time to adjust to a reality where freedom and personal power are their new governing bodies.

On a mind level we’ve expected something big to officially herald the end of the end, and the beginning of the beginning. A huge mothership on the White House Lawn perhaps. The arrival of Planet X/Nibiru/Comet Elenin. A massive worldwide tsunami to really get people’s attention. Yet the reality is, the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning is being marked not by one or two world-stopping events. We are not going to have the world-wide devastation and destruction people fear (and that some people are secretly hoping for if only to prove to sceptics that ‘something’ is indeed happening!). Rather, we are witnessing and living through a multitude of events right now, all of which are either giving us the opportunity to wake up, or are a beautiful, direct result of us having finally woken up

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Problems with the Dow

Why the Dow will end up plunging to 7,000

There are too many financial risks on the horizon that are being dismissed

By Douglas A. McIntyre
24/7 Wall St.
One theory of economics says that any market can return to a point where it has been in the past. The Great Recession was, by some measures as bad as the Great Depression. Unemployment was 3.6 percent in November 1966. It was at 4 percent in December 1999. There is no precedent for zero unemployment, but those two periods came close.

Recent movements in the stock market could repeat themselves as the economy lurches toward another recession. The DJIA fell to just below 6,630 on March 2, 2009. Back in October 2007, 17 months earlier, it briefly traded above 14,000. What happened? The most frequent answer is the recession that lasted from December 2007 until June 2009, a period determined by the National Bureau of Economic Research, caused the collapse. The recession lasted 18 months, which made it the longest of any downturn since World War II.

The DJIA could drop below 7,000 again before the middle of next year, down from 12,000 where it trades now. The market fell over 50 percent last 2008 and 2009. A correction to 7,000 this time would be 42 percent.

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IPSO Predicts Large Extinction of Marine Life



A high-level international workshop convened by IPSO met at the University of Oxford earlier this year. It was the first inter-disciplinary international meeting of marine scientists of its kind and was designed to consider the cumulative impact of multiple stressors on the ocean, including warming, acidification, and overfishing.

The 3 day workshop, co-sponsored by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), looked at the latest science across different disciplines.

The 27 participants from 18 organisations in 6 countries produced a grave assessment of current threats — and a stark conclusion about future risks to marine and human life if the current trajectory of damage continues: that the world’s ocean is at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history.

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GMO’s in the Rice Field

Genetically Engineered Rice is a Trojan Horse: Misled by Bill Gates and Monsanto

Posted By Dr. Mercola | June 21 2011 | 24,907 views

genetically modified riceThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has approved $20 million in new monies toward the development of “golden rice” — an untested, highly controversial GE (genetically engineered) crop that threatens biodiversity and risks bringing economic and ecological disaster to Asia’s farms.

The leader of the Golden Rice project is Gerald Barry, previously director of research at Monsanto.

Sarojeni V. Rengam, executive director of Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP), has called the rice a “Trojan horse.” According to Rengam, the rice is “… a public relations stunt pulled by the agri-business corporations to garner acceptance of GE crops and food. The whole idea of GE seeds is to make money.”

Food Freedom reports:

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